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Wednesday Whisper ~ What the Earl Desires

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018


Her lashes settled upon her cheeks and by all appearances she had succumbed to sleep. He knew without a doubt short of having numerous men along with him it would have ended in another disaster for him. Najja…had been incredible. He didn’t doubt that those who had yet to fall under her weapons had been just as mesmerized as he’d been.

That reminds me, I want to take a better look at what she used.

Brushing his lips over her forehead, he gathered her close, grateful for the opportunity to at least hold her in his arms. The bouncing and jarring of the wagon, the cold, and the continued vigilance for and the actual attack had worn him out so he willingly went into the land of dreams.

He woke up with a throbbing erection. Lush curves pressed against him, a small hand resting just above the waistband of his breeches. Each inhalation swamped him with the evocative scent of vanilla and spiced roses.

Najja was in his arms and his bed. Turning his head, he sought out her lips, not wishing to wake from the dream. She was hot. So was he. Moving his hand he frowned as he came into contact with clothing. Cracking his eyes, he noticed she lay almost totally on top of him, her leg lay wedged between his, her head buried against his shoulder. She was still asleep.

She moaned slightly and shifted against him. Wide awake now, Colin bit the inside of his cheek so he didn’t answer in kind. Her leg rubbed against his stiff length and he swallowed his groan. He flexed the fingers of his right hand which rested upon the firmness of her ass. An act which made her expel another sexy sound, almost like a purr.

Why not? They were rested now. Morning’s dim light struggled to penetrate the curtains over the window not that he cared. He was in no rush to leave this bed. Having her stripped bare…that was what he was after.

He moved his left hand over her side, seeking the bottom of her shirt. Once it was in his grasp he drew it up slowly, reveling in the softness of her skin beneath his fingertips. Such was it that he could feel his release rushing upon him, just from such a simple and intimate act.

Under his fingertips he could feel the change when he encountered some scars. But what halted him was when he felt a bandage. With a frown and a cooled ardor, he removed his hand and brought it out from the blankets. There upon his skin was the telltale sign of blood. Fear slammed into him. He yanked the blanket away and lifted her shirt. Sure enough, a blood-soaked bandage was in view.

Anger hit him hard. The fact she’d neglected to inform him she had been injured…made him see red. A deep powerful red.

“Najja,” he said, touching her shoulder.

Her eyes opened. For a moment he saw desire in them before it faded into awareness and calculating sharpness. “Time to go?” she asked, her voice weaker than he was used to.

“You are bleeding.”

“Sorry, I thought it would have stopped overnight.”

Her apology made him blink a few times. “Sorry? Why the hell did you not tell me you were wounded?”

She rolled away from him and got out of bed on the other side, the shirt dropping hiding the injury. He could see her wobble a bit. She was weakened.

“I am not used to telling.”

She crouched by her things and withdrew a pouch. He watched in amazement as she poured something into her hand, transferred it to her mouth only to remove it when it was the consistency of paste and slap it over the open wound which she’d uncovered while she moistened the stuff with her saliva.

A shadow of a grimace flitted over her face otherwise he would have never known of her discomfort. He sat on the bed, the coverlet around his waist and stared at the woman who’d just vacated it. Her hair unconfined fell to rest upon the small of her back. He blinked and looked again, noting how she only wore a shirt.


It fell almost to her knees and lust was like a bolt of lightning through him at the realization. His white linen a stunning offset to the darkened hue of her skin. Her legs were long, toned and mouthwatering. His shaft stiffened in the confines of his own breeches.

As if she could feel his gaze upon her, she turned her head and met his stare over her shoulder. “I am sorry I took your shirt.”

“It looks better on you, luv,” he said climbing out and moving to her side. One fingertip under her chin, he sank down until they were face to face. “Are you okay?”

Wednesday Whisper ~ Chasing the Storm

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

“I found my mate.” He sent the message to his siblings. And the congratulations rolled in.

“When do we get to meet her?” Aminta Tran asked.

“Soon. Members of The New Order are after her. And that’s not all. She has my artefact.”

