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Wednesday Whisper ~ Fracture

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Burke_CF_Fracture LGThis is from the Cottonwood Falls series, Book 2!

Homecomings can be wonderful in breaking down old walls

Once the princess of Cottonwood Falls, Vicki Boshay had exchanged her crown and dresses for a badge and a gun as a deputy in her hometown. Disowned by her family for her decisions she has moved on and carries her head high. One foggy night she’s reunited with a man who lived on the wrong side of the tracks but had always interested her.
Chase Ellery is out of the Army and has come back home. He is shocked to see Vicki Boshay wearing a uniform when she gives him a ride into town. Some memories are harder than others to get rid of and despite the passion arching between them, their past is still there. Will they be able to move on or will it fracture the budding relationship?


Vicki did a double take and pivoted on the soles of her shoes to follow the passing motorcycle with her gaze. “Was that Mrs. Mallery on the back of that bike?” she asked her lunch companion. I never thought I’d see the day when that woman got on a motorcycle.

“Looked like her,” Toby replied. “Who was that driving?”

“Chase Ellery.”

A grunt. “He’s been away a long time.”

She faced her friend, eyebrows up in amazement. “Really? You’re going to talk about being gone so long?”

He grinned. “This isn’t about me. And, how did you know it was him?”

She finished her drink to buy herself time. “I had him in my cop car last night.”

Toby paused, fries almost to his mouth, and raised his brow. “Did you now?”

“Mind out of the gutter, perv. I gave him a ride to town. His truck broke down.” Even as her mouth delivered the information to Toby, her mind happily skipped down the road she didn’t need it to traverse. Being in Chase’s— No way, I won’t do this.

“I see that look in your eye. You want to fuck him.”

“Toby,” she said, glaring at him.

“Was I not supposed to speak so bluntly?”

“Don’t you have your own sex life to think about?”

“I do, thank you. Mellie and I have a great sex life. If you were getting some, you may be happier.”

She scowled. “I’d be happier if you would drop the subject.”

His grin was unrepentant. “I’m sure you would.”

“Have you and the good doc set a date?” She prayed he would take the bait and change topics. Thankfully, at the mention of his fiancée, he swiftly latched onto it.

“Not yet. With her father still suffering from the chemo, she is staying focused on helping as much as she can, as well as running the clinic.”

“I understand. Is Dr. Glazer any better?” I need to stop by and see him.

Worry leached into Toby’s gaze. “No,” he said, sobering. “The cancer has spread.”

“Damn it.” She stretched out her legs. “I’d hoped he was improving.”

“We all did, but this is a very aggressive strain. It’s starting to weigh on her.”

She squeezed his arm. “She’s very lucky to have you in her corner, Toby. Give her my best.” She stood. “I have to go. Are you okay?”

Toby gave her a grin. “Fine here. Meet again soon, yes?”

“Definitely. I’m glad you stuck around.”

“Me, too. Now, go on. I’m calling Mellie, and you don’t need to hear our convo.”

“No argument here.” She walked away with a wave. At the grocery story, she meandered through the aisles, plucking things from the shelves and depositing them in her cart.

A high feminine laugh had her rolling her eyes as she walked around a corner. Chase and one of the Anderson twins. Vicki wasn’t sure which one from the back. Whichever, or whoever it was, leaned close to Chase, no doubt showing off ample cleavage.

He glanced up in that moment, piercing her with those stormy eyes. Her belly tightened as her heart rate accelerated. What’s wrong with me?

His expression was mocking and cold until he dismissed her. When he returned it to the woman before him, his features morphed into raw sexual promise. A look that made Vicki think of nights of unbridled passion.

The jealousy coursing through her shocked her. Okay, it’s official—I need to get some dick because, in no world, should I be jealous of attention another woman is getting. She pushed her cart by and kept her focus on the shelf to her left.

“Hi, Vicki,” the woman said.

She stopped and angled back to the couple standing there. “Hi, Jen.”

“How’s being a cop this week?”

Pasting her patient smile on her face, Vicki replied, “Same as it was last week. The best job I could ask for.”

“Can you believe our Vicki Boshay went and became a cop?” she asked Chase, leaning closer still to him.

