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Wednesday Whisper ~ Returning to The Edge

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Book 3 of The Edge out at Totally Bound.


Patience truly is a virtue.

As the baby of the family, veterinarian Mary Meyers is used to being overlooked and overshadowed. Back home, she indulges in a one-night stand with her eldest brother’s friend. He’s more than she thought he would be but she isn’t sure she’s ready for another commitment.

Ron Glennon falls hard and fast for the youngest Meyers child. He wants more than just a clandestine relationship with her but she’s hesitant. He backs off and lets her have her way even though it’s killing him inside. Finally the time comes for her to choose, will he get to keep her after she’s returned to The Edge?


Ron frowned. This wasn’t like him. He didn’t vie for a woman’s attention. Either they wanted to speak to him or they didn’t. For all intents and purposes, she didn’t.


He forced himself to walk away and let it go. He wasn’t about to have it all over The Edge he was after a girl who wanted nothing to do with him. After all, he had some pride. At the door, he struggled with the need to glance back over his shoulder, another urge he ignored.

The day was long and hard so when it ended he was more than ready to head home. He showered and had just taken the pizza out of the oven when a knock came on his door. Davis stood there.

“Hey, man, what’s up?”

“I was heading out to Perimeter and wanted to know if you’d like to come along for a drink?”

Perimeter was one of the three bars within The Edge. Clean, good beer, and an eclectic presentation of music played throughout the night.

“Sure thing, hang on. Come on in.”

He put his pizza on top of the table, made sure the oven was off and shoved into some tennis shoes. They headed out and he followed Davis’ vehicle. When they pulled in, it was already almost all full.

He and Davis entered and headed for the bar. Marsha, one of the bartenders there, smiled and took their order. While he and Davis chatted about work, he scanned the area time after time, unsure as to what he was looking for.

Ron spied Jenn Meyers talking with the owner of Perimeter, Tony. Whatever their conversation was, it wasn’t a good one. Jenn looked less than pleased. He almost went over to see if she was okay when he spied her. Mary.

She stood there behind her sister, impatience written all over her face until she said something.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Something Tangible

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Something Tangible is a rerelease, is free if you have #KU, and has been expanded from the size it once was. There is another story done by Nan O’Berry that features Brett’s half brother, Asa Kingston, Eminent Domain, also a rerelease and free in #KU and expanded from the first version.


Brett Kingston is an acquirer, of signatures, giving ownership of properties to Midas Development, his father’s company. Never has anyone distracted him from the heartless business of sealing the deal, until during a final test he meets LJ, a woman who refuses to sell to him, no matter the offer. Agreeing to an insane pact for a mere shot at securing his contract, Brett discovers there is more to life than what he’s known. Lydia “LJ” Johnson learns not only is there more than meets the eye when it comes to the rich wheeler and dealer, but anything can happen.


“May I help you?” her curt voice asked.

What the hell caused her voice to lose warmth? Polite still, but just barely. He trailed his gaze over her smooth brown skin of her face. An urge he’d not felt in a very long time skated up his spine, catching him unawares. Desire. Lust. So unaware and unexpected he nearly dropped his bag.

“I’m here to speak to LJ.”

Okay, there was no disguising the icy coating in her gaze this time. “You’re from Midas Corporation and Development.” Disgust and venom coated her words and even though it was summer, he swore the temperature fell a few degrees.

“Brett Kingston.”

He didn’t offer a charming smile. He hadn’t come to flirt, he never did. He wanted the signed documents and wanted out of there as quick as possible. One, most of the time he dealt with men and two it wasn’t his way. Flirting was the way the ‘golden boy’ operated. Flirt his way into bed and walk away with the property. This was on the order of the owner of Midas.

“I didn’t ask for your name. You’re wasting your time. There will be no deal with Midas Development. So, take your overpriced baggage and clothes and get back to the dock, Rolo’s leaving.” She stepped back and slammed the door in his face.

What the hell? He turned and peered down by the dock. Rolo waved and Brett shook his head. The wind that tore through whisked away whatever the man hollered.

He faced the door again and knocked. Moments later, the door opened. Damn it all, that hitch and spine-tingling thing happened again.

She looked at him briefly. “You didn’t leave.”