Tension could be felt through their connection. He was the first to have seen his, which meant the prophecy had begun to reach its zenith. Prior to his finding Taylor and the artefact, they had existed in a haze of almost ignorance, believing that so long as none of them had discovered it, they could train and pretend that perhaps the prophecy wasn’t falling on them.

“Bring her to the vineyard, Cale,” Lian issued the order.

“As soon as we can be there, we will.”

“Be safe, brother,” Billy Kwan sent the sentiment.

“I’m ready if you are.”

Taylor’s voice pulled him roughly from contact. Wincing from the unexpected slivers of pain, he turned.

Jeans and a T-shirt, which told him whatever her job was, it didn’t require business dress. She carried a black purse over one shoulder, nothing fancy, just plain and unadorned.


They walked down together and he tried to angle her towards his vehicle, but she shook her head.

“I walk. It’s not far.”

Senses alert, he fell into step with her. She was rightbarely two blocks farther and she paused outside a restaurant.

“You work here?”

“I do. Thanks for the escort.” She walked inside and disappeared without a look back.

Cale stood there for a moment before realising he’d look foolish just staring into the building after her. So he went to a nearby bench and sat where he could see those entering and leaving. She may have thought that was the end of their association, but she was wrong. When she finished her shift, he would explain it all on the way to the vineyard.



Wednesday Whisper ~ Need You Now

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Book 1 in The Monroe Sisters series




What happens when that first spark is undeniable?

Pediatric oncologist Eva Monroe was finally heading for vacation in Puerto Vallarta to enjoy some much-needed rest, relaxation and sex. It was her goal to find someone to indulge in for the night—or the week, her choice.

Emergency room surgeon and member of Doctors Without Borders Grant Harrison is having fun during his time at the beach when he spies Eva and the heat between them slams into him with incredible force. After he approaches her, they end up going back to his room. What begins as a hot, intense encounter grows to more as they spend the rest of her time there together. Learning about each other and becoming close.

When they leave, neither want to end what they have started to build, but they’re not exactly neighbors. They decide to try a long-distance relationship—she visits him in Arizona and he her in Iowa, but they want more. Who is going to be the one to give up what they have for the other?

Someone has to make a choice. But when it comes, will it be too late?


“Sometimes, you just need some dick.”

Eva snorted, the margarita burning her nose as it exited, making her cough and her eyes water. “Did you just—oh, never mind, of course you did.” She glared across the table at her sister with the vulgar mouth, Tara, as she accepted the napkin handed to her from the third member of the group. She wiped her lips before she dabbed at the corners of her eyes, hoping this incident hadn’t turned her into a damn raccoon with how her makeup was running.

“What?” Tara blinked her almond-shaped black eyes, appearing unconcerned with her statement and how loud she’d made it. “It’s true, a good fuck can go a long way.” She sipped her Chardonnay and gestured to their other sister, Shai. “Tell her. I mean, she’s a doctor. You’d think she would be aware of the benefits.” Tara flipped her braid back over her shoulder, the pink streak in it vibrant and outgoing, much like the woman herself.

Shai drained the rest of her extra-dirty martini and put the glass down. “Tara’s correct. You need to get laid. All of us do.” She gestured for another drink.

Eva shook her head. She was the eldest and these two knew how to test her. “How did we go from my day to talking about a hookup?”

“Because your day didn’t include one.” Tara toasted her.

She sighed dramatically. I highly doubt yours did either, Tara. “That would be your logic. And just for the record, counselor, I’m a surgeon, not a regular doctor.”

“Pretty sure there’s a fucking MD after your name and I’ve seen you put DR in front of it. Or so it was the last time I saw you sign something.”

Glaring at Shai, she huffed with as much indignation as she could manage to pull off having just choked on a drink moments prior. “No one asked for your opinion, professor.”

“That’s why I gave it. I am a professor. I interject when all the facts aren’t present. I’m an educator.” Shai flashed a grin, her white teeth stark against her smooth nut-brown skin.

“Why do I agree to come out with you two?”

“Because we’re family and you love us,” they responded in tandem.

“Ask me later about the love bit,” Eva retorted as she gazed around the table.

