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Tuesday Teaser ~ Daring the Hard Man

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018


“Looks like it.” She gestured to the shirt. “What’s that?”

“Jersey from the best player in the league.”

“And who is that?” She brushed some of his light blond hair away from his eyes.

“Hopefully me,” a man said from behind her.

Damn, what a nice voice.

Somehow, Milar’s smile grew wider. “Luca. Of course, it is. I am looking for my brother to show him what I got.”

Kaitlyn turned and promptly lost her breath. The man from the dunk tank—still wet and damn sure still fine—even more so, up close.

“Hi Milar.” He may have been speaking to the boy but his intense gaze never moved away from her face. “And you would be?”

Yours. The word hovered on the tip of her tongue. “Kaitlyn Henderson.”

He offered his hand and she accepted, gulping at the fissure of electricity rocketing through her. Heart thundering, she tried to act natural. Hard to do when it made her wonder if her own ribs would be able to keep it contained within her chest.

He swiped his thumb over the pulse in her wrist and his lips quirked when the speed kicked up a few notches. He skimmed the pad of his thumb over it once more. To the same result. “Hello, Kaitlyn.”

Holy shit that voice is beyond lethal. All her women parts were standing up, being extremely vocal and demanding his attention.


Tuesday Teaser ~ Winter Flame

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018


Everything appeared normal to her, however, she trusted Henson over her own puny human senses. Part of her wanted to run and hide but she wasn’t abandoning her research to whomever or whatever hung around her cabin.

“Let’s go.”

He remained right beside her the entire rest of the way. Again, not typical behavior from him. Henson paced with her, nearly in front of her but not as he stayed off the snow shoes.

Small favors.

The chimney pushed out smoke alerting her to the fact at least her place would be warm. It wasn’t the dead drop day for supplies, so why the fuck was she staring at some man’s size twelve boot prints in the snow?

No one hung outside and that meant they could be lying in wait. Inside. She paused outside the door and unfastened the tennis rackets from her feet before leaning them against the wall.

She slowly turned the knob and pushed inside. The warmth hit her at once and she smiled. It didn’t last long for to the left she spied the silhouette. Henson rolled a low growl and Britt held the rifle and cleared her throat.

Her unexpected visitor turned and grip on the rifle slipped a tiny bit. Stormy blue eyes raked over her, igniting places that had been on ice for the past couple of months.

“You,” she blurted.

Right before her, tall and proud, in the small Arctic cabin was none other than the man with who she’d spent the nights under the stars.

Curt Blackwell.

He reached out and plucked the rifle from her hand.

“Rule one, if you’re not going to shoot it, don’t point it at someone.”

She rested a hand atop Henson’s head, reassured by his presence.

“What the three hells are you doing here?”

Burke_WinterFlame LG

Tuesday Teaser ~ Lion at Midnight

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018


He smiled faintly as he entered Novgorod. He loved this city, always had. Out of habit, he headed toward the museum that housed many artifacts from Russian history. Pulling into the parking lot, he shut off the vehicle and got out. The rich smells from a local bakery, Mihailov’s Bakery, reached him, and instead of entering the museum, he spun on his boot heel and strode toward the faded brick building.

Sitting at a small table by the window, Nikolas watched the people move along the snowy sidewalk. He ate his ponchiki slowly as he drank some coffee. Ponchiki were similar to doughnuts. He took his covered in powdered sugar.

As he sat there, the bell over the door jingled. Pulling his attention away from the window, he felt his breath catch in his throat as he gazed upon the woman who’d crossed the bakery’s threshold. His entire body rippled with unleashed energy.

She had a different look from the women in the area, like a brilliant sunburst breaking through after a rainstorm. Her skin was a beautiful shade of amaretto with an added flush from the cold. She wore dark blue jeans and a black leather jacket that stopped at her waist, effectively hiding her shirt from him. There was a slight upturn of her lips as she stood at the counter of the bakery. Her black hair was pulled back and confined by a barrette.

His cock stirred in his pants as he ogled at her. It had been many, many years since his body had responded to a woman with just a look. She flashed a smile to the attendant behind the counter and, then, turned to look around the establishment. The second she faced Nik, he knew.

Settled at the base of her neck sat a crystalline snowflake with a gem in it. Something about it looked familiar. Narrowing his gaze, he honed in on it. His hand began to shake, and he set down his fork before he dropped it. Imbedded in the beautiful pendant was a blue stone. The piece was from the one that used to be on his sword. A long time ago, during a battle, one of the six stones had fallen out. He’d searched long and hard for it, and had found most of the pieces it had been broken up into. All except one. Until now. It didn’t make sense for him to know the stone, but he knew it.

And, he knew who she was. With a restraint he didn’t know he possessed, Nik remained seated and just watched the woman, instead of approaching her and carrying her off over his shoulder like he longed to do.

