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Guest author ~ Author Kallysten ~ Prowlers & Growlers Boxset contribution and an interview

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

My Title: Prowlers & Growlers Boxed Set Author Spotlight: Mated – Firelands by @Kallysten #99cent #shifters #pnrromance @wolfpackreads

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“When the Ileos
clan invites shifter clans from the Firelands to watch their new leader take
power, Maikel Argonis doesn’t have much choice but to attend. As second in line
to the throne, his lack of interest for this kind of social function is not reason
enough to stay home. His father, the king of the Firelands, rules over his sons
with as firm a hand as he rules a realm where power-hungry shifters don’t
hesitate to start wars.
The chore, however,
takes an unexpected turn for Maikel when he meets Celly Ileos. Second-born like
he is, quick-witted and rebellious, she captures both Maikel’s interest and his
dragon’s—even though she’s a phoenix.
Celly doesn’t mind
seeing her older brother take power like he was always destined to. However,
she does mind that he’s already trying to use her as a pawn in his power games,
intending to strengthen their clan through her marriage to one of his allies.
Her heart is her own, and she wants to choose her own mate.
But if that mate
happens to be a dragon prince, will she be strong enough to endure the fire of
disapproval raging from his family and her own?

She joined him and they stood together close to the edge, with nothing in front of them but thin air all the way down to a five hundred feet drop. It was a place and a view of which she’d never tire, and she often came here early in the morning to watch the sun soar above the horizon—and soar with it. Today, however, she found herself watching Maikel rather than the play of colors lighting up distant clouds.
“What a wonderful place,” he murmured, his gaze sweeping the valley stretched down below them. “Perfect to take flight from, isn’t it?”
He turned to her as he finished and something must have showed on her face because he quickly added, “Which is what you came here to do, I’m guessing.”
She inclined her head.
“Nothing better to clear my head than to jump and let myself fall a couple hundred feet before I let myself shift.”
Maikel whistled softly.
“I didn’t realize phoenixes enjoy this kind of thing.”
She raised an eyebrow at him.
“What kind of thing is that?”
“Dangerous things. Like jumping from a cliff.”
“And here I thought dragons were supposed to be impulsive creatures,” she teased. “Are you telling me you’re afraid of what I was doing when I wasn’t even ten years old?”
Something shifted in his eyes, their dark auburn turning to gold for a split second, then to flames as brightly red as blood.
“I didn’t say I was afraid,” he pointed out in a mild voice as he shrugged out of his jacket and dropped it to the ground.
Next thing she knew, his shirt was already halfway unbuttoned and opening on a surprisingly tan and muscled chest.
“What—what are you doing?” she stammered, forcing her eyes back up to his. Her cheeks were burning up all of a sudden.
“Undressing,” he answered plainly. “So I don’t ruin my clothes when I shift and have to ride back to the fortress in the nude.”
That image probably shouldn’t have been so appealing.
Whatever protest she wanted to offer disappeared when he shrugged his shoulders and his shirt slid off, exposing the smooth expanse of his chest and gently rippled abs that made her fingers curl with the desire to touch them. Apparently, he was still doing ‘grunt work’ in his vineyard—another intriguing image. He started reaching for the fastenings of his pants and she hurriedly turned her back to him.
“This doesn’t strike me as very appropriate,” she said, her words ending on a mortifying little squeak.
The whisper of a zipper being pulled down seemed to fill the space between them.
“Are you telling me you didn’t come here to shift? Because if that’s what you’re saying, we don’t believe you.”
His word choice confirmed what she had started to suspect: his dragon was close, very close to the surface. She’d always heard that dragons were impulsive and quick to act when they felt threatened or insulted… it certainly appeared to be true.
And if you’re saying part of you didn’t hope it’d end up this way, her phoenix supplied with a little laugh, I’m the one who won’t believe you. Why are you so flustered, girl?
He’s undressing! Right beside me!
The rustling sounds behind her were all she could hear.
No, I think he’s naked by now. Don’t be such a prude, it’s not like you’ve never seen a man in the nude, whether it was a shifter before or after his shift, or a plain-blood human ready to get naughty with you. But maybe you’d prefer the latter?
Will you shut up already? You’re supposed to be on my side!
Not your side, darling. Ours.
It wasn’t often that Celly’s phoenix exerted her will to control their shared body when they were in human form, and when she did it always took Celly by surprise to the point that she couldn’t stop her. The phoenix did that now, making her turn around even as running steps announced what Maikel was doing.
Celly didn’t have time to see much more than a naked blur before he was leaping right over the cliff with a yell that sounded like pure exhilaration.
She’d been here with a dozen different people over the years, and she’d come on her own on countless mornings. Whether someone jumped for the first time or the hundredth, even knowing that their phoenix was ready to take over long before they crashed, the instinctive fear never completely went away—but that was half the fun. Maikel seemed completely fearless.
Without thinking, Celly stepped closer to the edge, where she’d be able to watch him go down. His body was spread out, arms and legs extended on either side of him as he faced down.
Nice ass, her phoenix supplied, and Celly smiled.
The next second, her mouth fell open and she gaped. She’d watched dozens of phoenixes shift, and she knew intimately what it felt like to do so, both when standing on firm ground or when tumbling in the air, an illusion of flight without wings. Phoenixes were long and lithe, with powerful wings and five oversized feathers for a tail. A shifter taking their phoenix form had always looked to her like golden fire rippling through a human body and exploding outward into new, feathery limbs, a process as elegant as it was quick.
She’d seen dragons fly before, but she’d never seen one shift. She’d imagined it would look the same, just with a different shape, and in a way it was. At the same time, though, it felt entirely different. Maybe because dragons were almost twice as massive as phoenixes, or maybe because she wasn’t as familiar with their shape, the shifting seemed to happen in slow motion.
Maikel’s skin, already so far down below, darkened gradually until wings shot out of his back fully formed, while the rest of his body was still human. They spread out and hid part of him even as the shifting continued, limbs, body and head morphing into the imposing yet still elegant lines of a dragon. There was a moment when his wings folded and he tilted forward, head first into the dive. Celly couldn’t suppress a gasp, suddenly sure that something must have gone wrong.
She gasped again, this time in awe, as his wings extended and he veered in a fluid movement, following one of the strong winds that played along the cliff to stop his descent and glide back upward.
It had taken him long seconds to fall halfway down the cliff, but in the blink of an eye he was back at her level. She could have sworn one of his blood-red eyes winked at her before he dived back into the valley with a roar that would have been frightening had it not sounded like sheer delight.
He’d been so close she could almost have touched him if she’d only extended her hand, and while she hadn’t she could imagine the texture of his hide under her tingling fingertips. Leathery but smooth, warm from the heat of his blood, slick… It had seemed black when he’d first shifted, but from up close his coloring was more charcoal that pure black, with splatters of white and gray dots like freckles on his wings, his back, his underside.
He twirled and dropped down into the valley, occasionally beating his large wings once or twice but for the most part following the wind currents, before coming back to where she stood. He hovered there, close enough that the horses a few paces behind her, as accustomed as they were to being around winged beasts larger than they were, neighed unhappily and struck the ground with their hooves.
If that’s not an invitation to join him, her phoenix said, I’ll eat my own tail. What are you waiting for?