“I won’t be going anywhere until I speak to Mr. LJ.”

“He’s not available and–”

“Until I speak with him, I’m not leaving.” He spoke with steely determination. The one that had him so good at his job.

“Too late now anyways. I hope you have a tent in those fancy bags of yours.”

Tent? Why would I need a tent? “Look, why don’t you just tell me where he is, so I can find a place to stay.”

She crossed her arms and stared at him, still no warmth in her gaze. “You want a place to stay? Shoulda left with Rolo. Storm’s coming.”

Of course it was. He just wanted some sleep.

“There’s an old cabin down that way.” She gave a jerk with her head.

“And LJ is?”

“At neither place. Just thought you might want out of the rain that’s comin’.”

“When will he be back with the boat?”

He usually comes once a week.”

Rain began to fall and he looked at her. Immoveable. This woman didn’t care what weather he was out in. Grinding his teeth together, he turned and headed to the cabin she’d mentioned. Surely, it would be better than standing on her porch.

He sloshed and slid as he did his best to keep his computer bag dry. Finally, he made out the edge of a small cabin. It was dark. Anger grew the closer he got. Damn her! This place was falling apart. Perhaps standing on her porch would be better.

The front porch was rippled and broken; busted windows, and two roof beams had fallen as well. Cautiously he pushed in. He shivered; the rain-soaked clothes he wore not comfortable. Being wet and muddy didn’t improve his mood.

“Hello?” he called out despite his confidence no one was here. At least he was out of the rain. Drip. Water hit his head.

You have got to be shittin’ me. He moved further in. Not very big, there were only two rooms. A bedroom, where the beams had collapsed, and the steady rain fell unhindered and the one he stood in.

“Just fucking great.”

Darkness surrounded him and the storm’s intensity increased with every passing second. He withdrew his lighter–he personally didn’t smoke anymore but carried it out of habit–and found what he was looking for. An old heavy wooden couch, or futon frame stood in one section however, he opted to sit cautiously on an armless rocker, after changing into a dry shirt. For a fleeting moment, he thought once about trekking back to her place but swiftly dissuade himself of that notion. He was better off here most likely. And where was here?

Cold and wet, sitting in a dilapidated cabin. Why? Because he’d been manipulated by the old bastard. Right now, he was too worried to do anything about it and succumbed to the mental and physical exhaustion of his body.

A mist-drizzle still fell when he awoke. Muscles stiff from sleeping how he had, Brett pushed gingerly to his feet. His stomach growled as he stepped onto the porch. His mood was anything but good; yet he paused and looked around. The beauty of this place amazed him. And he took another look.

He headed off; looking for another cabin, or the lighthouse, maybe whoever was there would help him. Obviously, that woman had no plans to. He came to an incline and began climbing up, slipping in the thick mud. Cursing her every step he added in a few for his poor footwear. It was great for airplanes and meeting people in respectable facilities but definitely not made for islands in the pacific northwest.

He pitched forward to stop sliding, glanced up, and froze. There, standing atop the ridge was a…oh shit…a wolf. A damn wolf! How the hell were their wolves here?

It stared at him and he scrambled back, falling into a heap at the muddy bottom. Wary he glanced up again. Nothing. He pushed slowly to his feet. I hate it here. He stood caked with mud, wet, hungry, and in some God-forsaken place. Then fell again. Really, really hate it here.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Forever Together

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

My latest release in Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay Kindleworld. And the second of the three I’m doing in her world with my trio of brothers.


A Marine and a single mom reunite on an island paradise.

Flynn O’Malley comes to visit his brother and runs into a face from his past. Mia Borde sure has changed from the little girl he knew while growing up and he wants to get to know her all over again. She awakens something within him he never knew existed.

Mia is a widow focused on raising her little girl. When her past blows into her life, she is expecting a momentary fling with him. Flynn is thinking a bit longer than that, but she’s been the wife of a Marine once, can she do it again? It’s not just her heart she has to think about.

They had a past, they’re enjoying their present, will they be allowed a future, forever together?


That voice, did something else to him. Holy shit, it was like dark honey, raw and slow moving yet leaving behind this taste one doesn’t ever forget. He tipped his head up to stare at “Mama” and sucked in another sharp breath.