Why don’t you just hump him here in the store, so I can arrest you for a public display?

“Nope,” Chase said, voice deep. Once more, he allowed his gaze to meet hers.

Infusing steel into her spine, Vicki held his judgmental stare. “People change.”

“And, sometimes, just the outside does, but the inside remains just as rotten as before.”

She wanted to smack him but nodded. “Very true. Have a good day, you two.” Vicki walked off before she snapped off something inappropriate. Pausing in the cracker aisle, she searched for her craving.

The warning up her spine wasn’t nearly enough. Not even close. She turned her head to see Chase standing there behind her. The hunger that poured through her nearly took her to her knees. Under the artificial light of the store, he appeared even harsher and harder than he had last night. Worn jeans clung to his legs like a lover who never wanted to let go. His cotton tee molded to muscles that didn’t seem to end.

“Something I can do for you, Mr. Ellery?” She flexed her fingers along the Wheat Thins box.

“Just curious as to what your father thinks about you being in the uniform.”

She replaced the box and faced him fully. “Not that it’s any of your business, but the day I joined the academy, he disowned me. Does that tell you what you want to know?”

He stepped closer, bringing with him the pure scent of man and a light hint of sandalwood. “No,” he whispered along her ear as he reached for the box she’d just returned.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Harrier’s Healer

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Harrier’s Healer FrntRule abiding Naval doctor Alexis Rogets, was fazed by one thing only. The blond commander that she had met two years previous. He owned her dreams.  If only all dreams could become reality. But, rules were rules.

Navy SEAL Scott Leighton hadn’t been able to get the toffee skinned Venus out of his mind. Every time he closed his eyes he saw her curvaceous body and her siren-like tiger-eye eyes. He knew she was the one…the only one for him the moment they touched. Just like he knows, some rules were made to be broken.

From the Pacific to the Atlantic to Hong Kong and back, Alexis fights her growing attraction while he fights to have a chance.

Well he wasn’t a SEAL for nothing, Scott is determined to make her realize that their destinies are intertwined. She needed him and he—well, she is after all…


He blinked as he realized she was staring at him waiting for a response.  “I’m sorry what?”  I sound like a moron.

“I said you need to take off your shirt.  There is a deep tear and I want to evaluate if you require stitches or not.”

His eyes burned with a heat that could have burned a hole in the hull of the ship.  “Sure, just a sec.”  He began to remove his shirt and couldn’t stop the hiss of pain that slipped out from between his teeth.

Her fingers were there, brushing his out of the way as she searched.  “Hang on, let me look.”  A couple of noncommittal murmurs left her mouth and went straight to his ears and onto his groin.  “This needs stitches.”  She turned her head and found their faces were inches apart.

The busy room seemed to fade away into silence as their gazes bore into each other.  Alexis found herself first and shook her head free of the cobwebs that man put there.  “Take it off.”  She ordered in a brisk tone.

One eyebrow, covered with paint, arched as he said.  “What?”

“Your shirt.  Take it off and I will clean the wound and get someone to stitch you up.”

Oh hell no, I am not about to let you weasel your way out of looking at or touching my body.  “I want you,” that damn hesitation again, “to do it.”

I want you too.  “Why me?  There are plenty of corpsmen who can stitch a wound just fine.  There are other people in here hurt worse than you.”

“I remember how well you took care of Cade, on the carrier in the Caribbean.”  His voice was such a turn-on to listen too.

Alexis remembered.  They had taken them on board after recovering them from the mountains of Belize.  Her previous duty had been on that aircraft carrier.  Now she was in a different ocean and still facing the man that made her tremble.  “Very well,” she said reluctantly.  Only reluctant because she didn’t know how she would respond to touching him, this was why she had planned on having someone else do it.

“You’re not scared of touching me are you Alexis?”  His deep tone purred.

Her eyes flew open wide at his use of her first name, he had never done that before.  It was as if her name was made to roll off his tongue.  While there had always been an attraction between them, never had he before said anything like this.  It was such a breach of protocol.  He would be in so much trouble if she were to report it.  “Why would I be scared?  Did you pick something up that I might catch?”  She sassed him back as she helped him remove his shirt.  Seconds later she tried not at all to be impressed by the massive chest exposed to her gaze.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Down Range

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Burke_DawnRange LG [282014]

He may save her life but can her heart be saved from his past betrayal?