Hello and thank you so much for having me for a little chat
today! Here’s hoping I don’t start rambling too much… I’m wrangling my toddler
as I do this interview and she can be a handful!
How long have you been a writer and how did you come to
The reason I became a writer – that is, wrote an entire
story and shared it with readers – was because of boredom. Not too glamorous, I
know! I wrote my first novella in middle school. We had ‘study’ classes in
which we were supposed to just sit quietly and work on homework or study, but I
always finished my work early and would get bored out of my mind. One day I
brought a new notebook to school and started inventing a story… and another,
and another after that. When I moved to the United States in 2001, everything
felt so strange and new, I stopped writing for a while. When I started again
about a year later, it was, for the first time, in English. The change was
brutal and the learning curve pretty stiff… but after a few years, I started putting
‘writer’ on the occupation line when doing my taxes and it felt pretty special.
How did you come up with the storyline for Mated?
I was just finishing a different story which is set in the Fated & Forbidden series,
a universe shared by 11 authors, and my mind was drifting over the ‘forbidden’
aspect of love, and how long writers have played with that storyline. Romeo and
Juliet were hardly the first! Also I’d been wanting to write a shifter story
for a while and couldn’t decide between phoenix and dragon. The two thoughts
combined… forbidden love between dragon and phoenix shifters… now I just had to
figure out who my characters were!
How did you figure it out? Do the characters ‘live’ with you
as you write?
Absolutely. When I get the idea for a story and start
thinking of the characters, they take a life of their own and play out the
story in my mind, the same scene repeated a dozen times until each word or
action is just right. Writing is the only way to get them to quiet down and
move on… to the next scene!
What inspires you to write?
Just about anything, really. I never know where my muse will
look next to plot a new story. Let me think…
One of my vampire BDSM series (Carte
and its sequels) was inspired by a real-life Domme whom I knew
online and got to chat with face to face once. I was very proud that she gave
the story her seal of approval.
My Ward of the Vampire serial came
from a chat I had with a friend. She was bemoaning the ‘billionaire boyfriend’
trend and saying she had no interest in writing such a story but wished she
could so she could get on the bandwagon. I told her to just write her thing and
find her readers that way, and joked that I’d never write for that trend
either. My muse took that as a challenge and within a few months I had 140,000
words of it…
My On The Edge series came from one
throwaway line in another book. I’d mentioned this vampire friendly club, its
human owner and his vampire lovers, and suddenly I had to tell their story…
I have a YA shifter story with my other pen name (Beneath the Twin Moons of Haldae) that
came from an article I read about a newly discovered tribe in the Amazon who’d
never been in contact with ‘civilization’ before. The moment I finished the
article I had the whole plot in my mind.

