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Wednesday Whisper ~ Harbour of Refuge

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

harbourofrefuge_800What happens in Monte Carlo stays…with you forever…well, if you’re one of the lucky ones.

Enzo Cassano is the driver of a powerboat team, used to the fast life and all it includes, women, parties and popularity. Until the race in Monte Carlo when he meets a woman who is unlike any he’s met before. Her small town values and almost innocent-like ways charm him beyond everything. He discovers however beneath her exterior she’s very firm in her beliefs and won’t budge.

Halyn Jennings maybe from a small town but she knows a player when she sees one and Enzo, is definitely that. She doesn’t mind however, she still likes him and enjoys spending time with him, well aware that what is happening between them is most likely temporary. she’s not the supermodel type he’s accustomed to being with.

Enzo’s life is turned upside down by an unexpected visitor from his past, he has to learn to accept racing isn’t everything and not everyone wants to be the centre of attention. Halyn’s own past comes to light in a most harsh revelation and he discovers things aren’t always so easy. Will he be able to find a way to break back through her barriers and prove to her she’s the one he wants, for forever?


Monte Carlo

Cheers, screams and more saturated the air. Enzo Cassano took it all in stride as he made his way off his powerboat to head up the pier and through the marina. Not even the explicit offers slowed him, although they made him smile and shake his head. Exhaustion owned him, yet he knew it would be a great night. Amazing sex, slumber in a nice bed and an added bonus of not having to get up before the ass-crack of dawn.

He gave nods and high-fives to his team before his gaze landed on the woman he’d been looking for. She wasn’t part of the team, but she was waiting for him. A wide grin spread across his features as he took in the dark-skinned beauty. Her hair had been pulled back since they’d taken pictures on his boat, but she still wore the same suit—an orange strapless bandeau swimsuit top, twisted at the centre. No, not quite orange, a mix of orange shades, pale peach to corals and some in between, blending in with one another and contrasting amazingly with her skin. He knew the bottoms matched in hue, were low rise and knotted at the sides. She looked damn good in them. Right now she wore a white sarong around her waist.

“Lexy,” he said.

He had a certain fondness for this woman. Sexy as hell and southern. He loved her accent. She was almost family, her best friend Jaydee was now his relation, she’d married his older brother—the middle brother—Gio and by default it sort of put Lexy in the same boat.

He’d missed her earlier after the photos had been taken, when she’d gone shopping. A wolf whistle escaped him as he leant back for another look at her. She waited for him to lift his gaze.

“What?” He grinned.

“Stop looking at me like you want to eat me.”

He waggled his eyebrows. “Not my fault you are bellissima.”

Lexy snorted and took off one shoe for a moment before sliding it back on. “Your charm, while adorable, is completely wasted on me, Enzo Cassano.”

“Can’t blame me for trying.” Had she ever given him the slightest hint his advances would be reciprocated he would have pursued her, but for her it was all about fun—he knew it was hands-off.

She laughed and he slid an arm around her, brushing a kiss along her cheek. He thought about how different she was from his sister-in-law, Jaydee. The women were complete opposites yet steadfast in their affection for one another. He cared deeply for them both. Jaydee had relaxed only marginally since her marriage to his brother, but Lexy had fun every time he saw her.

They progressed up the pier, chatting about work and family.

“So tell me, Lexy. How is life treating you?”

“We’re busy. Which is why I thank you so much for this. I needed it.” She rubbed the back of her neck and he fought off his urge to offer to do it for her.

“Needed what?” A new voice broke in.

Enzo smiled as he recognised the speaker. His eldest brother, Valentino. “You made it.”

He turned to the left and froze when he saw him. Yes, his brother had arrived, but he stood out like a sore thumb on the marina. While others wore summery attire, Valentino Cassano was standing there in a three-piece suit.

“A suit? Christ, bro. This is Monte Carlo, where are the shorts?” Even as he asked the question he knew the answer.

His brother would wear jeans on occasion but most of the time, if he was going out, he wore suits.

“You know your brother is cranky and stodgy, Enzo.” Lexy leaned against him and propped her arm on his shoulder.

Amusement laced her southern tone.

Enzo felt, as much as saw, his brother tense. Hazel eyes flicked between them, disapproval filling them.


Lexy sighed. “I’ll be at the car. Bye, Val.”

Enzo watched her walk away. “Damn, that woman is—”


“I was going to say hot as hell. You know she is a very nice woman. If you wouldn’t be so, so…well, like this with her, you’d see it.”

“Are you two dating?”

He frowned, taken aback by the question. “Me? And Lexy?”

He wished.

His hazel eyes were unblinking and direct. “She is here in Monte Carlo with you.”

“Well, yes.”

Valentino lifted his eyebrows.