Ralston “Lucifer” Dansen has just returned back from being down range when he learns that the woman he loves has gone and gotten herself into a bit of a situation. Despite the fact he knows he broke her heart and her trust, he’s not going to let her die in some foreign country.

Rizzo Candela hadn’t expected her trip to turn into a life or death situation, one made worse by her mouth. If only she’d learned to curb it. Praying for some kind of intervention when it arrives, she isn’t a hundred percent positive it’s for the better. It’s the one man who betrayed her, can she trust he’ll keep her safe this time around?

Wednesday Whisper ~ Talios

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

I am of war and have no home that I call my own. Destruction was my closest bedfellow until I was given to a goddess to pay my penance. Now set free I am adrift with my nomadic ways. Home for me is just a place to rest until I move on to another. I know I do not deserve a place or anyone to call mine. Yet I cannot resist her.


Candace Jermaine is everything I long for but cannot dare to expect for my own. She is a woman whose heart is so big that it shines from her with a sultry innocence that I find intoxicating. A scientist who is so dedicated to her work that she shuts all else out. Including me. I question if this is but another test. Another form of penance for all the destructiveness I wrought… but I have found I do not care. She is in my blood. Candace is the other half of my soul. Something I never expected to find. Yet I wonder can I, a god who is newly free of the bonds of my past, find a future with a woman who shakes me to my very core. I need Candace more than I ever expected that I would. My need for her goes outside the bounds of her humanity. I want her to join me in forever and beyond.



Candace looked back and her eyes widened.


The man rose from the lake like some mythical god. Water cascaded from his naked, sculptured body. He raised a strong-looking hand and ran blunt fingers through his shoulder-length, black hair. With confidence, he came out of the water. When he reached the shore, he didn’t break stride coming to her. A sudden feeling of being hunted came over her and she backed up, hitting a tree.


He stopped a little distance away from her. At five foot eleven, she didn’t usually feel short, but next to him she did. He was very tall—he had at least eight inches over her.


She studied him. His curly black hair framed an onyx-coloured face that was all planes and angles—broad forehead, high cheeks, full nose, firm chin and full lips. He was extremely handsome…but it was his presence that captivated her. There was a sense of strength yet gentleness about him.


She lowered her gaze. A golden chain hung at his neck, with an oblong pendant covered in symbols. Candace licked her lips at the sight of his broad chest and shoulders. The man made a slight rumbling sound. It snapped her out of her daze.


“Oh, sorry.” Candace turned around.


“It’s okay. You can look now.” His voice was husky and deep.


She faced him. She noted he now had a towel around his waist. Coal-black eyes assessed her. His scrutiny made her shift.


“Sorry, I’m trespassing. I’ll go.”


“That’s okay. Stay. Have some iced tea.” He gestured to a table on the other side of the tree that she hadn’t noticed before.


Candace took a step back. “I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ve been coming by this place for a while. When I saw the house was fixed up I couldn’t resist coming to look,” she finished in a rush.


Way to go, Candace—making yourself sound nosy.


“You’re not interrupting. Sit and have some tea.” The gentleness in his voice stilled her steps.


He took her hand and led her to the table. The tabletop was made of various stone pieces, creating a mosaic. He seated her and poured some tea for them both, then sat next to her. He raised his glass and took a drink of the tea. Candace watched his throat move. He lowered the glass to the table, then ran a finger down its side. She shivered, imagining how it would feel against her body. Taking a breath, Candace tried to control her uncharacteristic reaction.


Wednesday Whisper ~ Landing in Love

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017


Major Erich Stark swore under his breath as a woman shot out from the back of Atlantis and damn near ran over him. As it was, she hit him dead on and he grabbed her arm to not only steady her but also keep her from falling to the ground.

“Easy there,” he drawled.