What is the hardest part of creating a book?
For me, it’s definitely the promoting part. Ask me to write
or rewrite and I’ll be happily typing away all day – and night – long. Ask me
to toot my own horn and tell people why my stories are worth reading, and I
freeze. Not that I don’t think they are worth reading; I just wasn’t raised
into thinking my own accomplishments are something I ought to talk about. Just
doing this interview is a painful process… but don’t worry, I’ll survive!
What are 3 of your favorite quotes from Mated?
Argh! You’re asking me to pick my favorite child! (If, you
know, I had more than one!)
All right, let me try…
Should I? she whispered in her own mind. If it comes out
that I’ve been flying with a dragon…
What’s the worst that could happen? Your mother will be
disappointed? Your brother will try to marry you off to the first phoenix who
so much as expresses an interest in you? Nothing new, then.
Yes, I suppose she is rather pretty, for a human.
And you don’t mind that he is a dragon?
He can’t help what he is, her phoenix said. Why should I
blame him for what is not his fault?
What would your friends say is your best quality?
Probably that I’m loyal. When I make a friend, it’s for
life. I’m still in touch with my very first real friend, Dje, whom I met when
we were 6 and who lives in France.
Are reader reviews important to you? Why?
Yes and no. Yes because it’s always interesting to see what readers
enjoyed (or didn’t like…) in a story – and because, for better or for worse,
reviews are an important part of promotion. No because when I read a review I
always want to engage the reader in a dialogue about it, see what they thought
about this other bit or that other thing, but I’ve always been told it’s a big
What do you do when you don’t write? Like in “Real Life”
You mean other than wrangling Baby, taking her to the
museum, the zoo, the parc, the pool, and indoor and outdoor playgrounds?
*grins* Well I do enjoy quilting a lot. I make a lot of lap-sized quilts
because they’re fairly quick to make on my little machine. I even gave one in a
reader giveaway last year… I might have to do it again this year!
Tell us about your other books?
Another ‘pick your favorite child’ question! My backlist is
growing so long, I’ve even lost count of how many books I actually have for
sale. Most of what I’ve written to date was about vampires and/or magic. My
last two releases were about magic – Blood
, in the Fated & Forbidden series I mentioned earlier, is about two
power-wielding lovers who reunite after centuries of estrangement. Love & Magic is a box set of 3
short stories that are male/male relationships revolving around magic. The
release before that was Switching
, a BDSM vampire short that’s a sequel to the Domme novel I told you
about earlier.
M/F, M/M, ménages; sweet stories, sexy ones, kinky ones;
short stories, novellas, novels, long novels; standalone, series… You name it,
I’ve probably written it!

If you read through this entire thing… thank you! Have a
gold star… oh wait, Baby took all my gold stars! How about a freebie instead? I
find the best way to introduce myself to readers is to offer them something to read.
I have several freebies on the major ebook stores, and extra ones available
through my newsletter. Feel free to come
and say hi!

Kallysten’s most exciting accomplishment to date was to cross a few thousand miles and an ocean to pursue (and catch!) the love of her life. She has been writing since her teenage years, and always enjoyed sharing her stories and listening to the readers’ reactions. After playing with science fiction, short stories and poetry, she is now trying her hand, heart and words at paranormal romance novels.

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New Release!

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Happy Monday!

I hope this finds all y’all well and ready for this holiday season. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a box set with USA Today, Amazon, and multi-published best selling authors. Yvette Hines, Pepper Pace, Maggie Carpenter, Stephanie Morris and Cara North and we’ve come together to weave intertwining tales full of romance, intrigue, dark secrets, passion, a few wishes and so much more. 18+. Available on Amazon for 99 cents for a limited release time. All new stories. #SSHHeroes


