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  1. ray says:

    I cannot see the security codes well. I am vision impaird. Actually legally blind. I wanted to know if you have any more interracial e-books available. I loved the Megadolon Team!

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Responded to your email, Ray. Thanks again and so thrilled you enjoyed the Megalodon Team.

      • Linda Maney says:

        Aliyah is there a book or back story of the megalodon team and how and when they started the tungsten protective services. I would love to know what happened to the megalodon team and their families. How many kids do they each have? Where do they live? Thanks Aliyah and Happy New Year!

        • Aliyah Burke says:

          Hi Linda,
          No I don’t have one of those out…yet. 🙂 Thanks for asking and I hope to have one done soon.
          Happy reading,

  2. Estrella says:

    I absolutely loved the book “A LOVE FOR LERA”! will there be a sequel? I hope so, this story far to good to end.

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Hi Estrella,
      Thanks for taking the time to post. I’m thrilled to know you enjoyed their story. There will be more in the Haikon series coming. Not sure when but there will be more. Thanks for the support.
      Happy reading,

  3. Cherryce says:

    Another guy from the Zulu team. Thank you can’t wait to read it

  4. LINDAB/HOTCHA1 says:


  5. […] loves to hear from her readers (they can contact her via her website) and cannot express her gratitude enough for the support they show for her […]

  6. Miriam says:

    Hello Aliyah,

    I read your first book, A Knight’s Vow when it first came out. Ive been hooked every since. I was very excited to hear about Lion of Midnight!!! Can’t wait to read it! I just wanted to say that because of you and your story, it opened up a whole new world of genres and authors. I thank you immensely for making my reading experience absolutely wonderful. Also, are you ever going to make Kit and Marcus’s story an eBook?

    A very long and faithful reader,


  7. […] Aliyah Burke is an avid reader and is never far from pen and paper (or the computer). She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at http://aliyah-burke.com/blog/contact/. […]

  8. […] Aliyah Burke is an avid reader and is never far from pen and paper (or the computer). She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at http://aliyah-burke.com/blog/contact/. […]

  9. […] far from pen and paper (or the computer). She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at http://aliyah-burke.com/blog/contact/ She is married to a career military man, they have three Borzoi, and a DSH cat. Her days are spent […]

  10. carol5667 says:

    It certainly is nice to find decent posts such as this. I really enjoyed this.

  11. […] far from pen and paper (or the computer). She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached here . She can also be found on Facebook or […]

  12. […] Aliyah Burke is an avid reader and is never far from pen and paper (or the computer). She is happily married to a career military man. They are owned by four Borzoi. She spends her days at the day job, writing, and working with her dogs. She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached here. […]

  13. Candy Voisine says:

    I keep getting told that the recaptcha isn’t working at this time. Help?!

  14. Cathy Henderson says:

    I was unable to reply to your contest as the verification code didn’t show up and it wouldn’t let me go any further.


  15. Hi, no I don’t like Halloween never have. I had to do all the candy and treat or tricking when grandkids were little. Now all a grown and I can turn off my lights and stay inside.
    I love fall just not this holiday..
    Hope you enjoy however you spend it


  16. Excellent site you have got here.. It’s hard to find good quality writing
    like yours nowadays. I honestly appreciate individuals like you!
    Take care!!

  17. Linda Maney says:

    Hey Aliyah, just bought Crossroads and your book is missing! I have 20 books not 21. What happened?

  18. kimberley c says:

    I adore cozy mysteries and have oodles of recommendations:
    Alexia Gordon – Gethsemane Brown series
    VM Burns– she has 3 series going- my favorite is about poodle and her amateur sleuth mom
    Amanda Flower– anything she writes is great. Has had several series featuring the Amish or magic bookstore
    Ellery Adams– Another prolific author! Books by the Bayside series has end (8 in total) but have re-read. Just launched a new series The Secret, Book and Scone Society. Adams’s prose is elegant accessible.
    Julie Mulhern– The Country Club Series– set in late 70’s/80’s Kansas City. Laugh out loud funny. Handles tough themes with a very deft hand.
    Could mention more but I’ll stop– LOL

  19. Pepper says:

    I just finish reading books 4,5,6 in your springwood series I can’t find 1-
    3.Could you give the names of the first three. I enjoy all of your books.l’m one your happy followers. Thank you and keep writing ??