“I mean no to the dating part.” Enzo began walking. “She is here because I invited her.”

As they neared the car, the crowd parted and he saw Lexy waiting, looking at something on her phone. He reached out to his brother and halted him. “Be nice to her, we’re going to a party.”

His brother didn’t reassure him. Hell, he didn’t say anything. Lexy, however, had apparently overheard. She gave him a grin. “I appreciate you looking out for me, Enzo, but your brother is not anything to concern yourself with. He and I have our own way of communicating. He snarls and snaps like a rabid dog and I sweetly remind him I am a vet with plenty of access to ketamine and more tranqs, not to mention numerous barbiturates I could choose from.” A shrug.

“Wonderful stuff.”

He swallowed his increasing amusement, but couldn’t help smirking when Valentino glowered further.

“Lighten up,” he told his brother in Italian. “Let’s go party.”

They entered the waiting car. Lexy tucked herself between them, the photos of her on his boat in her hands. Behind her, he spied Valentino and his scowl. If he didn’t know any better, Enzo would say his eldest sibling had a crush on Lexy. It was a fact he couldn’t be bitter about, for in his opinion, it was about damn time someone got a reaction from Valentino. He’d been a bear since the fiasco with his ex-wife. Laughing silently at the thought of what Lexy would do for—and to—his brother, Enzo leant forwards and went through the photos with that very woman.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Dream Lover

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

DL_AB MDDream Lover series, Book 2.

Can this cowboy rope the woman who makes him realize there is more to life than just work?

The morning Laciee Dupree wakes up in a stranger’s bed, she vows to never drink again. The cowboy who gave her such an amazing night turns out to be the perfect man with his impeccable manners, his amazing looks, and, let’s not forget, his skills in the bedroom. If only he didn’t live in Branchwater, Texas. The attraction between them is hard to ignore, but she grew up in Branchwater and had already left that hick town once—and has zero plans of moving back.

Judd Travers is a dying breed of man, a true cowboy. A loner. He works his large ranch, never giving any thought to getting a wife and kids. At least not until he tangles with Miss Laciee Dupree. She’s everything a man like him could want. Or need.
Problem is, Laciee is trying to leave town faster than she blew in, so he’s got his work cut out if he’s going to convince her to allow him to become more than just her dream lover. During this time there are troubles on his ranch that also require his attention.

Good thing cowboys are used to hard work…


Laciee Dupree shifted in the tangled mess of bedding. Burrowing deeper, she fought to ignore the incessant pounding in her head. This, right here, was why she didn’t drink much. She’d never been one to hold her liquor well. And at this party it wasn’t like they were sipping on wine or nursing “fruity” drinks. Oh no, of course not. There they did whisky, bourbon, tequila, scotch… hell, she’d even had some of the local shine. Not something she’d be doing again anytime soon.

I’ll say it makes for nice dreams though. Really nice dreams.

She smiled and opened her eyes enough to be thrilled the room still remained shrouded in darkness. So, she closed them again, ready to sink back into oblivion and the amazing dream lover who’d been with her. All night long.

Her sex throbbed and grew wet at the memories. His callused hands roaming all over her body. The licking, laving, and attention she’d never received from any of her real life experiences. Nipples tightened and she virtually purred like a cat while rubbing against the sheets.

She reached out to grab more blankets and reinforce her cocoon only to pause when she encountered a wealth of hard-packed muscles. Sweet, still dreaming. He remained. And she planned on taking every advantage presented.

Smiling, she widened the spread of her fingers and re-explored the contours of his physique. Every defined abdominal, the rock-hard pectorals, all of it, she was well acquainted with. There wasn’t an inch of this body she didn’t know. From the scruff on his face to the hair on his legs. She knew it all.

His shaft twitched and hardened, and her smile did turn into a purr of pleasure this time. She never wanted to wake from this dream. Reaching down, she closed her fingers about his girth. Dear Lord, why couldn’t she find a man like this in real life?

“Now this is a lovely way to wake up, darlin’.” A deep, masculine voice rumbled from above her head.

She stiffened and shook her head. “Dream men don’t talk. They just pleasure.” Definitely going to have to stop drinking like she did last night.

A decadent chuckle reached her. “I’m all for the pleasuring.” Large hands skimmed down her body, and she jumped up with a scream, lunging for the side of the bed. Her hangover slammed into her and she wove, unsteady on her feet. The ground rushed up toward her only to stop as a pair of strong arms closed around her, halting her.

“Easy there, darlin’.”

Her mind raced. Where am I and who the hell is he? In addition, why was she thinking about touching him all over again? The room was still dark, and she wanted to keep it that way. Easier to keep her shame that…hers alone, in the pitch blackness. Both of his hands moved in a soothing motion along the bared expanse of her back. They were the hands of a man who made his living working hard. They weren’t soft but callused and rough.
Her locale hit her and she bit back a whimper. Branchwater, Texas. This couldn’t be good. Not at all.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Alone With You

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

alinewithyou_800Book 2 of the Interludes series.