Hands On by Yvette Hines
Gabe Dresken, owner of Dresken Lumber & Forestry Company was born and raised in Apple Valley, NC. Over his lifetime, he’s seen others come and go from the small town. As the only child of his mother, head of the family business, the opportunity was never there for him to be anywhere else. With the holidays and class reunions bringing people back to town he wonders what fate has planned for him. When the hot newcomer in town working for his mother gets her hands on him, he can’t think of anything but dragging her into his arms.
Emeri Haven Jones needs a change and a reason to jet from the big city that is becoming a nightmare to her career. Her cousin, the mayor of a small town, convinces her to move to AV. Getting a job as a masseuse at A Valley Dream Spa helps her settle in quick, but her boss’s sexy son is giving her thoughts of home and hearth. Gabe may not be the reason she came to the town, but he’s looking like a great reason to stay.
Passion drew them both in, but when jealousy and past secrets rise only love can keep them give them forever.
No Place Like Home by Stephanie Morris
Tabitha Grier never thought she’d return to Apple Valley. The memories she’d left behind were not pleasant. Yet, those she ran from now were worse. The one thing that made going through a very contentious divorce with her ex-husband was the fact that she’d never have to deal with him again. She has finally crawled out of the hell her life used to be and plans to move on—even if it takes her the rest of her life. Getting a job at the Wakefield Cattle Ranch puts her on the right path. Unfortunately it also means she has to work in close proximity Aiden Wakefield—a man who stirs up desires she’d thought no longer existed within her.
Aiden Wakefield’s life feels as though it’s in shambles. The past two years of his life have been filled with nothing but tragedy. Losing his fiancé, unborn child and mother has left him emotionally closed off. He spends every waking moment of his day working himself to the brink of exhaustion. However, that all changes the moment he meets the new employee at his family’s cattle ranch. Tabitha is a fresh breath of air that he doesn’t want to inhale. She brings up emotions he no longer wants to allow himself to feel. But as Christmas draws near Aiden starts to realize that the best gift he’s every received isn’t up under the tree. 
The Kiss Stealer from Pepper Pace
Kara is a tattooed, pierced, bike-riding orphan who has just lost her adopted mother and father. She is now on her way to a small southern town to search for her birth parents. Steeped in southern tradition Kara stands out among the God-fearing, traditional occupants. But one man doesn’t seem to mind, seems to even prefer Kara’s city-ways. Noah Drinkwater knows everyone and intends to help Kara in her search, not just for family but maybe even for a place that she can call her home.
A Song for Liam by Maggie Carpenter
Liam Taylor, country music’s answer to Simon Cowell, has built a magnificent hillside home in the sleepy community of Apple Valley.
Summer Brown, an aspiring singer, learns the famous star-maker has moved into town and is determined to audition. She manipulates her way into his house pretending to look for work.
Attracted to the bright, bubbly blonde, the famous Svengali hires her, and as the days become weeks their simmering attraction grows…then Liam discovers her deception
Believing she’ll never see him again, heartbroken she leaves.
But unexpectedly mother nature’s fury throws them back together, and they find themselves in a bone-chilling blizzard battling to survive. Fighting through the icy elements, the smoldering erotic cinders continue to spark, but after her dreadful lie and tearful exit, how will those embers ignite?
Strap on your skis and get ready for this white-knuckle ride. From the first two words this surprise-filled sizzling romance from Maggie Carpenter will have you in its warm-gloved grip, keeping you there to the very last page.
3 Wishes by Cara North
His entire life revolves around the bakery and the newly opened bistro next door. He is determined to expand the business, but all work has left him with no prospects for an heir of his own. Then the California girl shows up asking for 3 wishes like he is a genie. Only the 3 wishes she wants may be the exact wishes he needs to fulfill.
Felicity Ryan was at the end of her rope in California when her co-worker and friend suggested she take a trip to Apple Valley and this bakery that was nothing short of real magic. It seemed far-fetched, but with a car full of her belongings and no real destination, she thought that Apple Valley was as good a destination as any to begin a new life on her own terms.
Brodie’s Wish by Aliyah Burke
Brodie Wallace had finally done a good thing in his life. He’d come home to Apple Valley to take care of his ailing father. He wasn’t keen on being back, but, his old man deserved it for he had always been there for him.
Shea Worthington was ordered home. For this Marine Captain, her mother was one of the few things that made her fearful, so, she was headed home for Christmas. Apple Valley was a place she’d never intended to return to unless absolutely necessary. But when she runs into Brodie, more like runs him off the road, even before she gets to town, she realizes this time here may not be so bad.
Not one to form attachments, Shea is guarded but Brodie wants to bust down those walls. It’s Christmas time, supposed to be a time for miracles, will the spirit of the holiday grant Brodie’s Wish?

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Friday, September 18th, 2015

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When her celebrity chef boss knocked her unconscious with a frying pan, it jump-started Jules’s life. She’d been stalled too long: job-hopping from one dead-end job to another. But when she lucks into a gig as a production coordinator on reality TV show Pop Star Live! she thinks it’s finally time to start living her real life. But instead she’s doomed with a boss with a split personality, a judge with bubonic plague, a murderous coworker with killer mayonnaise, insane fans, vote-rigging, dressing room Botox, and a hot guy who mistakenly thinks Jules is an alcoholic—it’s more like unreality TV. Will Jules ever find her own American idyll?

THE FARMER’S WIFE by Lori Handeland, NYT & USA Today bestselling author.

In this prequel to the Luchetti Brothers Series, youngest sibling and only sister, Kim, returns to the Illinois family farm after her father’s heart attack. Eight years ago she vowed never to return, believing only distance would allow her to forget the tragedy that broke her heart. Returning means she must face everyone’s questions, including those of her first love, Brian Riley, the only one who knows her secret.