He’d heard it before from friends and even from his oldest brother, Sean when he talked about the love of his life, Rica. It had been a bolt of lightning, he’d known that instant she was the one. Until right then, Flynn had chalked it up to the man being a romantic, unlike himself. But now, looking up at this woman, he understood. One hundred percent.

Flynn shot to his feet. “Ma’am.” His damn heart raced out of control and she’d not even spoken to him directly at this point. In his periphery, he watched Doyle’s confused expression at his action.

Eyes the color of fresh gingerbread flicked from him to his brother. An ugly spike of jealousy slammed into him. Don’t look at him, focus back on me.

She pursed full, plump lips and swiped her tongue over them, before her eyes darted once more. “Doyle?” Her gaze returned to him. “Flynn?”

Pure sex was what he thought of when she said his name. However, there was surprise his name was called. This time he shared a look with his brother. From the confusion on his face, he didn’t know who she was either.

He crossed his arms and cleared his throat. “You have the advantage. Who are you?”

“Figures you wouldn’t remember me.” There wasn’t any heat in her statement. “Mia Borde, used to be Malor.”

“Little Mimi?” Doyle asked, shock in his tone.

“I despised that name—still do, but yes. That was me.” A shrug. “Is me.”

Before Flynn knew what happened, Doyle had gotten to his feet and had her in his arms, hugging her. He shoved that jealousy back where it belonged, in a box.

Then he had the opportunity. Gathering her close, he inhaled deep and allowed her scent to imbed into him. Lilies. That’s what she reminded him of.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Breaking All the Rules

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

This is a rerelease of a story. Book 1 in the D.A.R.K series. Nothing new added, just has a new home.


One night of passion can lead to anything, for a woman and her boss, can it—will it lead to happily ever after?

A member of D.A.R.K. Cover, Inc., Kristopher “Wild” Wilder is taking a few days of R&R in Belize after his last mission. There he meets a woman who sets his blood on fire and the night they share is explosive to say the least. Little does he know, she’s the woman his brothers’ hired to be their company’s newest pilot. After the passion in Belize, he looks forward to continuing the connection. Problem: she isn’t on board with that idea.

Alyse Lamar is a damn good pilot. She’s taken this new job for a few reasons but when she realizes she’s slept with one of her new bosses, she isn’t sure it’s the best place for her to remain. She can’t seem to keep her hands off him, nor him her. Her strict rule about never mixing business with pleasure is taking one heck of a beating.

Wild is many things, a quitter isn’t one of them. He wants this feisty woman and knows she wants him just as much. He vows to find a way past her walls and make her understand that what began as one night in Belize is worth breaking all the rules and can lead to forever.


She slipped on her jacket, and sent all of them a nod. “Thank you. I’ll see you two in the morning.”

Derek sent another sexy grin her direction. “Can’t wait.”

She didn’t comment, just walked out and headed to the stairs. She jogged down them instead of taking the elevator. Pausing in the lobby, she waved to Karen and reached for her gloves when the front door opened. Then her heart stopped.

It can’t be. But it was. The man striding through that door was none other than the man she’d spent that amazing night with in Belize. Wild.

He spied her a moment later and froze. She took in his dark blond hair, the broad shoulders covered by a black leather jacket and jeans that highlighted powerful legs. He had black boots on his feet.

“Hi, Wild!” Karen called out.

“Karen,” he responded without taking his gaze off Alyse.

He advanced toward her, each step predatory. Alyse knew she was in trouble when her legs grew weak and all she wanted to do was jump him and allow him to do whatever he wanted to her.

“Alyse,” he said on a soft rumble.

She couldn’t stop staring at him. The stubble on his face made her mind relive every second his head was buried between her legs or rubbing along her breasts. Her belly clenched and her breasts grew heavy with want.


He stopped right before her. Close enough to touch, close enough to smell his masculine scent which had combined perfectly with the crisp air from outdoors.

She put her hands in her pockets to keep from reaching for him. “So, Kristopher Wilder?”

“Everyone calls me Wild,” he said by way of explanation. His blue eyes singed her. “Well, there are some people who have been known to scream my name, we both know you fall into that category.”

At Karen’s gasp Alyse flushed. This was not how she wanted her first day of work to go. Not at all.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Spring Rain

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

My latest out in Elle Jame’s Brotherhood Protector Kindleworlds.