A construction worker and a security expert tangle beneath the heated skies of San Antonio.

Pierce “Tuck” Carter has been in love with his neighbour across the hall pretty much since she moved in over there. They’re good friends and do many things together but he wants to take it to the next level. Friends with benefits for starters then beyond.

Ariel Greene is secretly crushing on her neighbour. One night after drinking she wakes the next morning in his bed and flees. Had she just crossed a line they couldn’t recover from?

Tuck pursues her wanting more however one of his ex’s, each of their jobs and his intense dislike of her putting herself in danger, doesn’t make the road an easy one. Will Ariel and Tuck learn to work it all out before something else happens or will it take the near loss of one to make the other realise what had almost been lost forever?


While it had happened previously at other games—it was how she was, she always hugged after a win—he revelled in each time she allowed this type of contact between them.

“Thank you so much for bringing me.”

“I can’t imagine Steve here.”

“No, he prefers his basketball. But at least you have someone to attend Spurs games with.”

“You should learn to like the sport.”

She snorted and stepped from his arms. “Not likely, so don’t hold your breath. Not something I enjoy watching. I’m good for most other sports, though.”

“Let’s get something to eat.”

“Food’s on me,” she said, gesturing for him to file out with the rest of the fans.

There was an image he could live with. Chocolate sauce, honey, butterscotch. Oh, definitely he could see any of those—or all—dripped all over her body as she lay there waiting for him to lick it off every single inch…

“Great,” he managed to choke out.

He manoeuvred her in front of him as they exited then went to the bus stop. It was a short ride later before they were seated at a table in a bar and grill. She had a rum and Coke while he had another beer. Chatter was light and flowed easily between them. He truly enjoyed spending time with her—unusual, if he wanted to think about it. Most of the time he hung with men, slept with women. But her, he liked hanging with. Doesn’t stop me from wanting to sleep with her, that’s for sure.

They were on one of the last buses as they made their way back to their apartment. As they entered, he steered her away from the stairs. “Let’s take the elevator.”

“I always take the stairs,” she uttered, her words nearly slurred.

They were both buzzed.

“Not tonight, babe.” He pressed the button and they waited for the car to arrive.

Facing him, Ariel licked her lips. “I may not ever have the courage to do this again, Tuck Carter. So I’m going to do it now.”

“What’s that?” he asked, staring down into her medium brown eyes.

She did it again—licked her full, plump lips—almost distracting him. “I have to tell you something.”

The elevator arrived and they got on. He engaged the button for their floor. “What’d you have to tell me, Ariel?”

She waggled her finger in his direction. “You, Tuck Carter.”

He grinned at her. “You’ve already said that bit.”

“Oh.” Her lips pursed briefly. “Just so’s you know, I go through so many batteries because of you, it’s not even funny. And just once, I want to know what it’s like to kiss you.”

Her proclamation stunned him and he stood frozen to the spot. Didn’t matter, Ariel was strong and jerked him to her, plastering her lips to his. A rumble rolled up from his chest and all sense flew out of the window as he gathered her up in his arms and intensified the kiss. Her taste, incredible. Her curves against him, sinful.

In the back of his mind, he knew they’d just crossed some kind of line. Right here, right now. He didn’t give a damn. All that mattered was she was wrapped around him like a lover, like she should be. He’d face the consequences later.

Wednesday Whisper ~ And We’ve Come Full Circle

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

AndWeveCome MDBook 2 of the Graham Family Story series.

Two souls brought together where their ancestors once met.

Jasira Graham in her last year of recruiting duty in South Dakota, has no idea going out to the Reservation would alter the course of her life. The sheriff who pulled her over was a man unlike any she’d ever met before and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get him out of her mind. When he shows up at her work and asks her out, she accepts and learns that there are some things which are just meant to be.

Stone Black Hawk is tired of dealing with military officers who fly through his domain with little or no respect. So when he sees a car swerving he pulls them over expecting more of the same. He’s never been more wrong. It wasn’t a commsioned officer and it most definitely wasn’t a man. He wasn’t ready for the lifealtering moment when he first touches her. Something about her strikes him deeply. Stone pursues her and realizes that things aren’t always what they seem. There is something going on between them that just can’t be ignored.

Pursuit of a relationship leads them to passion neither can deny. The fact she will be leaving is something which stands in their way. Can Stone get her to realize sometimes to get a person to accept where they have been and where they belong they must come full circle?