KISSING MISSY by Stephanie Julian, NYT & USA Today bestselling author.

Jase Montgomery is a drifter who has no interest in being tied down. He has even less interest in a silver-spoon society babe. Until one walks into the bar and kisses him. Dumped by her fiance, Missy Muhlenberg wants to do something completely unexpected…so she walks into a bar and kisses the first hot guy she sees. She never expected to find Jase working at her family’s bank Monday morning. Or be so drawn to him. But will a quiet loner risk his heart for a woman who may still love another man?


THE PASSION OF PATRICK MACNEILL by Virginia Kantra, NYT bestselling author

Romantic Times “Top Pick,” Romance Writers of America RITA Award Finalist

Dedicated burn surgeon Kate Sinclair shields her tender heart behind a white coat and a coolly professional manner. But something about the little patient the nurses dub “Iron Man” and his vital flyboy father challenges her as a doctor and a woman.

Since the car crash that killed his wife and almost took his son, pilot Patrick MacNeill’s life has revolved around his little boy. No one—no woman and certainly no interfering doctor—can intrude on their bond, forged in love and pain.

When little Jack’s care brings these two together, it ignites a passion they can’t ignore. But their growing involvement threatens Patrick’s emotional barriers and Kate’s professional future. With so much at stake, will she trust her judgment…or

her heart?

AN OFFER HE CAN’T REFUSE by Theresa Ragan, NYT & USA Today bestselling author.

Madison needs a husband fast. Someone who can put on the performance of his life…someone tall, dark and temporary.

KINCADE’S ROSE by Aliyah Burke, USA Today bestselling author.

Navy SEAL Tyson Kincade is always in control. So how, with one glimpse of the beauty sitting alone, all that sanity and control disappeared like waves receding from the beach? From the first moment they touched he knew…he couldn’t let her go. Ever want to ignore the voice of reason and have that fling with the handsome man you met on vacation? Jayde Porter did. An encounter which led to a scorching kiss, dinner and—marriage? Her life was in chaos. Exploding planes, night jumping, and jungle dangers. Jayde knew that to survive she would have to trust the man she married. Can he make her understand they were meant to be together or will they be kept apart by circumstances surrounding them? Together if Tyson has a say in it, for the amazing woman he married is… KINCADE’S ROSE

CRUISE TO DESTINY by, Jerrica Knight-Catania, USA Today bestselling author.

Melanie Smith has sacrificed everything in her attempt to make it to Broadway—everything including her love life, or any life at all for that matter. But when her best friends practically kidnaps her for a 6-day Bermuda cruise, she’s reminded that there’s more to life than auditions and waiting tables.

Devon Matthews earned his massive fortune at the ripe age of twenty-eight, and after a meaningless playboy existence, he’s desperate for more meaning in his life. He takes a position as a massage therapist on a cruise ship, hoping to enrich his life through work and travel. But it’s the mysterious Melanie that inspires true change in Devon’s heart.

Will it just be another summer fling? Or will Devon and Melanie find their destiny aboard this summer cruise?

BEEFCAKE AND CUPCAKES by Judi Fennell, Award-Winning bestselling author

Sugar is sweet, but so is revenge: All Lara Cavallo wants to do is make her bakery business a success and be able to stop accepting alimony from her rotten, cheating ex-husband. But first she needs to find her clothes and escape the strange hotel room she wakes up in before she embarrasses herself any further in front the owner of that gorgeous naked keister she spots through the bathroom door. She needs to keep her mind on her cupcakes. She doesn’t have time for beefcake, no matter how enticing.

Cupcakes are sweet, and so is Lara: All Gage Tomlinson wants is to find a way to help his single-mom sister pay the hospital bills for his six-year-old nephew, badly injured in a hit and run accident. Working construction during the day and as the owner of the exotic male dance troupe BeefCake, Inc. by night doesn’t

leave much time for indulgence. Too bad the sweetest thing he’s seen in ages passes out on him and then takes off before he even gets a nibble. He’s got a sweet tooth, and only Lara’s “cupcakes” will satisfy him.

But when cupcake finally meets beefcake, it’s hot enough to melt the buttercream right off the cake.

COMPROMISING POSITIONS by Jenny Gardiner, #1 Kindle bestselling author. Mercedes Fortunato is thrilled to finally land her dream job, working as a publicist for a U.S. Senator. Until she learns that the creeper Senator only wants her as another notch on his headboard. And that her immediate boss, the press secretary, resents the hell out of her for that very reason. Mercedes soon learns she should’ve been careful about what she wished for, as she finds herself encouraging the advances of one boss while desperately trying to thwart the moves of the other. And when she learns that the Senator’s out-of-control bad behavior extends far beyond his bedroom antics, she realizes she’s in over her head and better watch her back.