Her head jerked up and he found himself gazing into a pair of dark brown eyes framed by thick black lashes. Smooth mocha skin covered her lithe body. A heart shaped face with a flatter, cute button nose. Full, tempting lips were parted in shock and surprise.

Con permiso,” she mumbled in a raspy alto voice and stepped out of his hold.

Erich’s gaze skimmed her and he couldn’t stop the flare of desire. She wore a pair of white cotton pants, which sat low on her hips and a gold cutoff shirt that exposed flat, defined abdominals and the shapely tuck of her waist. Damn! She’s in awesome shape. Still, none of it took away from her femininity. “No problem,” he said, not minding at all how she felt in his arms. “You new here? I don’t ever remember seeing you dance here before.”

Her arched brows snapped together and her chin lifted in haughty arrogance. “Excuse me?” she barked in English.

He pointed to the building she’d just vacated. “The Atlantis. You just came from the back, like employees do. So I’ll ask again, are you new here?”

Erich fought the urge to shuffle his feet as her gaze seared him. No woman since his mother had ever wielded the power to make him squirm. Until now. She raked her gaze from the top of his head down to his boots and back up again.

“And I suppose you know all of the ladies that work there, don’t you?” she asked in a sharp tone.

Her condescension raised his hackles. “You have a problem with men going to these places and yet you’re coming out of one? How else do you earn money if you don’t have patrons?”

“I’m surprised you would recognize my face at all. I’m sure that’s not what you’re used to paying attention to.”

She’s mighty snippy. Not that it mattered to Erich. He liked his women with fire. The desire to needle her a bit more roared over him with the force of a gale . Dropping his gaze he stared at her open toed sandals and smiled at the metallic green polish on her toes. A gold chain with small bells circled her left ankle. And around her right one was a tattoo he longed to get a closer look at.

“Tonight your first night?” he queried. I’m coming back to see you dance, whoever you are.

“You know, not everyone who leaves an establishment like this…a gentleman’s club…works in one. Some women are capable of and actually enjoy making a living without gyrating around a pole, and having men leer at them.”

She pushed by him and Erich turned and watched her walk to a waiting convertible and jump in over the door. A low growl left him when he saw the handsome younger man at the wheel kiss her cheek then drive them both away.

“Hey Erich,” the sound of a voice pulled his head back around. It belonged to Donovan “Livewire” Leegen, friend and pilot.

“Donovan, what’s up?” he asked his friend.

“You know Bliss?” his friend questioned, peering past him in the direction the car had left.

“Bliss?” Erich’s body hardened as the vixen’s image popped back into his mind. Bliss. That is a damn good name for her. What’s Donovan doing here?

“Yes, Bliss. The dancer.” Donovan frowned at him. “Dude, you were just talking to her. Hot as all get-out. A body made for—”

Narrowing his eyes at his friend, Erich ground out in a tone laced with death, “If you value your life, Captain Leegen, you’ll refrain from completing that sentence.”

His fists were clenched at his sides and he longed to smash one into Donovan’s face. Hell, why not both? It didn’t make sense, but he wanted nothing more than to stop the phrase coming from the other man’s mouth. Preferably with a violent manner. Bliss, if that was her name, was his.

Donovan arched a blond brow at him and crossed his arms. “What does it matter to you what I say about her?”

“She. Is. Mine.”

“Since when?”

The second she walked into my arms. Setting his jaw, Erich lifted a brow of his own and stared at Donovan. He wasn’t backing down from this. Granted he hadn’t known her for a longer than about two minutes, and that hadn’t even included a formal introduction. But it didn’t matter.

“Don’t fuck with me on this, Leegen,” he bit off.

Green eyes narrowed. “Jesus, Daredevil, you’re serious.”

“Deadly.” Erich didn’t even flinch at the use of his call name.


Wednesday Whisper ~ Fire Devil

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017


Can their passion withstand the flames?

Carter Liaci gets the biggest shock of his life when he runs into the new arson investigator. Not only is it not a man, it’s a cute sexy blonde who he knows very well, his ex-wife. Understanding his mistake in letting her go, he wants her back in his life. But she’s hesitant, no doubt the flames are still there but the trust has gone. He’ll do what it takes to get it back.