It was her. She was the one. His woman.


lion of midnight

Tuesday Teaser ~ A Knight’s Vow

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018


She lifted an eyebrow in his direction. “They are states, you know, as in the fifty states? America? Land of the free, home of the brave. That United States. That’s where I’m from. I was out camping; that’s why I was by the stream. Just like I said, I was doing that near my home. Let me ask you something, now. Can you tell me where I am? And, what year is it?” She worried her hands, and her lip, she rolled in her teeth.

“This is England. It is the year of our Lord eleven hundred and three.”


Is he shitting me? What the fuck is going on here?

Her cool façade vanished, slipping faster than a bobsled headed down its icy course. “Eleven hundred and three? England?” Her voice rose sharply. She stood with a jerk, the heavy chair skidding away behind her. “You’ve got to be kidding me! I belong in the twenty-first century, not…what is this one…the…the…the twelfth one. I’m not even on the right mother fucking continent, for cryin’ out loud!” She started pacing, heart pounding in time with her steps. Suddenly, she spun to face him. “This is a joke, right? Someone put you up to this?”


Tuesday Teaser ~ Autumn Frost

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018



Simon Frederick dropped his grape Crush as he hit the brakes, fishtailing all over the narrow two-lane road. His tan Bronco with its beige trim shuddered, shook, and stopped barely moments before he hit the capped woman who’d just come barreling out of the woods.

Killing the engine, he hopped out, shaking off the spilled soda and hastened to the front where he no longer saw her. She lay in a heap, blood streaming down one side of her head. The ballcap no longer there, exposing thick waves of blonde hair that had matted blood in it.

“Ma’am?” he asked lunging toward her only to be brought up short by the sudden appearance of a large black dog with tan markings who appeared from the same direction she had. His canines gleamed in the rapidly fading light of day.

Simon couldn’t hear any growling but he had no doubt in his mind this dog was ready to protect her. With another swift glance at the head wound, he gazed at the canine then continued to where he could sink down by the woman.

“Bite me if you will, I have to see.” He ripped his shirt off and balled it up to where a clean part was there and pressed it against her cranium.

Her eyes fluttered open and he found himself captivated by a pair of dark hazel eyes. Holy shit.

“Run,” she said, voice barely discernable. “Run.” Despite how faint her tone was, he couldn’t avoid noticing how her words were lined with raw fear.

“What happened? How did you get hurt?” He checked the wound and put pressure back on it. “Can you move?”

“Have to. Keep moving, they’re coming. Guns. Coming. They’re coming.” Her eyes closed and her entire body sagged into the road.

She was unconscious.

He went into military mode, years of training kicking in. Guns. Coming. And a woman running from them. This couldn’t be anything good. Simon scooped his arms beneath her and got to his feet.

Burke_AutumnFrost LG

Tuesday Teaser ~ His Pryze to Claim

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018


Sheri put dark grey eyes on her. “Everything okay?”

“Don’t think so, we’re all hands.”

Sheri hugged her. “Be safe. How are you getting out there?”

“I’m driving her.”

Cullen’s deep voice gave her a start, then chills of a most pleasant kind.

“Be careful,” Sheri said, taking it as Liz had already given her permission.


With a farewell to Mat and her family members, she walked out beside Cullen. “I have to stop off to grab my bag.”

“Sure thing.” He opened the door to a Chevy Camaro for her and she slid over the leather seat.

At the hotel, she ran for her bag and tossed it in the backseat. “I’m about seventy-five minutes out.”

“Not a problem.”

It would be even longer if she went home first to change. She worried her lower lip. Cullen got them on the road as the first flakes of snow fell from the sky. Liz gazed to the backseat before unhooking herself and shoving into the back, her dress riding up over her ass.

“Wh-What are you doing?” he asked.

She grinned. “Getting naked.” Liz laughed as she fell sideways when he jerked the wheel hard at her statement.



Tuesday Teaser ~ His Risk to Take

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018


“Could we go somewhere a bit more private?”

“I’d offer my place but not sure you’d be okay with that.” She licked any remaining salt from her plump lips. “But I would be.”

Heart thundering in his ears as he centered his gaze onto her mouth, he nodded. “That’s fine.”

Mat followed her tight ass out of Smitty’s, waiting as she shared a word with Liz. God, he owed that woman an apology for mistaking her identity and seeming to hit on her.

Liz didn’t seem to be all that upset because she toasted him on his way by.

Outside, he swore once more as Sheri swung her leg over a crotch rocket, hiking up her tight skirt to show off even more of one creamy thigh.

Yeah, I’m in big trouble. Seriously. In. Some. Big. Trouble.


Tuesday Teaser ~ Forever Yours

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018


They caught up as the day morphed into evening. As the sun lowered in the sky, he stood on the beach, toes buried in the sand as the warm water lapping over them. Down the beach, families enjoyed themselves and a few people jogged along the stunning sands.