Sometimes new things are discovered when honoring past memories.

Caitlyn Schneider loves teaching music even if she is considered a bit of a rebel in the school. On her own time, she enjoys hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail. What she doesn’t expect to find is a man who she’s been unable to forget since he appeared in her classroom.

Rip Walls is a cop, K9 handler, and most importantly, a single father. With his son almost being expelled, the last thing he needs is a sexy distraction, one who his son actually likes, even though she’s not one of his teachers.

A chance meeting with her while he’s out training with his partner and he realizes he can no longer ignore the spark of life she has brought to him. But while the passion is strong between them, will it last once they’re back and amongst the rest of the world?


The bark came again and her belly knotted up. What the hell kind of dog makes a bark that deep? I’m beginning to question my decision to stay here and not seek shelter up a bit higher.

Like he was part of the low hanging cloud himself, a black streak shot into the barn area, shook himself off, and found a place for himself on the other side of the fire from her.

She stared at him and gulped. Christ he’s huge. Caitlyn wasn’t a huge fan of dogs and hadn’t a clue what kind this massive beast was, but so long as he kept to his side of the fire, she could handle it.

I can, right? Sure, I can.

The pep talk wasn’t quite enough.

The canine yawned and she bit back a whimper at the sight of those huge white teeth gleaming in the flickering light. His ears were erect and the beard covering his muzzle didn’t detract from the feeling that he could rip her in two if he so desired.

“Abel? Damn it boy, I told you to wait for me.”

The dog looked out into the streaming rain and shook his head.

She stifled a chuckle, he may not have spoken English, but she got his meaning perfectly clear. He wasn’t an idiot and wasn’t about to hang out in the weather when he could get out of it.

A man stepped from the darkness into her area and she gasped before she could control it. This wasn’t a stranger. Well, they weren’t friends, but she knew him. Rip Walls. Father to Ian Walls who went to her school.

He slammed her with his intense green gaze. She may not be able to see the color of his eyes right now, but she hadn’t forgotten how intense they were when he’d been in her classroom that day to pick up his son.

“You,” he said. “What are you doing out here?”

She bristled. So condescending. So arrogant.

So hot.

Okay, she didn’t need comments like that from her brain.

“I was enjoying the fire here with Abel. He and I were happy and dry.”

Rip shook his head and she couldn’t tear her gaze away. He took off his own pack and pulled out a towel to get rid of the extra moisture with, then draped it over a hook on the wall to let it dry.

“You and Abel?”

She popped another piece of her sandwich into her mouth and tried not to squeal as Abel rose and walked to her side where he sat and stared at her. “Yes. Me and Abel.”

He crossed his arms. “That so?”

“Absolutely. We were just about to eat. Well, I was about to share with him.”

“That I’d love to see.”

She shrugged and tore off a piece of bread and turkey before offering it to the set of massive jaws so close to her. If I die, it will be my fault.

Abel stretched out and took it from her hand as if she’d been kissed by a rose petal. No teeth, no snapping. She was beyond impressed.

“Really Abel?” Rip grumbled.

“He likes turkey.”

The man glared at the two of them. “He’s not supposed to take food from strangers.”

Cutting her gaze to the dog who’d somehow managed to scoot closer still, she shrugged and reached out to put her hand along his muscled neck, fingers brushing along the wiry coat.

“Figures, both my son and my dog will ignore me for you.”

“Ian is still out there?”

“No, he’s with his grandparents for the weekend.”

“At least, you didn’t leave him out there alone.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She scratched at Abel’s neck smiling when he lay back beside her and yet, she still had easy access to him. It didn’t hurt that Rip’s expression was like he’d just licked an old rotten egg.

“Nothing. You going to stand there all night and try to appear imposing? Or are you going to be a civil human and sit around the fire? I’m here to enjoy myself, not fight about what you may or may not think I meant.”

He rolled a log near and snapped his fingers scowling even more when Abel just leaned into her touch, a low doggy groan of contentment escaping him.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Straying to The Edge

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

strayingtotheedge_800[6464]This one is book 2 in The Edge series and here’s a little bit of twin sister Jenn’s time of coming home.