Gina Moyer has come a long way since being just a wife. She’s found a way to stand on her own, make a difference. Even so, she knew the risks of running into her ex when she took this position, in this town. She wasn’t going to back down just because she would see him. But when she does, all those old feelings come back.

Burke_Fire2_FireDevil [1100986]

Will her job put her in to great of risk he can’t save her? Will they lose out on ever having a second chance?

 The thick ash smooshed easily between her thumb and forefinger. Gina Moyer sniffed the residue as she made mental notes.

Consistency is smooth, almost a bit oily. Detect a hint of… What is that, patchouli?

She pushed up from her crouched position and sighed. “Definitely arson.” The ignition point was to her left, gasoline. But here in the middle of the room there’d been another accelerant. In fact, there were several spots throughout the open space.

“Figure that out on your own, Ms. Moyer, or was it the fact the papers mentioned witnesses saw a male figure setting the blaze?”

The voice sent shivers all through her. She squeezed her eyes shut, praying for both the strength to remain professional and to keep her hormones in check. Both were long shots but she sent up the request regardless. “Done playing with your hose, Liaci?” She pivoted slowly on her heeled boots. Her body had to be attached to electrodes when it came to this man.

Carter Liaci.

She brushed a blonde tendril back from her sweaty face. “Never mind. I forgot that play doesn’t take very long at all.” His gunmetal gray eyes hardened as he stared at her and she sensed a fight coming. She didn’t care right now, wasn’t the best time for her to travel this road. There was an arson to solve.

Carter strode over to her, pausing before he actually had any physical contact. More’s the pity. Or so her body claimed.

“Why are you here?”

“I have a job to do.”

He scoffed. “This area is off limits to lookie-loos and the general public. So what the fuck do you mean, your job? What position could you possibly have that requires you to be here at this time?”

His words hurt but Gina ignored it, she could drown her sorrows later. Now wasn’t the time to allow him insight into how painful it was to hear things like this from him. She raked her gaze over him, almost dismissively. “Last time I checked, Sergeant Liaci, the Arson Investigator is allowed to be here.”

“They are. Where’s Donavan?” He crossed powerful arms over his hard chest.

Her single-minded track wobbled as fresh memories of the experiences she had while in those arms surfaced. She exhaled and prayed for wisdom, patience, and whatever else she would need to keep her from ending up with an assault charge. “Retired.”

“When the hell did that happen?”

“Four months ago. Been living under a rock?”

His eyes swirled with an undefinable emotion. “Miss me?”

“As much as a boil on my ass.”

Wednesday Whisper ~ Daring the Hard Man

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Some dares are worth everything…

Luca “Hard Man” Van der Laar is the top bad boy player for the MLS team, Washington Ospreys. Attending a Miami Thunder charity event he lays eyes on a woman he wants to call his own. But can he keep her after their one night?

Kaitlyn Henderson never expected to find a one-night stand at the event she attends. But there he was and there they were. From a family of cops, and as a 911 dispatcher herself, she embraces life, taking it as it comes, understanding that the next second may be your last.

She wasn’t expecting anything more than their one shared night, however he takes that as a dare and is determined to prove there is so much more between them than twenty-four hours.


The first few missed as he joined in the joviality, egging them on to sink him. A tall burly man stepped up and took the ball. Luca prepared himself. However, the man passed it to a young girl hanging on his leg. Her Annie-curls bounced in the wind as she curved her fingers around the ball.

“Three for the lovely redhead,” the caller said. “I’m partial to red curls.”

The little girl gave the large man beside her the extra two. Her face pinched as she pursed his lips.

Luca watched her adjust her stance before she drew back and threw. While not hard enough to knock him from his perch, she hit the circle. She wriggled her nose, took another ball, stepped back and let it go. Another hit. Just not enough power.

There were encouraging cheers from everyone for her to get him with the final ball. Luca rubbed his hands together and beckoned at the girl. The man with her dipped his body lower and whispered in her ear. Then the guy stared at Luca and pierced him with his intense blue eyes.

He swallowed, expecting the worst.

The man didn’t take the ball from the girl, just assisted her in adjusting her stance.