Seconds later her head jerked around and he swore fire snapped from them. “Excuse me?”
Stone realized he’d spoken aloud. Pushing up his shades with one finger, he reached out his hand. “You do know why I stopped you, right?”
She dropped the items in his hand. He glanced at her license and frowned. North Carolina. Jasira Breeze Graham. Lovely name.
“No, sir.”
Stone stole another glance at her through his sunglasses. She looked scared. Petrified really, as if something had rattled her to the bones.
“Have you been drinking, ma’am?”
Jasira Graham clenched her jaw. “No, sir. Not anything other than coffee.”
Flicking his gaze to the hand curled in her lap, he was relieved to not find a ring. Why, he wasn’t sure. “Am I keeping you from something, Ms. Graham?”
“Yes, sir, actually you are.” She faced him again. “So are you going to tell me why you stopped me?”
“Swerving all over the road. Figured you may just be intoxicated.”
It was obvious she struggled for control. “I’m not drunk.”
Her chest rose enticingly as she took a deep breath. She makes that look good. “Well, if you’re not drunk, then you just must be a reckless driver.”
Jasira faced forward, set her jaw and said, “If you say so, sir.”
The urge to needle her some more flooded him and Stone shook his head. He couldn’t do that, not in uniform. So get out of uniform. In fact. Let her get out of hers as well. Turning around he went back to his car and ran her license. Nothing popped up on her.
Back at his Jeep, Stone stared through the windshield at her vehicle. She didn’t move—no fidgeting no nothing. With a groan, he got back out and strolled to her window.
“Here you go,” he said, handing back her items.
“Thank you.”
“Now,” he said, wanting her to look at him again. “I know there aren’t many cars out here, but you need to not be swerving all over the road.”
“It’s not…” She took a deep breath. “You’re right. I shouldn’t be.” Her head turned and big brown eyes stared at him. “So what happens now?” The question was straight forward and not whiny.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Highlands at Dawn

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

highlandsatdawn_800Book 2 in the Astral Guardians series.

Things aren’t always what they seem…

Billy Kwan has been sent to Scotland to look into some unusual activity caused by one of Them. What he discovers is not only another artifact, but his mate, and his entire reason for being there has changed. Now, protecting her takes top priority.

Malmuirie ‘Mal’ Gordon is a surgeon, and used to stressful situations, however, when she meets Billy it’s unlike anything she’s experienced before. Together, they might just be able to remain alive long enough to make it back to Oregon and start their life together.