Shai, the baby of the family, was the youngest tenured professor at the university. Eva’s parents had adopted her when she was only six months old. Tara had joined the family at age two and held the middle-child distinction. All three of them were thick as thieves.

Running a hand over her spike cut, she spied a guy standing by the bar, eyes on the three of them. Her heart kicked up a few notches as recognition set in, but she couldn’t pull from her memory banks just where she knew him from.

“Who’s McHottie?”

“What?” she asked Shai.

“Which barfly are you staring at?”


“The witness is becoming hostile. I believe I should press the point,” Tara added.

Eva faced her sister and muttered, “Bitch.”

“Later,” Shai said. “I’ve been thinking about what was said earlier.”

Eva glanced over at her, eyebrows up in silent question.

“You know, about you not getting any cock.”

She covered her eyes. “This is the problem—well, one of the problems—with having a professor and an ADA as siblings, you two are used to having to yell. There is something called an inside voice. You know, where you talk quieter, so the entire bar doesn’t learn about me not having sex lately?”

“Because that was stated so eloquently and with your inside voice.” Shai’s tone dripped with humor.

Lord, could the floor just swallow me up? She met the amber gaze of the man across the way.

From the way his bow-shaped lips had kicked up, he’d overheard the embarrassing exchange. He raised his beer in her direction.

“Focus, please.”

Professor tone. That’s what Eva called it. She’d heard Shai use it numerous times in her classes and it never failed to silence the noise even in an auditorium. However, her sibling had a way with people and could easily get them to listen to her. It was a gift.

“I need a refill for this,” Eva groused, waving for another pink-grapefruit margarita. “Especially since the last bit wasn’t enjoyed as it exited my nose.”

Wednesday Whisper & New Release ~ Handling the Perks

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

New release out today. Book 3 in the D.A.R.K., INC series.

Ever wonder how Rhodi and Karen got together? Here you go.




She came for a job and found her forever…

Karen Womber had made her way to Montana to start over. Landing a job with a protection agency, she falls for one of the bosses.

Rhodi Wilder can’t keep his mind, focus, or hands off the new woman they hired. He knows better but no matter how he tries, she is there derailing his good intentions.

Eventually their passion is to strong to ignore and they give in. will they have a chance at a future when the lies are exposed? Will she be willing to stick around and handle the perks?

Wednesday Whisper ~ Trust Me

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Book 2 in D.A.R.K., INC series


Contemporary, suspense


She must trust someone from her past in order to survive her present and experience a future…

Shelly Marie Dixon is a woman with a fearful past. Literally. She’s never able to settle in one place, all because of a man set on tormenting her. After five years of struggling to move on with her life, she goes back to another man. One she left years ago. One with the skills to help her. Hopefully, he won’t brush her aside.

Never in his wildest dreams did Adam Wilder, eldest brother and co-founder of D.A.R.K Cover, Inc, expect to find a lost love sitting in the lobby of his company. Much less, expect to find her terrified.

There’s no way he’s letting her face things alone. If it takes all of D.A.R.K’s resources, he’ll risk it. Whatever it takes to keep her safe. Problem is, will he be able to keep it professional—because one look at her and he wants to go back to how things were, way back when.

The only way that’s going to happen is if she’ll believe him when he says: Trust Me.


For the next two hours he took care of paperwork, lining up other jobs and making notes on completed ones. His phone buzzed and he hit the button with the pen. “Yes?”

“Could you come down here please?”

Adam didn’t hesitate, he wasn’t fond of the tremor in her voice. “On my way.” He grabbed his Glock, made sure the magazine was full, and shoved it in the back of his waistband as he hurried to the door. He took the stairs and pushed through the door to find his sister-in-law sitting at her desk, watching for him. Scanning the area, he didn’t see anyone and met her gaze once more.

“What’s going on?”

“There’s someone here to see you.”

Another look around their waiting room. No one was there. “Who are you talking about, Karen?”

The door to the bathroom opened and a small figure stepped out, ball cap pulled low over the face, so he couldn’t tell who it was.


He ran another perusal of her. Her fear was obvious and her suspicion. He glanced back to Karen, who shook her head to his unasked question of why she called him. Derek had a way of making women feel safe, he was the lighthearted one. Not Adam.