Sometimes what you think you need least is what you need most.

Jenn Meyers has come home to take over the books for the family farm while her father recuperates from his stroke. She thought she’d put this part of her life behind her, trading in the tractor and blue jeans for sports cars and business suits. However, the longer she’s home, the easier it is for her to fit in once more.

Tony Blackstone hasn’t forgotten the woman who stole his heart all those years ago, despite the fact she never even known he was alive. Now that she’s back, all his feelings are resurfacing. Trouble is, she doesn’t seem all that keen on staying. He wants her to stray his way and not back to the big city. Can he show her that her place is here in The Edge, with him?


Not much later, she was driving through town, heading to one of the bars. There were three of them in The Edge but she pulled in to the first establishment she came to, Perimeter.

Parking her small sports car next to the old, big trucks, she shook her head. Definitely not in the big city anymore. She grabbed her purse and went inside.

The interior wasn’t horrible, but so not what she was used to. Trying hard not to curl her lip in disdain, she made her way to the bar, dusted off the barstool and took a seat with caution.

A pair of dark gray eyes held her interest as their owner watched her. She bit back her irritation, accepting she was spoiling for a confrontation. Probably shouldn’t have come to a bar then, her subconscious cheerfully commented. She ignored it and gazed at the man watching her.

Big and strong. Not like the bartenders she was used to. This man had muscles gotten from hard work, not the gym. They weren’t over-exaggerated. Nope, pretty damn perfect if she had to say anything about them.

His jeans hung around lean hips and hugged tight to powerful thighs. She deliberately skimmed over what lingered in the center there and moved her gaze back up to safer territory. Or so she thought. His shaggy dark brown hair was stylishly messy. Scruff covered his chiseled jaw and she wanted to touch it.

Whoa! That’s not a good thing. Looking was fine. Touching would only lead to trouble, especially in a bar in The Edge.

Trouble was, if he kept looking at her like that, she would be over the bar doing a lot more than touching. He’d ignited a flame inside her that she needed him to extinguish.

Rallying her waning control, she cocked an eyebrow and asked, “Going to take my order or do I wait for someone else to walk by and do their job?”

A hint of a smile teased the corners of his lips. “From the look on your face before you sat, I wasn’t sure you’d want anything in a glass. Perhaps they’re not clean enough for you, Princeton.”

She drew back, furrowing her brow in confusion. “Princeton?”

He grabbed a glass and placed it on the bar in front of her. “That is where you went to school, isn’t it? Pretty sure the bars around there are a bit cleaner, higher end than this.”

He leaned on the counter, ran a hand through his hair, then gave her a smile which damn near melted her panties.

Giving her pussy a severe mental chastisement on how to behave, she narrowed her eyes. “How do you know that? How do you even know who I am?”

Wednesday Whisper ~ Emerald Myst ~ Tempting Luck Boxset

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

EBOOK-TemptingLuck_preview.jpegHave you picked up your copy of the Tempting Luck boxset? A collection of stories by a wonderful, talented group of authors.

My story in this set is Emerald Myst.


Emmie Donaghue is heading to Ireland to claim her inheritance. What she gets isn’t at all what she was expecting and isn’t sure she wants. Finn Brannon is immediately enchanted by the flustered American who shows up at the bar. As they work together they grow closer, will a misunderstanding be the end of what they could have? Or will he find a way to keep her in his life?


“So Ireland then is your end destination.”

He didn’t make it a question, but a statement. She gave him a smile in response before settling in deeper to her seat. Part of her hoped he would let it go after that but to no avail. He canted his head as he clicked his seatbelt into place.

“Where in Ireland are you headed?”

“County Kerry.”

“Wonderful, it’s a beautiful place full of lovely people. I’m sure you’ll have a beau or three in no time.”

“I’m not looking for a beau but it’s good to know they are nice there.”

The flight attendants began their preflight demonstration and she released her hair from the ponytail to allow it to settle around her shoulders.

“So you have a beau?”

She closed her eyes against the pain of finding Paul with his whore in her place. “Nope, not anymore.”

“You shouldn’t be single. You will see, lass. There will be men falling over their feet to get to you.”

“Still not looking.”

“Doesn’t matter. It’s Ireland. Have you been before?”