Luca cracked his neck and waited. Beyond the man, he spotted a woman approaching—the one he’d been trying to find. His breath hitched and he sat higher, trying to keep her in sight as she wove around the few people between her and him. He refused to move his gaze away, keeping it locked on her.

She looked down then back up and met his stare.

His heart skipped a few more beats as her golden gaze snared him. Beautiful eyes, reminded him of liquid gold. Sure, it could have been from the light but he wasn’t sure.

Her lips kicked up in a grin.

He responded. Then water covered him as he sank below the water line. The cold shock had him gasping, then spitting out water as he surfaced.

The crowd cheered the girl on and he sought for his woman.

Yes, she was his.


Wednesday Whisper ~ The Wedding Snafu

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

She’s a stand-in groomsman and he’s the best man who can’t keep his eyes off her…


Donal O’Keefe is aware that although he’s the best man at his friend’s wedding, in truth this is more of a dry run for his wedding, if the mother of the bride has anything to say about it. He’s the CFO for a gaming company and has little time to think of marriage, much less to a woman he barely dates. A call from another groomsman has him waiting for the little sister of the man who will be running late. She’s filling in for her brother until he arrives.


Mindy Watkins isn’t quite sure how she got into this situation. A trip to visit her brother has turned into a snafu. Now she has to hang out with the groomsmen until he arrives. What she doesn’t count on is falling for the best man. Determined not to ruin anything she fights the attraction best she can. However, weddings are magical times and although it may not seem like it at the time, things happen for a reason.


With his spiteful ex-girlfriend, snobbish parents, and her overprotective older brother, will these two ever be able to find their own happily ever after?


Donal was impressed there was food on her plate. Not just a piece of fruit. She had a meal of eggs, bacon, flapjacks, fruit, and more. Salting her potatoes, she said, “Morning, gentlemen.” She reached for the ketchup and squeezed it on her plate. “I had the itinerary slid under my door, and I see today is golf. It also said I was paired with you two and Roland. I see Rory is with another group. I’ll tell you, now, I’m not as good as my brother, but I can play.”

“Works for me,” Tim said easily.

Too easily.

Donal kept his silence as they ate. She worked on her cinnamon bun when Porscha walked up with the two bridesmaids who doted on her the way Porscha did Tiffany. The four of them—Tiffany was part of the group as well—were bitches. He had no illusions about that. She was spoiled rotten and expected people to pamper her. Him included.

Still, his hackles rose when the bridesmaids sneered at Mindy.

“We saw what you ate; are you sure that’s smart for you? Those carbs might not be such a good idea.”

Donal narrowed his gaze. Mindy held up a section of the gooey bun.

“Well, I’m playing golf today, so I’ll be outside exercising while you sit in a chair at the spa. So, for me, its fine; for you, I can understand the worry. It may give you an ass. However, I would have your waxer really focus on your face. I see some unsightlies which may really ruin those wedding pics.” She popped the bite in her mouth and groaned with pleasure. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

He sipped some juice to hide his reaction to her sounds.

“I never,” Porscha gasped.

“Obviously. Have a nice day.” Mindy held her gaze until Porscha broke the connection, only to leave in a huff.

Tim laughed, and even Rory joined in. She didn’t bask in their attention or speak on it more, merely letting it go.

Donal couldn’t deny how intrigued she made him.

Forty-five minutes later, they were out at their carts. Donal had already claimed Mindy to ride with him. He slid behind the wheel and waited for her to take her seat. As she did, he watched both his father and the man who, if his parents had their way, would be his father-in-law approach.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Watching You

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Burke_WatchingYou LG [64814]Heat in Texas comes from more than one source…


US Deputy Marshal Teena Mason is stranded. Not in a big town, no, but near a small town named Fort Mavis. After waiting hours in the Texas heat she is rescued and gets a room to rent. When she’s grabbing a bite to eat, she’s reunited with a man she didn’t even know lived here. One she’s had a fling with on occasion.


US Marshal Patrick West is both shocked and pleased when he finds the woman he meets for weekends of hot sex in his hometown. He wants to convince her there is more than just their clandestine meetings between them. Can he show her that he knows more about her than what pertains to the bedroom? Will he have the chance when they are both called back to duty on put on the trail of killers?