“She asked for you by name,” Karen whispered, answering the question as to why it was him.

Raking a hand through his hair, he stepped forward. “You asked to see me?” he queried, willing her to lift her gaze.

She raised a hand and removed her hat, simultaneously tilting her chin. Dark red curls tumbled free as he was speared by a pair of emerald green eyes he never thought he’d see again in his lifetime. His lungs were empty and it took a moment for him to comprehend, his brain reminding him to breathe.

“Shelly Marie?” Surely it had to be a mistake he was seeing her before him.

“I know I’m the last person you want to see, Adam, but I need your help.” That pink tongue of hers darted out to dampen her lips. “Please.”

Adam blinked a few times. The apparition before him didn’t move anywhere. He took another visual perusal of her. This time picking up on every nuance. Physically this woman may be the one he knew like the back of his hand, but that’s where it ended. It wasn’t his woman on the inside. Dark circles under her eyes were hidden by makeup, while the corners of her mouth were tight with strain. And there was the way her fingers barely peeked out from the oversized long sleeve tee and worked the hat brim with an abundance of nervous energy.

She reminded him of a deer, frightened and ready to bolt at the slightest bit of provocation. Not at all the level headed, calm, woman he’d fallen in love with all those years ago. Karen’s overly inquisitive gaze flicked between the two of them.


Wednesday Whisper ~ Breaking All the Rules

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

This is Book 1 of my D.A.R.K., INC series.


Contemporary, interracial


One night of passion can lead to anything. For a woman and her boss, can it—will it—lead to happily ever after?

A member of D.A.R.K. Cover, Inc., Kristopher “Wild” Wilder is taking a few days of R&R in Belize after his last mission. There he meets a woman who sets his blood on fire and the night they share is explosive to say the least. Little does he know, she’s the woman his brothers hired to be their company’s newest pilot. After the passion in Belize, he looks forward to continuing the connection. Problem: she isn’t on board with that idea.

Alyse Lamar is a damn good pilot. She’s taken this new job for a few reasons but when she realizes she’s slept with one of her new bosses, she isn’t sure it’s the best place for her to remain. She can’t seem to keep her hands off him, nor him her. Her strict rule about never mixing business with pleasure is taking one heck of a beating.

Wild is many things, a quitter isn’t one of them. He wants this feisty woman and knows she wants him just as much. He vows to find a way past her walls and make her understand that what began as one night in Belize is worth breaking all the rules and can lead to forever.


She didn’t comment, just walked out and headed to the stairs. She jogged down them instead of taking the elevator. Pausing in the lobby, she waved to Karen and reached for her gloves when the front door opened. Then her heart stopped.

It can’t be. But it was. The man striding through that door was none other than the man she’d spent that amazing night with in Belize. Wild.

He spied her a moment later and froze. She took in his dark blond hair, the broad shoulders covered by a black leather jacket and jeans that highlighted powerful legs. He had black boots on his feet.

“Hi, Wild!” Karen called out.

“Karen,” he responded without taking his gaze off Alyse.

He advanced toward her, each step predatory. Alyse knew she was in trouble when her legs grew weak and all she wanted to do was jump him and allow him to do whatever he wanted to her.

“Alyse,” he said on a soft rumble.

She couldn’t stop staring at him. The stubble on his face made her mind relive every second his head was buried between her legs or rubbing along her breasts. Her belly clenched and her breasts grew heavy with want.


He stopped right before her. Close enough to touch, close enough to smell his masculine scent which had combined perfectly with the crisp air from outdoors.

She put her hands in her pockets to keep from reaching for him. “So, Kristopher Wilder?”

“Everyone calls me Wild,” he said by way of explanation. His blue eyes singed her. “Well, there are some people who have been known to scream my name, we both know you fall into that category.”


Wednesday Whisper ~ Cuffed at The Edge

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Here is book 4 in The Edge series from @Totally_Bound

Cuffed at The Edge


Contemporary, interracial


Sometimes the connection is there before you realize it’s cuffed you.

Patrick Meyers had come home to The Edge and had taken over the role as sheriff. One rainy night he pulls over a woman and puts her in jail. Turns out, not only is she a great friend of his sister, but she’s also the woman who’d rocked his world one night at the Chicago Pier.