“Nope, never been out of the United States.”

“Then why now? Why are you taking this trip?”

“Besides my need for luck and an apparent beau?” A smile accompanied her words.


“I apparently inherited some business, so I’m heading over to see what it is.”

“You will be so happy when you get there, you’re never going to want to leave.”

Tucking the blanket around her, she smiled again. “I hope you’re right.”


* * *


“Oh my God, I need to go home. That old man was wrong, so damn wrong.”

She stood with her luggage at her feet staring up at the establishment that was hers now. The village name was Dunphy. Dung heap in her mind and that extended to the state of her business.



New Release ~ Wednesday Whisper ~ Code Name: Sleeper

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

PROMO_CodeNameSleeperNEWHappy Wednesday. I know it’s been a while since I’ve tossed up a Wednesday Whisper but as today is my release day for Code Name: Sleeper figured I would roll two into one. *grin*

I know people have been waiting for Michael and Lisa’s story after having met them in Code Name: Papa. And it took a while but here they are.



You can’t always let go of the past, sometimes you don’t want to…

Michael Whyte has been branded a traitor to his country. He’s betrayed those closest to him all in the line of duty. When the plan starts to come to fruition he breaks out of prison and goes to one woman who will either help him, or kill him.

Lisa Rockers has moved on with her life since leaving EGIS. Or so she thought. Everything changes one rainy night when the man she’s always loved but who betrayed not only her but also everything she believed they stood for, returns. After hearing him out, can she let him deal with this unbelievable story he tells her alone? Or is she willing to risk it all for him.


A cup of coffee accompanied her treats and two cops strode in as she paid. The men nodded at her and she returned the gesture. Shoving her change in the pocket of the rolled-up sweats she wore, she eyed her donut with a ravenous hunger.

Damn donuts.

Toasting the attendant with her coffee, she strode back out into the deluge. The all-important donuts she retained beneath her shirt, she juggled her keys and coffee. Ignoring the rain streaming down her skin, she started her truck. As she paused, she ate a donut and put the cup in its holder. One immediate need soothed, she sucked the final frosting from her thumb then shifted into gear. Going right out of the lot, she drove to SoDo, named for its location. South of Downtown.

Locating an empty place, not with any close corners or lingering cars, she parked and killed the engine. As she unbuckled her belt, she put her fingertips on three specific areas then slid open a storage area top and grabbed two items. She hopped out in the rain and moved to the tailgate, body humming with energy.

She lowered it and clicked on her Maglite, spilling its illumination across the bed to the tarp against the cab.

“Whoever you are, I have a 9mm loaded with hollow points aimed at you. Come out, extremely slowly, showing me your hands at all times. And do not make me repeat myself.”

She inched slightly to the right, continuing to remain in a great shot line. The second the tarp began to move, it was all there was in her world. No rain. No anything but her and the potential threat to her life.

Her heart pounded hard in her ears, but her hands never wavered. Not until the removed tarp allowed her light to shine on the stowaway kneeling in the bed of her truck.

Michael Whyte.


Wednesday Whisper ~ Harbour of Refuge

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

harbourofrefuge_800What happens in Monte Carlo stays…with you forever…well, if you’re one of the lucky ones.

Enzo Cassano is the driver of a powerboat team, used to the fast life and all it includes, women, parties and popularity. Until the race in Monte Carlo when he meets a woman who is unlike any he’s met before. Her small town values and almost innocent-like ways charm him beyond everything. He discovers however beneath her exterior she’s very firm in her beliefs and won’t budge.

Halyn Jennings maybe from a small town but she knows a player when she sees one and Enzo, is definitely that. She doesn’t mind however, she still likes him and enjoys spending time with him, well aware that what is happening between them is most likely temporary. she’s not the supermodel type he’s accustomed to being with.

Enzo’s life is turned upside down by an unexpected visitor from his past, he has to learn to accept racing isn’t everything and not everyone wants to be the centre of attention. Halyn’s own past comes to light in a most harsh revelation and he discovers things aren’t always so easy. Will he be able to find a way to break back through her barriers and prove to her she’s the one he wants, for forever?