So, she shrugged it off, picked up two fries and popped them in her mouth, chewing with bliss.

“How long you been in law?”

A thick tanned arm reached over her shoulder and took some fries from her plate. The arm’s dark hair skimmed along her skin setting her pulse ablaze. “She’s been a Marshal for ten years now, haven’t you Mason?”

She would have collapsed had she not been on the chair. That voice, that face—when she glanced up at it—told her all she needed to know. Her one night stand when she’d been in Georgia for some training stood there. Patrick West. Not entirely true. He had been a one night stand but for years after that, they’d been meeting in secret for no holds barred sex over a night or weekend.

She hadn’t seen him in a few months and if anything, he’d gotten better with age. A common thought for her when it came to this man. His smoky gray eyes bore into her with an intensity no other man could even begin to compare to. He’d gotten broader, not fat, but all muscle. She had no trouble telling he’d bulked up. The way his green shirt hugged his torso made parts of her sit up and beg. For his touch. For her to dust off the cobwebs and get back to what it was made for.

She moved her eyes down over his body and took in the way his jeans hugged lean hips and powerful thighs. She clenched her jaw and passed over his cock, well aware what space that particular item took up in his pants. This time however, he had cowboy boots on his feet.

“What are you doing here?” she blurted out doing her best to quell the need merely seeing him brought her. Was he here seeing someone else? Why was she jealous? Did she have any claim over him?

He nodded at Travis while he propped his hip against the counter. “I’m visiting my parents. I grew up here.” He cupped her cheek and smoothed his thumb over her bottom lip. “I think the question is what are you doing here?”

Wednesday Whisper ~ Lion of Midnight

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

A man blessed—or cursed—by the gods with immortality until he finds true love, finds his match in a woman more unique than he’d imagined; she can endure his past, uphold his present, and sustain his future.



Nikolas Andreyevich is searching for his one true love. He spots her in a Russian bakery and knows immediately she is the one for him. All he has to do is convince her to love him. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately the gods don’t play fair, especially the one who wants Nik for his own personal use, and Cleopatra Laurens is not a woman to be swayed or controlled, not anymore. Over time she begins to see what kind of a man Nik truly is but will it all be for naught? Cleo offers the greatest thing she has in order to save this man who’s taught her to love again. Will Nik get to keep the woman he’s survived nearly a century to find?

 lion of midnight

Sitting at a small table by the window, Nikolas watched the people move along the snowy sidewalk. He ate his ponchiki slowly as he drank some coffee. Ponchiki were similar to doughnuts. He took his covered in powdered sugar.

As he sat there, the bell over the door jingled. Pulling his attention away from the window, he felt his breath catch in his throat as he gazed upon the woman who’d crossed the bakery’s threshold. His entire body rippled with unleashed energy.

She had a different look from the women in the area, like a brilliant sunburst breaking through after a rainstorm. Her skin was a beautiful shade of amaretto with an added flush from the cold. She wore dark blue jeans and a black leather jacket that stopped at her waist, effectively hiding her shirt from him. There was a slight upturn of her lips as she stood at the counter of the bakery. Her black hair was pulled back and confined by a barrette.

His cock stirred in his pants as he ogled at her. It had been many, many years since his body had responded to a woman with just a look. She flashed a smile to the attendant behind the counter and, then, turned to look around the establishment. The second she faced Nik, he knew.

Settled at the base of her neck sat a crystalline snowflake with a gem in it. Something about it looked familiar. Narrowing his gaze, he honed in on it. His hand began to shake, and he set down his fork before he dropped it. Imbedded in the beautiful pendant was a blue stone. The piece was from the one that used to be on his sword. A long time ago, during a battle, one of the six stones had fallen out. He’d searched long and hard for it, and had found most of the pieces it had been broken up into. All except one. Until now. It didn’t make sense for him to know the stone, but he knew it.

And, he knew who she was. With a restraint he didn’t know he possessed, Nik remained seated and just watched the woman, instead of approaching her and carrying her off over his shoulder like he longed to do.

It was her. She was the one. His woman.