Ainsley Milne was cursing the day she ever agreed to come visit her friend in northern Wisconsin. She was sick, exhausted and now in jail like a common criminal. Who to blame? The hot-as-sin sheriff who makes her think about kissing him in her cell.

Once they figure out their past connection, everything is different. The sparks that had been there sizzle even hotter. Will they find a way to make it work?


Patrick Meyers clucked his tongue as he watched the gray Toyota Tercel swerve a bit more before correcting its course again. Could it be the rain? Sure. But he took his job of protecting the residents of The Edge seriously.

It wasn’t someone from town. He knew all their vehicles. The slow pace had taken some getting used to when he’d come home a year ago because of his father’s stroke. He’d taken a leave of absence from his role in the Chicago Police Department to be home, helping out. That had turned into taking over as sheriff.

All the Meyers siblings had returned. And stayed. Joe and Jennifer, the twins, had taken over the daily operations of running the farm and had gotten it out of the red in a short time. Most credit was because of his sister’s killer acumen. She’d have given Midas a run for his money.

He flipped on the siren and lights before rolling out of his parking spot after the gray vehicle. He pulled up behind it and waited for the driver to slide over onto the shoulder. Looking up at the droplets slamming his windshield, he sighed and climbed out, rain immediately streaming off the brim of his hat. A cold rain too.

The driver lowered the window and he almost took two steps back from the electricity that slammed him. Raisin-brown eyes.

“Ma’am,” he said, knowing she wasn’t from any of the surrounding towns either. They just didn’t have black people living around this area. They would drive up from the cities and larger towns to get fruit but not stay here on a permanent basis. At least not that he knew of.

“What’s wrong?” Her rasped question was like striking a match and putting it to dry kindling.

Her nose was puffy, and her eyes were a bit bloodshot.

Drunk. Or high and buzzed. Either way, not someone who should be behind the wheel. Especially when driving conditions were less than optimal.

“I’m going to need you to shut off your car and step out, please.”

Suspicion flared in her eyes. “Why?”

He opened the door. “Ma’am? Please.”

Killing the engine with a frustrated flick, she then unbuckled her belt and slowly stepped out into the rain. Water shoved her clothes against her, highlighting the curves of her upper body, the long-sleeved shirt hiding nothing. Including the pointed nipples and the outline of a belly button ring.

He shoved the intrusive and unneeded thoughts of being beneath a shower spray with this stranger to the back of his mind and focused on issuing a breathalyzer test.

When he saw the result, he ushered her to the back seat of his Bronco.

“What’s going on?”

“You’re showing above the legal limit. I can’t let you drive.”

She shivered and shook her head. “Are you fucking kidding me? I’m not drunk.”

“Trust me, ma’am. Being belligerent isn’t going to go in your favor.” Her teeth began chattering. He tossed her a blanket and waited until she’d drawn it around her shoulders. “Don’t give me any hassle. I’ll get your things.”

He stepped back into the rain, he grabbed her purse and the suitcase from the passenger seat.

Once in, he radioed Chuck for a tow, said where it was and turned up the heat before pulling back onto the deserted road. He stared at his passenger. Prisoner.

Her eyes spat not just flames but also shards of ice.

“Where are you going?”

She tightened her grip on the blanket.

“I see your suitcase. Where’s your end destination?”

“Now? Jail,” she seethed before succumbing to a coughing fit.

He left it alone. Pulling into the station, he parked in front of the small building. The jail wasn’t that big. Three cells up top and four down below that were seldom used. Hustling her in, he handed her the suitcase and said, “Change into something dry.”

Her plucked eyebrow rose slightly. “Want me to strip right here by the desk or is there anywhere a bit more private?”

He’d meant to tell her where the bathroom was. He’d forgotten. Embarrassed and frustrated, he pointed.


She sneezed then walked off. As she changed, he opened the last cell to give her a bit more privacy. Not that he expected a lot of traffic through here on a Thursday night.

The desk phone rang and he bent to snag it.

“Sheriff’s office.”