Glasgow, Scotland

William ‘Billy’ Kwan hung back as he trailed the disciple of The New Order down St Vincent Street. He’d been here a few days now and had seen some of the destruction up in the Highlands. People were referring to it as an act of nature. He knew better.
On his way back to the city, he had discovered himself on a bus with this guy who seemed to have a set destination in mind. Billy knew he was a member of The New Order because of the mark on his neck, their symbol. So he’d opted to follow him and see what was going on. Find out what it was he could ruin for The New Order. He’d not found whatever it was They had been after in the Highlands, but he wasn’t going anywhere yet and would head back up to take another look around.
He spied it the same time The New Order fanatic did. A faint trail of gold dust that to someone who didn’t know what they were looking for would have come across as naught but dust particles gleaming beneath the streetlights.
It wasn’t fair to the one who emitted that signal, for they typically didn’t know what danger it brought them. He picked up his pace, needing to do his duty and help protect whomever the particles were from. To lose a mate for one of his brethren wasn’t an option. The artifact could wait a bit more.
The man he was trailing increased his speed until he was moving through the patrons on the street at a near jog. Billy increased his speed as well but did it so he didn’t appear as if he were following. Not that it would have mattered—from the looks of things, this man was solely focused on the gold dust trail.
The New Order man stopped and looked around. Billy knew he’d lost the dust trail and walked by him, since he personally hadn’t lost it. It had, however, gotten much fainter. He continued up the well-lit street until it guided him into an establishment. King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.
The name gave him pause until his eyes picked up the faint trace once more, reminding him of his objective. If the dust went in, so would he.
He moved by the open door—basically ignoring the people to his right that hung out on the steps leading up from the place—which had the name of tonight’s gig written in chalk on a board, encompassing the full inside of the door. The music, which had poured out onto the street, grew much louder as he walked in and after paying the cover charge just inside the door looked around the place. People swarmed—talking, laughing and eating. His stomach growled as he realized he’d not eaten for several hours.
He found an empty seat, thankfully with the wall at his back so he could keep an eye on the entire room. The particles had almost faded completely away with the numerous bodies in the place. He didn’t know if they had gone to a male or a female either, so his hunt wouldn’t be that easy.
“What can I get you?” a woman asked him. She was a redhead with a stunning smile.
He looked at the menu and said, “I’ll have the Tennessee burger, please and I’ll have that as a rump-steak patty.” The cheddar and bacon combined with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey mustard mayo sounded good.
“You got it.” She winked and sashayed off, talking and waving to other patrons.
He continued to peruse the crowd, hoping he’d get a chance to see and potentially save the one who now had a beacon over their head—a beacon, which would only attract more from The New Order. The crowd in the place was an eclectic mix of people.
He perked up a bit when the man he’d been following entered and scanned the room. When their gazes met, Billy gave him a brief nod before smiling at the woman who returned with his drink.
“Thank you.”
Another wink and she was gone again, slipping through the throng. He thought he caught a flash of gold by a group of dancing women but he couldn’t pick just one out of the bunch.
When his food arrived, he dug in happily. He’d just finished when he saw it again. Stronger this time—and leaving. Whomever it was with had a hoodie pulled up over their head as they slipped from the place. This time he also thought he noticed wisps of indigo intermixed with the gold. That’s new. Wiping his mouth, Billy dug for money to cover the meal and shot off after the person in the dark blue.
It was definitely them—he could see the gold much easier now that they strode along the sidewalk. His power flared as he walked around a corner and he slowed, searching for the danger. It came from behind. The New Order fool jostled him out of the way as he hurried by.
Billy grabbed him and slammed him into the brick wall of a building. “I don’t think so,” he ground out.
“What the…? Who the fuck are you?”
He shoved him into the darkness of the nearby alley. “Guardian,” he said arrogantly.
“Fuck you. I won’t tell you anything.”
“Don’t want you to.” He hit him in the jaw and waited.
The man’s blue eyes grew wide as he realized what had just happened. Sure enough, not much later white foam appeared at the corner of his mouth. Billy had popped his cyanide pill. Billy laid him on the ground and slipped back out. Guess I didn’t want to find out what he wanted after all.
Damn it! He hastened up the street, searching for the particle trail. There! Across to the other side and around the corner. Billy jogged between the slow-moving cars and made his way to it. The sign was fading fast. Whoever I’m chasing is moving at a good speed and is going faster.
Lengthening his stride, he followed it until he reached another building. Really? A hospital? Billy double-checked he hadn’t made a mistake in where it went. Nope, he hadn’t.
He strode into the emergency room and glanced around. No sign of the person who he’d chased here. There were people sitting in chairs throughout, awaiting their turn. Men and women in scrubs ran back and forth. He didn’t understand the words with the thick brogue but he got the gist. An emergency approached.
Sirens preceded the actual arrival and he stepped aside as staff members came running forward. They wheeled the gurney toward the doors and he narrowed his gaze when he saw two men step out of the shadows with weapons drawn.
Security stepped forward as did he, unwilling to sit by and let innocents get hurt. A woman in a white lab coat and stethoscope lifted her head and speared the leader with a glare.
“What are you going to do with that? Shoot me? This man has two bullets in his chest cavity and you come in here waving that gun around like it’s your own damn playground. You want to shoot me? Go ahead—and he dies. If you want me to save him, get the fuck out of my way and let me do my job.”
The man backed down.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Her Reluctant Viscount

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

herreluctantviscountBook 2 of the Rakes & Rogues series. Enjoy!

A man who has given his all in defense of the Crown encounters the one woman destined to make him understand he’s allowed a life of his own.

Trystan Wilkes has secretly served the Crown for years. Josephine Adrys is the one woman he can’t forget. She becomes an unwitting pawn in a cloak-and-dagger game with The Alchemist, once believed dead. As the threat of death shadows them, his only choice—protect the woman who owns his heart.

Jo knows what the tonne speaks of when they titter behind their fans. Wild child from Africa. Untamed. Swept into a world of danger and intrigue she works with the man she’s loved for years—a temptation. Will being on the run and in close quarters allow him to see how perfect they are for one another?

“Try…Lord Wilkes.” Her words were clipped.

“Is everything all right here?” His protective instincts tended to flare out of control when it came to Jo.

The two men with the ladies exchanged nervous glances and he stepped closer, his size larger than that of the others.

“Oh, stop hovering!” Jo snapped. “I am fine! I am not in need of a doctor, nor am I about to succumb to the vapors. Leave me alone!”
The men walked off but Trystan never took his gaze from her. “Why would they feel you need a doctor?”

She did not respond until the two men had gotten far enough away and were sure not to overhear. Then she slapped her gloves against the side of her forest green dress.

“Because men seem quite content in believing women are incapable of being pushed down and not needing one. I mean why not, hitting the floor is so much more strenuous than say…oh childbirth.”

“Jo!” Clara placed her hand over her mouth. The mustard yellow not really helping her complexion in any way.

“Who pushed you?” The question sounded more akin to a wild animal’s growl.