DANCING NAKED UNDER THE MOON by Eileen Rendahl, national bestselling author

As break-ups go, Alissa Lindley’s break-up with her husband, Thomas, was pretty bad. Discovering your husband’s infidelity by being diagnosed with an STD can really destroy a girl. This break-up leads inexorably to a break-down for Alissa, involving the very public destruction of a fax machine. (It really was asking for it). Alissa’s left dancing alone and feeling naked.

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

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Hello Everyone…it is time to Party! That’s right…the time is now. Join Angie Daniels, Serenity King, Aliyah Burke, Stephanie Burke, Erosa Knowles, Latrivia Nelson, TJ Michaels, Di Topaz, Yvette Hines, Seressia Glass, Maureen Smith and Michelle Monkou, the authors of 12 Alphas 12 Months. A full day party you DON’T WANT TO MISS!

An upcoming boxset!

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

I could use your help! I need to get the word out about the great new boxed set I’m in called Spring Fling.

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My story in the set is KINCADE’S ROSE so if you wanted to check out the first of the Megalodon Team series, this is a good place to do so, plus get 9 other amazing stories in the collection for the low price of $.99


Reconstructing Jada Channing by Savannah Frierson

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Check it out! Amazing author and a wonderful story!!



An Ames woman in love is a precarious place to be, but that didn’t stop working-class Jada Channing from falling for the wealthy and gorgeous Aaron McKensie. After one night’s passion resulted in pregnancy, they’d talked about becoming a family. However, Aaron’s father derailed those plans. Now three years and a payoff later, the former lovers reunite at an Atlanta Christmas bash; but the party isn’t merry for either one.

Seeing Jada again fills Aaron with an urgency he hadn’t anticipated and a hope he hadn’t wanted, but the love he still has for her manages to pierce the hurt and anger he’s carried for the past three years. He demands answers for how she could just leave with no warning and end a pregnancy he’d thought they’d both wanted; yet Aaron quickly learns all isn’t what it seems.

Are the feelings Jada and Aaron still share strong enough to bring them together, or is the specter of the past amid contemporary challenges too much to overcome?

New Release from Yvette Hines

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Yvette Hines has a new release out today, y’all. Check it out!


Last thing he expected was to be captivated by her and have his heart take flight…

Kiera Stanfield is tired of making bad choices when it comes to men. Her socialite mother and business mogul father haven’t faired any better when it’s come to matchmaking for her either. Believing the right man will never come along she takes herself out of the dating scene. It’s not like she’s going to miss it. Running her community center takes up most of her time anyway.

Drake Rhine has his hands full being a commercial airline mechanic. As if the problems that entails aren’t challenging enough, his life gets more complicated when, at the end of his shift, he volunteers to help with a difficult customer. What he doesn’t count on is her being thoroughly captivating.

The last thing Kiera wants is to be caught up in another impossible relationship, but she can’t get Drake off her mind. Will this be just another hopeless relationship doomed to fail, or is Drake her destiny?

Yvette Hines ~ Scandalous Heroes Box Set Author

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014
Well, I’m late…I know, not really any surprise there. But, today the lovely and talented Ms. Yvette Hines is spearheading the group today over at the Scandalous Heroes Box Set Fan Page . Swing by, there are contests and other fun things going on. You can also check out her interview here: and learn a bit more about her.
Don’t forget, this set is available now for a limited time at $0.99 and is worth over $35 total. Get it now while it is still cheap.
Now, as promised here’s a look at her story.
10353703_749939555072968_4527573008766246977_n  Blurb:

SEIGED BY RYM ~ Yvette Hines (USA Today Bestseller)

They picked the wrong warrior cat to abduct. Rym never liked being ordered about so when he discovers his freedom is weighed against his agreement to breed with Krysteena, he practically purrs at the chance to prove to the beauty who’s truly in charge and escape.



Before they took their next breath they were once again in the throne room of Argona in their normal form. Krysteena was overjoyed to finally be rid of the fur that had covered her body for a year. As if time had not moved, her mother sat regally on the throne, Krysteena stood beside her and Rymingten was on his feet before the queen. The council members were seated at a long table on the side of the room observing.

She’d almost forgotten how handsome and virile he was in the flesh. His short dark-golden colored hair, so different in length and texture from hers, made her fingers itch to touch it. He now wore the open shirt and trousers of his planet and seeing the way the material clung to his great height and the multitude of muscles covering his body made her feel feminine in a way she’d never experienced before. It was similar to the deep ache in her core that she had felt while they were in house cat form. But greater. That desire that had throbbed through her body and the scent she emitted had been manifested by her mother to taunt Rymingten, it hadn’t been real. However, what was happening to her body now was very real.