“Pat, it’s Mary. You coming out tonight for dinner?”

“Sorry, no can do.”

“Why not?” His baby sister had an edge to her tone. They were pushing family time in a big way.

“I have a prisoner. Can’t leave her alone.”

“Her? Did you say her? Who is it?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Tell me who it is.”

“Goodbye, Mary.” He hung up as the newest—and most beautiful by far—guest he’d had while he’d worn the badge for this town walked into view.

She had her wet clothes balled up in one hand and the suitcase in the other.

“Follow me,” he ordered, not understanding why he was so drawn to her. Why all he could think about was removing her clothes and seeing how soft her dark skin was beneath his tongue.

She marched by to the open cell, head held high, rigidity in each step. Hell, she even smelled sexy.

“You’ll have some privacy here.”

“I shouldn’t be here. I wasn’t drinking!” Forceful but not shrieky.

“Do you want to see what you blew?”

She whipped back to glare at him with narrowed eyes. “I don’t give a damn what it showed. I could blow it five more times and I will still swear I wasn’t drinking.”

His retort was swallowed up by her full lips forming the word ‘blow’ and the image it gave him. He could see them around his cock as he slipped back and forth.

“I need to process you.”

He prayed that sounded like process and not possess, as it did in his mind.

“Never should have come here,” she groused, sitting on the bed before wrapping up in one of the blankets prior to facing away from him so he could only see her back. “Never.”

He closed and locked the cell, trying hard to ignore her jerk at the loud sound. Her purse sat on his desk and he reached in to pull out her wallet. He brushed his fingers over several unopened condoms as well as a box of them.

“Right, not drunk.” It bothered him seeing those prophylactics. Pulling out the sleek black wallet, he found her license. Ainsley Milne.

He put it back hand locked up her purse in a filing cabinet then did her report. Once he finished, he called Chuck to ask about the tow. It had been taken care of.

Nothing left for him to do but sleep. It was a Thursday night so he wasn’t expecting any major trouble. After sneaking another peek at his guest, he reclaimed his chair and leaned back to stretch out. When was the last time he’d had a good night’s rest? Longer than he cared to remember.

Same went for sex.

Right, because he needed that reminder, said no man ever. And a good bout of sex was even farther away than his nightmare-ridden, so-called rests.

He glanced to the far cell and frowned over the instant twitch of his cock. There was something about her.

“Not doing this. I’m not about to hit on a woman I just put behind bars.”

His brain and libido were not in agreement there.

It was going to be long night.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Returning to The Edge

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Book 3 of The Edge out at Totally Bound.


Patience truly is a virtue.

As the baby of the family, veterinarian Mary Meyers is used to being overlooked and overshadowed. Back home, she indulges in a one-night stand with her eldest brother’s friend. He’s more than she thought he would be but she isn’t sure she’s ready for another commitment.

Ron Glennon falls hard and fast for the youngest Meyers child. He wants more than just a clandestine relationship with her but she’s hesitant. He backs off and lets her have her way even though it’s killing him inside. Finally the time comes for her to choose, will he get to keep her after she’s returned to The Edge?


Ron frowned. This wasn’t like him. He didn’t vie for a woman’s attention. Either they wanted to speak to him or they didn’t. For all intents and purposes, she didn’t.


He forced himself to walk away and let it go. He wasn’t about to have it all over The Edge he was after a girl who wanted nothing to do with him. After all, he had some pride. At the door, he struggled with the need to glance back over his shoulder, another urge he ignored.

The day was long and hard so when it ended he was more than ready to head home. He showered and had just taken the pizza out of the oven when a knock came on his door. Davis stood there.

“Hey, man, what’s up?”

“I was heading out to Perimeter and wanted to know if you’d like to come along for a drink?”

Perimeter was one of the three bars within The Edge. Clean, good beer, and an eclectic presentation of music played throughout the night.

“Sure thing, hang on. Come on in.”

He put his pizza on top of the table, made sure the oven was off and shoved into some tennis shoes. They headed out and he followed Davis’ vehicle. When they pulled in, it was already almost all full.

He and Davis entered and headed for the bar. Marsha, one of the bartenders there, smiled and took their order. While he and Davis chatted about work, he scanned the area time after time, unsure as to what he was looking for.