Jo tugged her gloves on and speared him with an annoyed glance. “If I knew do you not think I would be after him to get my sketchbook back instead of standing here?”

Her sarcasm and fire lit him from the inside. God, he loved her spirit. He despised the thought of an uncouth man placing his hands on her.

“Jo,” he said with strained patience.

“Do not dare, Trystan, to put the blame on me. I did nothing wrong.”
Somehow, he doubted that. Jo had a way of finding situations. She had never learned to curb her tongue. She stared at him before her expression fell sending a dagger into his heart.

“Of course you would think the worst of me.”

Her features hardened into a mask. One he knew exactly where she learned it. Najja. The “show zero emotion” face.

“She is telling the truth,” Clara broke in, shattering the eye connection he had with Jo. “She had been sketching and when we got up to leave this man shoved her down, took her pad, and ran out the door.”

“No need to explain it to him, Clara. Lord Wilkes will always believe the worst of me. Let us go and offend him no more with my hoydenish presence.”

Fingers clenching around the knob of his walking stick, he frowned at Jo, who consequently had begun to walk away. Gesturing for Clara to wait, he caught up to Jo and grabbed her arm, spinning her back to him.

“Do not walk away from me.”

“Why not? Because I did not bob like a good proper woman would while I flutter my lashes and call you Lord Wilkes?”

Something had her back up and while he did not know exactly what it was, he knew it was more than just the incident in the museum. The attack had only riled her.

“Perhaps you would like me on my knees awaiting your next command.”

He came fully erect at that mental image her words painted. Her on her knees before him, hair unbound, eyes full of passion. Waiting. For him. For him to slide his length between her rosy lips.

“Oh, trust me, hellcat. I would love you on your knees before me.”

Her blue eyes deepened as her breaths came faster. She was aroused. He had expected his words to embarrass her. I should have known better.

Her gaze darted about, as if ensuring this remained a private conversation between only the two of them. Then she stepped closer, head tilted to maintain eye contact, and smiled.

“I would love to be there. Something I suspect you know. Just like I know you will not do anything about it.” Her gaze flashed to the obvious ridge in his breeches and back to his eyes. “No matter how much you want it as well.” Then she walked away, joining Clara, and leaving the museum.

He stood rooted to the spot for a while trying to comprehend and digest the fact she had just come on to him.


Wednesday Whisper ~ Fracture

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Burke_CF_Fracture LGThis is from the Cottonwood Falls series, Book 2!

Homecomings can be wonderful in breaking down old walls

Once the princess of Cottonwood Falls, Vicki Boshay had exchanged her crown and dresses for a badge and a gun as a deputy in her hometown. Disowned by her family for her decisions she has moved on and carries her head high. One foggy night she’s reunited with a man who lived on the wrong side of the tracks but had always interested her.
Chase Ellery is out of the Army and has come back home. He is shocked to see Vicki Boshay wearing a uniform when she gives him a ride into town. Some memories are harder than others to get rid of and despite the passion arching between them, their past is still there. Will they be able to move on or will it fracture the budding relationship?


Vicki did a double take and pivoted on the soles of her shoes to follow the passing motorcycle with her gaze. “Was that Mrs. Mallery on the back of that bike?” she asked her lunch companion. I never thought I’d see the day when that woman got on a motorcycle.

“Looked like her,” Toby replied. “Who was that driving?”

“Chase Ellery.”

A grunt. “He’s been away a long time.”

She faced her friend, eyebrows up in amazement. “Really? You’re going to talk about being gone so long?”

He grinned. “This isn’t about me. And, how did you know it was him?”

She finished her drink to buy herself time. “I had him in my cop car last night.”

Toby paused, fries almost to his mouth, and raised his brow. “Did you now?”

“Mind out of the gutter, perv. I gave him a ride to town. His truck broke down.” Even as her mouth delivered the information to Toby, her mind happily skipped down the road she didn’t need it to traverse. Being in Chase’s— No way, I won’t do this.

“I see that look in your eye. You want to fuck him.”

“Toby,” she said, glaring at him.

“Was I not supposed to speak so bluntly?”

“Don’t you have your own sex life to think about?”

“I do, thank you. Mellie and I have a great sex life. If you were getting some, you may be happier.”

She scowled. “I’d be happier if you would drop the subject.”

His grin was unrepentant. “I’m sure you would.”

“Have you and the good doc set a date?” She prayed he would take the bait and change topics. Thankfully, at the mention of his fiancée, he swiftly latched onto it.

“Not yet. With her father still suffering from the chemo, she is staying focused on helping as much as she can, as well as running the clinic.”

“I understand. Is Dr. Glazer any better?” I need to stop by and see him.

Worry leached into Toby’s gaze. “No,” he said, sobering. “The cancer has spread.”