Monte Carlo

Cheers, screams and more saturated the air. Enzo Cassano took it all in stride as he made his way off his powerboat to head up the pier and through the marina. Not even the explicit offers slowed him, although they made him smile and shake his head. Exhaustion owned him, yet he knew it would be a great night. Amazing sex, slumber in a nice bed and an added bonus of not having to get up before the ass-crack of dawn.

He gave nods and high-fives to his team before his gaze landed on the woman he’d been looking for. She wasn’t part of the team, but she was waiting for him. A wide grin spread across his features as he took in the dark-skinned beauty. Her hair had been pulled back since they’d taken pictures on his boat, but she still wore the same suit—an orange strapless bandeau swimsuit top, twisted at the centre. No, not quite orange, a mix of orange shades, pale peach to corals and some in between, blending in with one another and contrasting amazingly with her skin. He knew the bottoms matched in hue, were low rise and knotted at the sides. She looked damn good in them. Right now she wore a white sarong around her waist.

“Lexy,” he said.

He had a certain fondness for this woman. Sexy as hell and southern. He loved her accent. She was almost family, her best friend Jaydee was now his relation, she’d married his older brother—the middle brother—Gio and by default it sort of put Lexy in the same boat.

He’d missed her earlier after the photos had been taken, when she’d gone shopping. A wolf whistle escaped him as he leant back for another look at her. She waited for him to lift his gaze.

“What?” He grinned.

“Stop looking at me like you want to eat me.”

He waggled his eyebrows. “Not my fault you are bellissima.”

Lexy snorted and took off one shoe for a moment before sliding it back on. “Your charm, while adorable, is completely wasted on me, Enzo Cassano.”

“Can’t blame me for trying.” Had she ever given him the slightest hint his advances would be reciprocated he would have pursued her, but for her it was all about fun—he knew it was hands-off.

She laughed and he slid an arm around her, brushing a kiss along her cheek. He thought about how different she was from his sister-in-law, Jaydee. The women were complete opposites yet steadfast in their affection for one another. He cared deeply for them both. Jaydee had relaxed only marginally since her marriage to his brother, but Lexy had fun every time he saw her.

They progressed up the pier, chatting about work and family.

“So tell me, Lexy. How is life treating you?”

“We’re busy. Which is why I thank you so much for this. I needed it.” She rubbed the back of her neck and he fought off his urge to offer to do it for her.

“Needed what?” A new voice broke in.

Enzo smiled as he recognised the speaker. His eldest brother, Valentino. “You made it.”

He turned to the left and froze when he saw him. Yes, his brother had arrived, but he stood out like a sore thumb on the marina. While others wore summery attire, Valentino Cassano was standing there in a three-piece suit.

“A suit? Christ, bro. This is Monte Carlo, where are the shorts?” Even as he asked the question he knew the answer.

His brother would wear jeans on occasion but most of the time, if he was going out, he wore suits.

“You know your brother is cranky and stodgy, Enzo.” Lexy leaned against him and propped her arm on his shoulder.

Amusement laced her southern tone.

Enzo felt, as much as saw, his brother tense. Hazel eyes flicked between them, disapproval filling them.


Lexy sighed. “I’ll be at the car. Bye, Val.”

Enzo watched her walk away. “Damn, that woman is—”


“I was going to say hot as hell. You know she is a very nice woman. If you wouldn’t be so, so…well, like this with her, you’d see it.”

“Are you two dating?”

He frowned, taken aback by the question. “Me? And Lexy?”

He wished.

His hazel eyes were unblinking and direct. “She is here in Monte Carlo with you.”

“Well, yes.”

Valentino lifted his eyebrows.

“I mean no to the dating part.” Enzo began walking. “She is here because I invited her.”

As they neared the car, the crowd parted and he saw Lexy waiting, looking at something on her phone. He reached out to his brother and halted him. “Be nice to her, we’re going to a party.”

His brother didn’t reassure him. Hell, he didn’t say anything. Lexy, however, had apparently overheard. She gave him a grin. “I appreciate you looking out for me, Enzo, but your brother is not anything to concern yourself with. He and I have our own way of communicating. He snarls and snaps like a rabid dog and I sweetly remind him I am a vet with plenty of access to ketamine and more tranqs, not to mention numerous barbiturates I could choose from.” A shrug.

“Wonderful stuff.”