Ron spied Jenn Meyers talking with the owner of Perimeter, Tony. Whatever their conversation was, it wasn’t a good one. Jenn looked less than pleased. He almost went over to see if she was okay when he spied her. Mary.

She stood there behind her sister, impatience written all over her face until she said something.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Something Tangible

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Something Tangible is a rerelease, is free if you have #KU, and has been expanded from the size it once was. There is another story done by Nan O’Berry that features Brett’s half brother, Asa Kingston, Eminent Domain, also a rerelease and free in #KU and expanded from the first version.


Brett Kingston is an acquirer, of signatures, giving ownership of properties to Midas Development, his father’s company. Never has anyone distracted him from the heartless business of sealing the deal, until during a final test he meets LJ, a woman who refuses to sell to him, no matter the offer. Agreeing to an insane pact for a mere shot at securing his contract, Brett discovers there is more to life than what he’s known. Lydia “LJ” Johnson learns not only is there more than meets the eye when it comes to the rich wheeler and dealer, but anything can happen.


“May I help you?” her curt voice asked.

What the hell caused her voice to lose warmth? Polite still, but just barely. He trailed his gaze over her smooth brown skin of her face. An urge he’d not felt in a very long time skated up his spine, catching him unawares. Desire. Lust. So unaware and unexpected he nearly dropped his bag.

“I’m here to speak to LJ.”

Okay, there was no disguising the icy coating in her gaze this time. “You’re from Midas Corporation and Development.” Disgust and venom coated her words and even though it was summer, he swore the temperature fell a few degrees.

“Brett Kingston.”

He didn’t offer a charming smile. He hadn’t come to flirt, he never did. He wanted the signed documents and wanted out of there as quick as possible. One, most of the time he dealt with men and two it wasn’t his way. Flirting was the way the ‘golden boy’ operated. Flirt his way into bed and walk away with the property. This was on the order of the owner of Midas.

“I didn’t ask for your name. You’re wasting your time. There will be no deal with Midas Development. So, take your overpriced baggage and clothes and get back to the dock, Rolo’s leaving.” She stepped back and slammed the door in his face.

What the hell? He turned and peered down by the dock. Rolo waved and Brett shook his head. The wind that tore through whisked away whatever the man hollered.

He faced the door again and knocked. Moments later, the door opened. Damn it all, that hitch and spine-tingling thing happened again.

She looked at him briefly. “You didn’t leave.”

“I won’t be going anywhere until I speak to Mr. LJ.”

“He’s not available and–”

“Until I speak with him, I’m not leaving.” He spoke with steely determination. The one that had him so good at his job.

“Too late now anyways. I hope you have a tent in those fancy bags of yours.”

Tent? Why would I need a tent? “Look, why don’t you just tell me where he is, so I can find a place to stay.”

She crossed her arms and stared at him, still no warmth in her gaze. “You want a place to stay? Shoulda left with Rolo. Storm’s coming.”

Of course it was. He just wanted some sleep.

“There’s an old cabin down that way.” She gave a jerk with her head.

“And LJ is?”

“At neither place. Just thought you might want out of the rain that’s comin’.”

“When will he be back with the boat?”

He usually comes once a week.”

Rain began to fall and he looked at her. Immoveable. This woman didn’t care what weather he was out in. Grinding his teeth together, he turned and headed to the cabin she’d mentioned. Surely, it would be better than standing on her porch.

He sloshed and slid as he did his best to keep his computer bag dry. Finally, he made out the edge of a small cabin. It was dark. Anger grew the closer he got. Damn her! This place was falling apart. Perhaps standing on her porch would be better.

The front porch was rippled and broken; busted windows, and two roof beams had fallen as well. Cautiously he pushed in. He shivered; the rain-soaked clothes he wore not comfortable. Being wet and muddy didn’t improve his mood.

“Hello?” he called out despite his confidence no one was here. At least he was out of the rain. Drip. Water hit his head.

You have got to be shittin’ me. He moved further in. Not very big, there were only two rooms. A bedroom, where the beams had collapsed, and the steady rain fell unhindered and the one he stood in.