“Damn it.” She stretched out her legs. “I’d hoped he was improving.”

“We all did, but this is a very aggressive strain. It’s starting to weigh on her.”

She squeezed his arm. “She’s very lucky to have you in her corner, Toby. Give her my best.” She stood. “I have to go. Are you okay?”

Toby gave her a grin. “Fine here. Meet again soon, yes?”

“Definitely. I’m glad you stuck around.”

“Me, too. Now, go on. I’m calling Mellie, and you don’t need to hear our convo.”

“No argument here.” She walked away with a wave. At the grocery story, she meandered through the aisles, plucking things from the shelves and depositing them in her cart.

A high feminine laugh had her rolling her eyes as she walked around a corner. Chase and one of the Anderson twins. Vicki wasn’t sure which one from the back. Whichever, or whoever it was, leaned close to Chase, no doubt showing off ample cleavage.

He glanced up in that moment, piercing her with those stormy eyes. Her belly tightened as her heart rate accelerated. What’s wrong with me?

His expression was mocking and cold until he dismissed her. When he returned it to the woman before him, his features morphed into raw sexual promise. A look that made Vicki think of nights of unbridled passion.

The jealousy coursing through her shocked her. Okay, it’s official—I need to get some dick because, in no world, should I be jealous of attention another woman is getting. She pushed her cart by and kept her focus on the shelf to her left.

“Hi, Vicki,” the woman said.

She stopped and angled back to the couple standing there. “Hi, Jen.”

“How’s being a cop this week?”

Pasting her patient smile on her face, Vicki replied, “Same as it was last week. The best job I could ask for.”

“Can you believe our Vicki Boshay went and became a cop?” she asked Chase, leaning closer still to him.

Why don’t you just hump him here in the store, so I can arrest you for a public display?

“Nope,” Chase said, voice deep. Once more, he allowed his gaze to meet hers.

Infusing steel into her spine, Vicki held his judgmental stare. “People change.”

“And, sometimes, just the outside does, but the inside remains just as rotten as before.”

She wanted to smack him but nodded. “Very true. Have a good day, you two.” Vicki walked off before she snapped off something inappropriate. Pausing in the cracker aisle, she searched for her craving.

The warning up her spine wasn’t nearly enough. Not even close. She turned her head to see Chase standing there behind her. The hunger that poured through her nearly took her to her knees. Under the artificial light of the store, he appeared even harsher and harder than he had last night. Worn jeans clung to his legs like a lover who never wanted to let go. His cotton tee molded to muscles that didn’t seem to end.

“Something I can do for you, Mr. Ellery?” She flexed her fingers along the Wheat Thins box.

“Just curious as to what your father thinks about you being in the uniform.”

She replaced the box and faced him fully. “Not that it’s any of your business, but the day I joined the academy, he disowned me. Does that tell you what you want to know?”

He stepped closer, bringing with him the pure scent of man and a light hint of sandalwood. “No,” he whispered along her ear as he reached for the box she’d just returned.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Harrier’s Healer

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Harrier’s Healer FrntRule abiding Naval doctor Alexis Rogets, was fazed by one thing only. The blond commander that she had met two years previous. He owned her dreams.  If only all dreams could become reality. But, rules were rules.

Navy SEAL Scott Leighton hadn’t been able to get the toffee skinned Venus out of his mind. Every time he closed his eyes he saw her curvaceous body and her siren-like tiger-eye eyes. He knew she was the one…the only one for him the moment they touched. Just like he knows, some rules were made to be broken.

From the Pacific to the Atlantic to Hong Kong and back, Alexis fights her growing attraction while he fights to have a chance.

Well he wasn’t a SEAL for nothing, Scott is determined to make her realize that their destinies are intertwined. She needed him and he—well, she is after all…


He blinked as he realized she was staring at him waiting for a response.  “I’m sorry what?”  I sound like a moron.

“I said you need to take off your shirt.  There is a deep tear and I want to evaluate if you require stitches or not.”

His eyes burned with a heat that could have burned a hole in the hull of the ship.  “Sure, just a sec.”  He began to remove his shirt and couldn’t stop the hiss of pain that slipped out from between his teeth.

Her fingers were there, brushing his out of the way as she searched.  “Hang on, let me look.”  A couple of noncommittal murmurs left her mouth and went straight to his ears and onto his groin.  “This needs stitches.”  She turned her head and found their faces were inches apart.

The busy room seemed to fade away into silence as their gazes bore into each other.  Alexis found herself first and shook her head free of the cobwebs that man put there.  “Take it off.”  She ordered in a brisk tone.

One eyebrow, covered with paint, arched as he said.  “What?”

“Your shirt.  Take it off and I will clean the wound and get someone to stitch you up.”