He swallowed his increasing amusement, but couldn’t help smirking when Valentino glowered further.

“Lighten up,” he told his brother in Italian. “Let’s go party.”

They entered the waiting car. Lexy tucked herself between them, the photos of her on his boat in her hands. Behind her, he spied Valentino and his scowl. If he didn’t know any better, Enzo would say his eldest sibling had a crush on Lexy. It was a fact he couldn’t be bitter about, for in his opinion, it was about damn time someone got a reaction from Valentino. He’d been a bear since the fiasco with his ex-wife. Laughing silently at the thought of what Lexy would do for—and to—his brother, Enzo leant forwards and went through the photos with that very woman.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Dream Lover

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

DL_AB MDDream Lover series, Book 2.

Can this cowboy rope the woman who makes him realize there is more to life than just work?

The morning Laciee Dupree wakes up in a stranger’s bed, she vows to never drink again. The cowboy who gave her such an amazing night turns out to be the perfect man with his impeccable manners, his amazing looks, and, let’s not forget, his skills in the bedroom. If only he didn’t live in Branchwater, Texas. The attraction between them is hard to ignore, but she grew up in Branchwater and had already left that hick town once—and has zero plans of moving back.

Judd Travers is a dying breed of man, a true cowboy. A loner. He works his large ranch, never giving any thought to getting a wife and kids. At least not until he tangles with Miss Laciee Dupree. She’s everything a man like him could want. Or need.
Problem is, Laciee is trying to leave town faster than she blew in, so he’s got his work cut out if he’s going to convince her to allow him to become more than just her dream lover. During this time there are troubles on his ranch that also require his attention.

Good thing cowboys are used to hard work…


Laciee Dupree shifted in the tangled mess of bedding. Burrowing deeper, she fought to ignore the incessant pounding in her head. This, right here, was why she didn’t drink much. She’d never been one to hold her liquor well. And at this party it wasn’t like they were sipping on wine or nursing “fruity” drinks. Oh no, of course not. There they did whisky, bourbon, tequila, scotch… hell, she’d even had some of the local shine. Not something she’d be doing again anytime soon.

I’ll say it makes for nice dreams though. Really nice dreams.

She smiled and opened her eyes enough to be thrilled the room still remained shrouded in darkness. So, she closed them again, ready to sink back into oblivion and the amazing dream lover who’d been with her. All night long.

Her sex throbbed and grew wet at the memories. His callused hands roaming all over her body. The licking, laving, and attention she’d never received from any of her real life experiences. Nipples tightened and she virtually purred like a cat while rubbing against the sheets.

She reached out to grab more blankets and reinforce her cocoon only to pause when she encountered a wealth of hard-packed muscles. Sweet, still dreaming. He remained. And she planned on taking every advantage presented.

Smiling, she widened the spread of her fingers and re-explored the contours of his physique. Every defined abdominal, the rock-hard pectorals, all of it, she was well acquainted with. There wasn’t an inch of this body she didn’t know. From the scruff on his face to the hair on his legs. She knew it all.

His shaft twitched and hardened, and her smile did turn into a purr of pleasure this time. She never wanted to wake from this dream. Reaching down, she closed her fingers about his girth. Dear Lord, why couldn’t she find a man like this in real life?

“Now this is a lovely way to wake up, darlin’.” A deep, masculine voice rumbled from above her head.

She stiffened and shook her head. “Dream men don’t talk. They just pleasure.” Definitely going to have to stop drinking like she did last night.

A decadent chuckle reached her. “I’m all for the pleasuring.” Large hands skimmed down her body, and she jumped up with a scream, lunging for the side of the bed. Her hangover slammed into her and she wove, unsteady on her feet. The ground rushed up toward her only to stop as a pair of strong arms closed around her, halting her.

“Easy there, darlin’.”

Her mind raced. Where am I and who the hell is he? In addition, why was she thinking about touching him all over again? The room was still dark, and she wanted to keep it that way. Easier to keep her shame that…hers alone, in the pitch blackness. Both of his hands moved in a soothing motion along the bared expanse of her back. They were the hands of a man who made his living working hard. They weren’t soft but callused and rough.
Her locale hit her and she bit back a whimper. Branchwater, Texas. This couldn’t be good. Not at all.