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Wednesday Whisper ~ Heartthrob Heroes

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Connelly’s Flame FrntConnelly’s Flame

Megalodon Team series Book 3


Meet Ross “Jeb” Connelly. The newest member of the MT. He had lost his wife and she was trying to keep his daughter from him who was the most important person in the world to him.

Southern, stubborn, and faithful, Ross would do whatever it took to keep his little girl. A wintery night in Montana shakes everything up on end when he loses his memory.

He struggles to remember who he was and then to hold on to the woman who saved him.

Wednesday Whisper — Heartthrob Heroes

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Scott “Harrier” Leighton gets the attention today. He was once the leader of the Megalodon Team. He’s arrogant, stubborn, wealthy, and brought to his knees by one small woman. Love this man and his story.

Harrier’s Healer FrntRule abiding Naval doctor Alexis Rogets, was fazed by one thing only. The blond commander that she had met two years previous. He owned her dreams.  If only all dreams could become reality. But, rules were rules.

Navy SEAL Scott Leighton hadn’t been able to get the toffee skinned Venus out of his mind. Every time he closed his eyes he saw her curvaceous body and her siren-like tiger-eye eyes. He knew she was the one…the only one for him the moment they touched. Just like he knows, some rules were made to be broken.

From the Pacific to the Atlantic to Hong Kong and back, Alexis fights her growing attraction while he fights to have a chance.

Well he wasn’t a SEAL for nothing, Scott is determined to make her realize that their destinies are intertwined. She needed him and he—well, she is after all…


Wednesday Whisper – Heartthrob Hero

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Kincade’s RoseBeing as I have a newer series that’s sneaking out into the reading world, called TUNGSTEN PROTECTIVE SERVICES that deals with members of the Megalodon Team, I thought I’d introduce (reintroduce for some) to one of the men who begins the protection service and was one of the original MT members. Tyson Kincade. He’d been cheated on by his fiancée and took some time off to recover from an injury. This lands him in Belize where he runs into–literally–his heroine, Jayde Porter. Instantly captivated, he wants to keep her in his life, but first, he has to keep her alive.

There are eight stories in this series but it originally began with just this one. I hadn’t anticipated on the men demanding their own stories, but here is one and the others will come in following months. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Kincade’s Rose

Genre: contemporary, interracial

Format: ebook & print

Series: Megalodon Team, Book 1


Heartthrob Heroes

Friday, May 1st, 2015

ThroughtheFire She’d walked out on him yet he still carried a torch for her. After more than five years, they’re reunited again. This time, TJ wants to keep her.

Teague “TJ” Johnston

Occupation: Smokejumper

Hobbies: Boxing

One true love: Erin “Mongoose” Watford

Teague felt her before he saw her. That tingling only she brought him skated up his spine. Moving farther into the room, he found her with his gaze. A smile flitted across his face.
Of course. Where else would you be at 3:30 in the morning, Erin, but in the ring?
He padded closer, watching her dodge and jab with an imaginary opponent. His gaze lingered on her white sports bra that zipped down the front and black low-rise boy shorts.
A groan escaped him. Her dark skin shone with a sheen of sweat. Her hair was up in a ponytail and it moved in tandem with her graceful motions. He skimmed over the muscles in her legs and arms as she worked out.
He didn’t stop until he neared the ring. Standing tall, he allowed his bag to hit the floor with a loud thud. That got her attention.
Her eyes widened in surprise before she got her emotions under control. Standing in the middle of the ring, she stretched her neck and shook her shoulders, trying to stay loose. “Here for a workout?”
“Wanna spar?” Teague asked, leaning against the rope.
“Why not?” She did a bit of in place jogging while he slid under and climbed into the ring. “Do you want some gear?”
He looked at her, her hands were wrapped but she was gloveless. “No. I’ll be fine.”
She shrugged. “Suit yourself.” Her dark eyes watched him, telling him she waited for him to make the first move.
Teague bounced around, finding his footing and balance. As soon as he found them he almost lost them as he witnessed the sparkle flare up in her eyes. Erin Watford loved to box.
He took the first swing, then it was on after that. They feinted, dodged, and tossed punches back and forth. Teague never had to check his swing, because he knew he wouldn’t be landing any direct blows on her.
Watching the pleasure on her face, sent a wave of longing through him. He was still in love with her. Deliberately, Teague allowed her to land some punches on his stomach and when she did, he wrapped his arms around her and took them both down to the mat where, after he took the brunt of the hit, he rolled so she was beneath him.
“What are you doing?” she hissed even as her eyes shown with desire.
“What I should have done yesterday when you walked in here, back into my life.”
Teague kissed her. He wrapped one hand around her ponytail and swept his tongue through her mouth like a wildfire. He groaned as her familiar taste assaulted him. His body responded violently. He wanted her.


Heartthrob Heroes

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Today’s hero is Kori.

Most know him as Cormac MacLochlainne, a wolf shifter who’s been trained by one of the best, Dane Sidorov.

When he found out his mate was the young woman Dane had taken in as his own child, Kori knew he was in trouble. Dane was an enforcer who defended those he loved with a passion barely met by others. None of it mattered to Kori who knew he needed Lera in his life.

Kori is the oldest of three, his two siblings are twins. The family comes from a line of Druids and shifters. He’s a silent man, preferring to be alone than with a large group with others. Alpha, stubborn, and set in how he believes things should be done. Lera teaches him more than he knew he had yet to learn. Their journey is a mix of adventure, fear, love, and loss. He has to learn that the woman he loves more than anything in the world is key to an ancient race.

aloveforlera Paranormal, interracial

Book 1 of the Hakion series.

Ebook and/or print


Heartthrob Heroes

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Happy Friday!

Take a look at Tyson Kincade, hero of Kincade’s Rose.Kincade’s Rose

He went to UT and was a proud Longhorn before he headed off to OCS at Annapolis.

He’s a Lieutenant in the US Navy and a Navy SEAL and second in command for SEAL Team Seventeen.

Dedicated to his country and his job, he had a woman betray him after she cleaned out his personal bank accounts.

Jayde isn’t a woman like he’s used to being around for she’s not a groupie and from all accounts, doesn’t have a mean or conniving bone in her body.

He knows she is the one for him, he just has to get her to believe it as well.


SpringFling_2500 My story appears in this boxset, which is currently up for preorder at $.99. A good deal for ten full length stories. So check it out along with the other wonderful authors in the boxset.