“Just fucking great.”

Darkness surrounded him and the storm’s intensity increased with every passing second. He withdrew his lighter–he personally didn’t smoke anymore but carried it out of habit–and found what he was looking for. An old heavy wooden couch, or futon frame stood in one section however, he opted to sit cautiously on an armless rocker, after changing into a dry shirt. For a fleeting moment, he thought once about trekking back to her place but swiftly dissuade himself of that notion. He was better off here most likely. And where was here?

Cold and wet, sitting in a dilapidated cabin. Why? Because he’d been manipulated by the old bastard. Right now, he was too worried to do anything about it and succumbed to the mental and physical exhaustion of his body.

A mist-drizzle still fell when he awoke. Muscles stiff from sleeping how he had, Brett pushed gingerly to his feet. His stomach growled as he stepped onto the porch. His mood was anything but good; yet he paused and looked around. The beauty of this place amazed him. And he took another look.

He headed off; looking for another cabin, or the lighthouse, maybe whoever was there would help him. Obviously, that woman had no plans to. He came to an incline and began climbing up, slipping in the thick mud. Cursing her every step he added in a few for his poor footwear. It was great for airplanes and meeting people in respectable facilities but definitely not made for islands in the pacific northwest.

He pitched forward to stop sliding, glanced up, and froze. There, standing atop the ridge was a…oh shit…a wolf. A damn wolf! How the hell were their wolves here?

It stared at him and he scrambled back, falling into a heap at the muddy bottom. Wary he glanced up again. Nothing. He pushed slowly to his feet. I hate it here. He stood caked with mud, wet, hungry, and in some God-forsaken place. Then fell again. Really, really hate it here.

Wednesday Whisper ~ Forever Together

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

My latest release in Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay Kindleworld. And the second of the three I’m doing in her world with my trio of brothers.


A Marine and a single mom reunite on an island paradise.

Flynn O’Malley comes to visit his brother and runs into a face from his past. Mia Borde sure has changed from the little girl he knew while growing up and he wants to get to know her all over again. She awakens something within him he never knew existed.

Mia is a widow focused on raising her little girl. When her past blows into her life, she is expecting a momentary fling with him. Flynn is thinking a bit longer than that, but she’s been the wife of a Marine once, can she do it again? It’s not just her heart she has to think about.

They had a past, they’re enjoying their present, will they be allowed a future, forever together?


That voice, did something else to him. Holy shit, it was like dark honey, raw and slow moving yet leaving behind this taste one doesn’t ever forget. He tipped his head up to stare at “Mama” and sucked in another sharp breath.

He’d heard it before from friends and even from his oldest brother, Sean when he talked about the love of his life, Rica. It had been a bolt of lightning, he’d known that instant she was the one. Until right then, Flynn had chalked it up to the man being a romantic, unlike himself. But now, looking up at this woman, he understood. One hundred percent.

Flynn shot to his feet. “Ma’am.” His damn heart raced out of control and she’d not even spoken to him directly at this point. In his periphery, he watched Doyle’s confused expression at his action.

Eyes the color of fresh gingerbread flicked from him to his brother. An ugly spike of jealousy slammed into him. Don’t look at him, focus back on me.

She pursed full, plump lips and swiped her tongue over them, before her eyes darted once more. “Doyle?” Her gaze returned to him. “Flynn?”

Pure sex was what he thought of when she said his name. However, there was surprise his name was called. This time he shared a look with his brother. From the confusion on his face, he didn’t know who she was either.

He crossed his arms and cleared his throat. “You have the advantage. Who are you?”

“Figures you wouldn’t remember me.” There wasn’t any heat in her statement. “Mia Borde, used to be Malor.”

“Little Mimi?” Doyle asked, shock in his tone.

“I despised that name—still do, but yes. That was me.” A shrug. “Is me.”

Before Flynn knew what happened, Doyle had gotten to his feet and had her in his arms, hugging her. He shoved that jealousy back where it belonged, in a box.

Then he had the opportunity. Gathering her close, he inhaled deep and allowed her scent to imbed into him. Lilies. That’s what she reminded him of.