It wasn’t only sexual attraction; as an Argonian sexuality was common for them, something they learned to embrace at a young age. On her planet there may not have been males for them to join and breed with, but they did have sex dens with males from different, lesser planets. Non-warrior men. What she was experiencing was something else, something more intense and unfamiliar. It was so powerful she feared it, but as an Argonian female she was taught to fear nothing.

“What say you, Kitcy warrior? I offer you the blessing of joining with my eldest daughter. Live with her in her dwelling and breed with her. Submit yourself to my rule. Her authority.”

Unlike before, when Rymingten’s response was quick and negative, he took his time to glance away

from the queen to Krysteena. Those bronze eyes of his locked on her, eyes she’d become used to staring into during their banishment.

She wished her power allowed her to mind read, see what it was that he was thinking, but it didn’t. So, she waited with the queen and the other council members staring at the scene before them. They were most likely wondering how it would play out this time.

“What is your desire, Krys?” Rymingten asked.

My desire? Krysteena wasn’t sure how to respond to that question. This could truly be her out. She could tell her mother that after spending a year with this warrior she had no desire to be with him through galaxy eternity. That she would prefer another be found that was more to her liking. However, as she stared into those majestic eyes, she couldn’t get her mouth to open and make the request to have him banished or sent back to his own planet.

“I am the one making the request here, Kitcy male.” Queen Eyleen leaned forward and shot Rymingten with a piercing look.

Seeming unfazed, Krysteena watched as his gaze slowly left hers and was set on her mother.

“My pardon, Queen Eyleen. Please do not take any disrespect. However, it’s possible your daughter may not be willing to join herself to me. If this is the case I do not believe it is important whether or not I give my consent if she does not wish for the situation to be made between us.”

Not waiting for her mother’s response to his small speech, he once again stared at her.

His gaze was too intense. The heat radiating from the unwavering look he gave her had heat spreading through her breasts and making her nipples draw tight against the standard soft material of her chiton. Tightening her hands at her back, she stifled the urge to place a protective globe around herself to ward off the effect of his gaze. However, she wasn’t even sure it would work in such a manner.

“You may be correct in your assessment. What say you, offspring of my womb? Have this warrior or should I send him to the labor board for work?”

Krysteena knew the custom of her planet that captured males who refused to submit to a joining usually were sent to the harvesting fields to work, but for some reason she couldn’t see such a life for Rymingten. She wanted to harden her heart against the imposing male, but something she truly didn’t comprehend hindered her. Was it possible that the Kitcy people were some kind of emotional sorcerers?

“We wait?”

“What shall you have for my life, Krys…joined to you or the fields?” His gaze may have been intense, but, she noted the small arching of his brow.

Is he funning me? Did he see this all as a joke? Perhaps even now after experiencing the queen’s power he was plotting a way of escape? Hm, he would learn soon if this was his scheme that it was not possible. The boundary of protection around their planet was put there by using all of the Argona females’ powers, it was unbreachable. Impossible for anyone to travel out of it or in it without an inhabitant’s presence aboard a vessel.

However, that wasn’t the situation or an issue at present—her answer was.

“I will join with him. Now your fate lies in your own hands Kitcy warrior…what say you?”

Krysteena was sure if he rejected her mother again, the queen would end his existence. Even if her mother appeared to offer him a choice of labor…she knew what the queen most likely suspected—this warrior would be too much of a risk. He had enough stubbornness and determination that he could incite an uprising with the other males there. So, the best would be for Queen Eyleen to turn him into

galaxy dust and release his soul to the gods.

That outcome would sadden her. Even as she tried to imagine what life would be like with him if he agreed.

“Queen Eyleen, I would be honored to join with your daughter Krysteena.”

Unsure of how she felt, or how to respond, Krysteena simply gave a quick nod.

Scandalous Heroes Box Set ~ Erosa Knowles

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Swing by and check out who’s at the helm today. The fabulous Erosa Knowles! Talking all things 3X CONStruction!



DOUBLE TROUBLE- Men of 3X CONStruction~ Erosa Knowles (Amazon Bestseller)

Blaine and Donald had no idea they have not one, but two sons from Belinda, the one woman who ever came between them. Seeing her again test family ties as they fight to rescue their son and reclaim the only woman they ever loved.


Belinda looked up as the curtain moved. How could she have forgotten Donnie and Blaine were a few feet away? Her gaze remained on Adam. How to do this? How to introduce him? Her doctor had told her there were recorded incidents of twins being fathered by different men. One of the men standing behind her was Adam’s father. A heady warmth filled her cheeks as she moistened her lips.

“Who are you?” Adam asked as his gaze flicked over her shoulder before settling on her with a confused frown.

Exhaling, she swallowed her pride and pushed back her embarrassment. “Adam, this is Donnie and Blaine O’Connor, two old friends of mine. They rode over here with me from the library.”

Adam’s frown deepened as his gaze left hers and stared over her shoulder. Her heart raced as she tried to think of something else to say. But her brain blanked and she had nothing. Moments crawled as the tension in the small space increased.