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding. The first three are listed as Kendrick Brothers, It Was Always You, Drunk on You, and Belongs to You. That publisher is closing and when I get them back they will be the first three in the Springwood series.

  20. N says:

    Please tell your husband “Thahnk you for serving your country” from another career military man.

  21. Mona says:

    Just finished reading Kincaids Rose. It was great! Looking forward to reading the series and to reading more of your books. The characters were real life people and the story was totally different from all the other military books. Are there any more in this series that are free? This was the first of your books that I have read. Looking forward to reading more by you!

    Thanks again!

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Thank you for such amazing words. I’m thrilled you enjoyed their story. No, none others in the series are free.
      Happy reading,

  22. Judith Brosnan says:

    ?I have just read your newsletter & you’ve had me in tears. We lost our boy?in June & the piece you have repeated there is so EXACTLY right I could see him once again beside me, not that he ever leaves me. The words about the walk hit the spot because no matter how tired he was if you said the word ‘walk’ he wanted to go & have countless wee mails along the way & then a long sleep when he came home. Blessings.

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. It’s never easy and yet I can’t imagine my life without them in it. There are times I still start crying because she is no longer with me other than in my heart and spirit.
      I hope you are getting through as we never get over losing them.

  23. Janet says:

    I loved the book I have just read about Dane Sidorov, Aida and his family. This is the first book I have read. I am British now retired as an American but I love reading. Both my late husband and I were military people traveling the world with the British Forces. My husband made it to Nairobi once to collect a severely ill patient from a submarine and to bring him back to UK for treatment. Unfortunately he died enroute
    I am looking forward to reading more of your books. Thank you to your husband for his service to us all. Military are one big family no matter which country they serve. You never know when you will meet again.
    Take care. Stay safe. Keep writing.

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Thank you both for your service! And for sharing your story.
      I’m thrilled you picked up my book and gave it a chance. I hope you continue to enjoy what you read.
      Likewise, we are always family.
      Stay safe as well.
      Happy reading!

  24. Deborah Dumm says:

    I have cerebral palsy and use a power wheelchair.

  25. Shari walter says:

    I absolutely loved your book. I read three or four books a week. I’m a 60 year old white women who lives urban fiction.God gave you a gift. I would give anything for Heath and Kassias love

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Shari.

      I’m so thrilled to know you enjoyed their story. I hope you find what you are looking for and continue to enjoy reading. I wish I could read that many books a week still. I definitely miss it.

      Happy reading,

  26. Ann Eds says:

    Hi, Aliyah!

    I’m a big big fan of your very inventive writing.

    My question for you has to do with “Brodie’s Wish”. I would like to know if you are going to offer an update on Brodie and if he’s with Shea, married, working for/with Harrier, and has his life turned around. Also, information on his father.

    Thank you,


    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Hello Ann!
      Thank you so much for your kind words. There will be updates on Brodie coming soon. I can tell you she is working for Harrier and he will be as well soon. His father will be in the update as well. Thanks for asking.
      Have a lovely and wonderful holiday season.
      Happy reading,

  27. Tori says:

    I love everything u do. Got hooked by the seal team after I read everything I could get my hands on. I have a question. Did u write about a female painter with the gift 2 c the dead? I remember the book clearly but not the title. Her name was Paris but she preferred Sweeney. Any of that sound familiar? Thanks so much for the hours of entertainment. I still re-read the Megalodon series. Happy thanksgiving

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Hi Tori,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I didn’t do a story about a female painter who can see the dead. Not sure who did that, sorry. My memory banks are coming up with a blank on who that could have been.
      It is my pleasure and an honor to know you are entertained by my work, so thank you!!
      I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving as well.
      Happy reading,

  28. Hey Aliyah, really enjoyed A Knight’s Vow. Loved the story – always been a big fan of medieval times mixed with action and romance.

    Is there anything similar you would recommend reading next?

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the story, I’m thrilled to hear that. The only other one I have around that time along with time travel is the one surrounding Marcus’ brother Nik, Lion of Midnight.
      For my personal reading, I love Julie Garwood’s stories that take place in this time.
      Happy reading,

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