Wednesday Whisper ~ Belongs to You

His large work roughened hands skimmed over her bare shoulders down across the tight top she wore during her exercise. He slid them down until they rested against the globes of her ass where after gripping and flexing twice he held her tighter to him. There was no way to ignore blatant ridge in his jeans not that she wanted to. The shrill ring of the house phone shattered the moment building between them. Even so, he didn’t spring away. His green eyes latched onto hers as he slowly ended the intense kiss, drawing out her lower lip in his until a pop free from his mouth. Even then he didn’t move until after he skimmed her lips with his thumb pad. His gaze dropped from hers to her lips and back again. The possession in his gaze burn straight through to her core. Never in her life had she ever felt so marked, so desired.

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