“Nice to meet you, Adam. I’m Blaine.”

“I’m Donald, good to see you’re on the mend.”

Belinda watched Adam’s frown deepen before he tore his gaze away and looked at her again. “Mom? Who…who are they?”

Her mouth opened and then closed. Numerous witty comments flew through her mind but none were appropriate for the situation. Denial was also not an option. Her throat tightened as she forced the words through them. “Your father.”

Adam’s eyes widened at the bald statement and then his face reddened as he glared at the men. “I don’t…. I don’t have a father.”

“Yeah, yeah you do, Adam. I’m good, but there was only one person born without a father, or a human father that is,” she said, trying to inject some humor into the situation. No one took the bait.

Silence filled the room.

“I had a sperm donor, Mom. Not a father. That’s what I mean.”

She nodded, not looking behind her. Despite what their father did, Adam had a point. Neither man had been a father to her sons. Nodding, she patted his hand, hoping he would wait until she came up with an explanation that wouldn’t make her sound…well, like a woman who slept with two men around the same time.

“Okay… okay. We’ll talk about it later, after you get some rest.” Releasing a pent up breath she wondered where was the doctor, she had a few questions.

“I don’t want to talk about them. Not now or later. I want them to leave.”

Belinda’s head snapped up at the petulance in Adams’ voice. Her son had a strong will, both of them did, but he wasn’t cruel and that statement had to hurt. “Adam,” she said in a mild warning tone.

He turned his face away from her. “Please Mom, get them out of here. They haven’t been here for the past 16 years I don’t want them here now.”

Stunned by the anger she heard in his voice, she looked over her shoulder and caught the flash of pain on Blaine’s face. Donald stood with his arms crossed, staring at Adam before meeting her gaze. He

nodded and turned. Before he stepped out he spoke. “Feel better, Adam.”

Blaine nodded at her as well. “There are reasons we were not here Adam, I hope you’ll give us a chance to explain.” And then he left the curtained area.

Adam faced her slowly. “Mom?” he whispered.

Fearing his questions, she took her time meeting his gaze. “Hmm?”

“Us? That guy said us. Which… which one is my… my father?”

The day had been too long and she had no desire to get into her complicated relationship with the O’Connor twins. When she was younger, dating both of them seemed right. But looking into her son’s eyes right now, she wasn’t so sure. She made a quick decision based on wishful thinking.

“Blaine. The one who asked for a chance to explain.” Sending a prayer of forgiveness and hopefulness that she was right, she nodded as his shoulders dropped a bit.

“He’s big.”

“Yeah.” She crossed her arms around her waist and bit her lip.

“So is he Abe’s dad?…”

Clearing her throat, she looked over his head at the beeping equipment as heat rushed to her face. “No, Donald is his father.”

Adam frowned as he stared at her. “But we’re twins…and they’re twins.”

Unable to utter a word of explanation or in her defense, she nodded. His quizzical look did nothing to ease her embarrassment.

“You… you dated both of them? Aren’t they brothers?” The shock in his voice robbed her of speech and filled her with shame. His look of surprise cut her to the core. How to explain?

She coughed and met his gaze. Thankfully there was no disgust, only curiosity, which made it easier to swallow with the small ball of humiliation lodged in her throat. “Yes…er, yes they are twins and I dated both of them.”

“At the same time?” he asked with a bit of incredulity in his voice.

“During the same timeframe, not on joint dates or anything like that.”

“And they went for that? I mean they had to know since they’re brothers.”

Exhaling, she reined in her memories from the past and the long discussions she’d had with her lovers regarding their dating arrangements. “Yes…yes, we all knew and agreed that I would date each one.” For someone who didn’t want to discuss his father, her son had delved into the heart of the matter rather quickly. If this was a normal talk, she would tease him about it.

He stared at her.

Clasping both hands tightly in her lap she waited for him to say something. Seconds ticked by before he spoke. “They just showed up? Today? Why? What happened?”

Trembling with relief, she shrugged. “I’m not sure, I bumped into them at the library and they came with me here.”

“What were they doing at the library?” he asked, frowning.

The question stumped her. “I don’t know. I was so surprised to see them I didn’t ask and then I rushed here to see about you.” Desperately needing a reprieve, she waved down his next question. “I want to

get you home, plus I only want to explain all of this once. And that will be with you and Abe, so hold your questions… and comments for later.”

“But Mom –”

She held up her hand. “I said later.” Standing, she looked around the small space for the jacket he had worn that morning. Spying it in the corner, she picked it up and cringed at the large rip surrounded by blood. She must have stared at it too long because Adam sought to comfort her.

“It looks worse than it was, Mom. I’m okay. For real. Just bruised a bit. Did you love them? Both of them?”

The question hadn’t fully settled into her mind before her heart answered. “Yes, very much.”