Oh hell no, I am not about to let you weasel your way out of looking at or touching my body.  “I want you,” that damn hesitation again, “to do it.”

I want you too.  “Why me?  There are plenty of corpsmen who can stitch a wound just fine.  There are other people in here hurt worse than you.”

“I remember how well you took care of Cade, on the carrier in the Caribbean.”  His voice was such a turn-on to listen too.

Alexis remembered.  They had taken them on board after recovering them from the mountains of Belize.  Her previous duty had been on that aircraft carrier.  Now she was in a different ocean and still facing the man that made her tremble.  “Very well,” she said reluctantly.  Only reluctant because she didn’t know how she would respond to touching him, this was why she had planned on having someone else do it.

“You’re not scared of touching me are you Alexis?”  His deep tone purred.

Her eyes flew open wide at his use of her first name, he had never done that before.  It was as if her name was made to roll off his tongue.  While there had always been an attraction between them, never had he before said anything like this.  It was such a breach of protocol.  He would be in so much trouble if she were to report it.  “Why would I be scared?  Did you pick something up that I might catch?”  She sassed him back as she helped him remove his shirt.  Seconds later she tried not at all to be impressed by the massive chest exposed to her gaze.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Down Range

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Burke_DawnRange LG [282014]

He may save her life but can her heart be saved from his past betrayal?

Ralston “Lucifer” Dansen has just returned back from being down range when he learns that the woman he loves has gone and gotten herself into a bit of a situation. Despite the fact he knows he broke her heart and her trust, he’s not going to let her die in some foreign country.

Rizzo Candela hadn’t expected her trip to turn into a life or death situation, one made worse by her mouth. If only she’d learned to curb it. Praying for some kind of intervention when it arrives, she isn’t a hundred percent positive it’s for the better. It’s the one man who betrayed her, can she trust he’ll keep her safe this time around?

Wednesday Whisper ~ Talios

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

I am of war and have no home that I call my own. Destruction was my closest bedfellow until I was given to a goddess to pay my penance. Now set free I am adrift with my nomadic ways. Home for me is just a place to rest until I move on to another. I know I do not deserve a place or anyone to call mine. Yet I cannot resist her.


Candace Jermaine is everything I long for but cannot dare to expect for my own. She is a woman whose heart is so big that it shines from her with a sultry innocence that I find intoxicating. A scientist who is so dedicated to her work that she shuts all else out. Including me. I question if this is but another test. Another form of penance for all the destructiveness I wrought… but I have found I do not care. She is in my blood. Candace is the other half of my soul. Something I never expected to find. Yet I wonder can I, a god who is newly free of the bonds of my past, find a future with a woman who shakes me to my very core. I need Candace more than I ever expected that I would. My need for her goes outside the bounds of her humanity. I want her to join me in forever and beyond.



Candace looked back and her eyes widened.


The man rose from the lake like some mythical god. Water cascaded from his naked, sculptured body. He raised a strong-looking hand and ran blunt fingers through his shoulder-length, black hair. With confidence, he came out of the water. When he reached the shore, he didn’t break stride coming to her. A sudden feeling of being hunted came over her and she backed up, hitting a tree.


He stopped a little distance away from her. At five foot eleven, she didn’t usually feel short, but next to him she did. He was very tall—he had at least eight inches over her.


She studied him. His curly black hair framed an onyx-coloured face that was all planes and angles—broad forehead, high cheeks, full nose, firm chin and full lips. He was extremely handsome…but it was his presence that captivated her. There was a sense of strength yet gentleness about him.


She lowered her gaze. A golden chain hung at his neck, with an oblong pendant covered in symbols. Candace licked her lips at the sight of his broad chest and shoulders. The man made a slight rumbling sound. It snapped her out of her daze.


“Oh, sorry.” Candace turned around.


“It’s okay. You can look now.” His voice was husky and deep.


She faced him. She noted he now had a towel around his waist. Coal-black eyes assessed her. His scrutiny made her shift.


“Sorry, I’m trespassing. I’ll go.”


“That’s okay. Stay. Have some iced tea.” He gestured to a table on the other side of the tree that she hadn’t noticed before.


Candace took a step back. “I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ve been coming by this place for a while. When I saw the house was fixed up I couldn’t resist coming to look,” she finished in a rush.


Way to go, Candace—making yourself sound nosy.


“You’re not interrupting. Sit and have some tea.” The gentleness in his voice stilled her steps.


He took her hand and led her to the table. The tabletop was made of various stone pieces, creating a mosaic. He seated her and poured some tea for them both, then sat next to her. He raised his glass and took a drink of the tea. Candace watched his throat move. He lowered the glass to the table, then ran a finger down its side. She shivered, imagining how it would feel against her body. Taking a breath, Candace tried to control her uncharacteristic reaction.