He bit back his sneer as he thought about the long runs he would not be taking anytime soon. Therapy was supposed to help but he wasn’t exactly on board with doing it. His frustration mounting, he began walking along the shore.

Irritation mounting, he twisted sideways to avoid being hit by a jogger.

“Excuse me,” she called out as she continued by him.

Sean wondered if the ground hadn’t just fallen out from under him. only one woman in the world had that specific voice that skated along his skin akin to a crushed velvet blanket. His ex-wife.

Spinning around, gasping sharp at the pain radiating through his leg, he called out, “Rica?”

A fan of blonde hair briefly obscured her features before it fluttered back to settle around her face. Beneath the tan of her skin, she paled, blue-green eyes widening with a mixture of shock and disbelief.

Then the suspicion and wariness crept in, replacing the previous emotion. Reminding him of how they were when they divorced. Cold, wary, and not at all like the eyes that used to watch him when they were first married.


The word fell from her lips slow, almost as if she were testing it out to see if she could actually speak his name.

Nervous all of a sudden, he raked a hand through his hair then dropped his arm when he realized she knew that was a anxious habit of his. She flicked her gaze around.

“What are you doing here?”

Burke_ForeverYours LG



Tuesday Teaser ~ Sass This

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018


Kent stared at the woman lying in bed. Correction, his bed. His gaze drifted more than once to his bite-mark on her shoulder. His mind was still fuzzy in regards to how he’d gotten into the trap to begin with but he’d since healed.

After this woman had saved him, freed him, only to hot wire a stolen truck and race away from the poachers she’d sassed and challenged, he’d followed. Hell, he couldn’t have let her be anyway, he’d bitten her. She was his.

When she first opened her mouth and spoke, he’d forgotten about the steel trap around his paw. The soft velvet quality to her tone as it wove around him, awakened part of him he’d thought wouldn’t ever come alive. The part that told his kind, this is your mate.

Her accent had sounded familiar and he swore he scented wolf shifter on her, so he called his friend, Aric Wolfe, to see if she was one of his.

Turned out, she wasn’t and his friend hadn’t even heard of her. Kent had gone through her bag to find her personal information to be able to pass it along. His friend was the next Alpha of his pack and while he’d not taken over yet, he and his mate were more than up for the position.

Aric was one of the few wolves he trusted. His brothers were on the to-be-trusted list but then it grew sparse. He’d never felt like himself in the United States, always too crowded and not enough running room. Wolves had large territories but it was different for cheetahs. It was hard for him to get up to speed when he had to slow and dodge a bunch of crap like forests. Here on the savannah, he could run and play without all that.

She moaned and he was at her side, brushing those thick black sexy as fuck curls away from her face. Kent wanted her to open her eyes. Even his cat had responded the first time they’d locked eyes. Those striking pale green eyes that met his had only strengthened the vines holding them together.

Her hair moved like satin through his fingers and he wanted it to slide over his entire body. Fuck, even his cat wanted to come out and roll in it. His jaw ached as his canines lengthened in time with the raw lust and need growing within him.

Burke_SassThis LG

Tuesday Teaser ~ Black Sand

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018


“Detective Texeira.” A brief pause. “Detective Lei Texeira.”

She wasn’t friends with the detectives in her city. Still not ringing any bells. You’d think if you had to ask who I was, you would be a bit more forthcoming in the deets on who the frack you were. “What can I do for you, Detective?” It had been on the tip of her tongue to call this woman “Dick” and for no other reason than it would amuse her. But that’s how her humor worked.

“Do you know an Ashlee Obin?”

Her blood thickened and ran cold. Ashlee was in Oahu for a ‘vacation’ that was more like a hunting trip. Ashlee had been a treasure hunter for as long as they’d been friends. She traveled all over the world doing this. And somehow, she’d recently come into possession of some documents and secretive knowledge of lost treasure near the islands. Offhand, Natasha couldn’t recall which island. All she remembered for sure was she had booked a room on Oahu.

“Are you there?”

She blinked a few times in rapid succession. After clearing her throat, Natasha adjusted on her seat. “I am and I do know her. Why?”

“You were listed as her emergency contact.”

A sigh of relief escaped. Injured she could handle.

“I’m afraid Ms. Obin is dead. In her phone you’re listed as her ICE contact.”

Her world fell silent as she met Zacharias’ gaze in the rear view. His mouth moved and somehow, she figured he was asking her if she was okay.

Was she?


Most definitely not.

“Ms. Zion?”

Swallowing back her tears, she dug her nails into her palm, allowing another focal point on something other than this news she had to hear, but didn’t want to. “I’ll be on the first flight out I can get.”

Burke_BlackSand LG