Saturday Selection ~ Luke by Barbara Freethy

March 24th, 2018

Luke by @BarbaraFreethy is my read for this week.


Luke Brannigan lives for the adrenaline rush, which makes his job as a filmmaker of extreme sporting adventures the perfect career choice. He loves to travel the world, risking life and limb to capture the most amazing shot. Some might say he’s running away from something or someone. When Luke’s billionaire father Colin Brannigan dies unexpectedly, Luke is shocked to receive title to the mountain lodge where his parents first met. Having been estranged from his father for years, Luke has no idea why his dad picked him to inherit this very personal piece of property, until he realizes the pretty blonde manager is Lizzie Parker, his former college girlfriend. Luke and Lizzie have an emotional and heartbreaking past, but will they have a future? Will love be Luke’s greatest adventure yet?

Friday’s First Liners ~ With This Ring

March 23rd, 2018

WTR_AB LGBook One of the Denim & Spurs series

Lunch hour maintained the same horrid monotony from day to day and year to year. Samantha kept her head down and searched for a spot out of the line of fire. She was on her own today, which made her a bigger target. Some days it worked. Most it didn’t. From the looks and sounds of things, this was going to be most days.

New Release ~ Wednesday Whisper ~ Code Name: Sleeper

March 21st, 2018

PROMO_CodeNameSleeperNEWHappy Wednesday. I know it’s been a while since I’ve tossed up a Wednesday Whisper but as today is my release day for Code Name: Sleeper figured I would roll two into one. *grin*

I know people have been waiting for Michael and Lisa’s story after having met them in Code Name: Papa. And it took a while but here they are.



You can’t always let go of the past, sometimes you don’t want to…

Michael Whyte has been branded a traitor to his country. He’s betrayed those closest to him all in the line of duty. When the plan starts to come to fruition he breaks out of prison and goes to one woman who will either help him, or kill him.

Lisa Rockers has moved on with her life since leaving EGIS. Or so she thought. Everything changes one rainy night when the man she’s always loved but who betrayed not only her but also everything she believed they stood for, returns. After hearing him out, can she let him deal with this unbelievable story he tells her alone? Or is she willing to risk it all for him.


A cup of coffee accompanied her treats and two cops strode in as she paid. The men nodded at her and she returned the gesture. Shoving her change in the pocket of the rolled-up sweats she wore, she eyed her donut with a ravenous hunger.

Damn donuts.

Toasting the attendant with her coffee, she strode back out into the deluge. The all-important donuts she retained beneath her shirt, she juggled her keys and coffee. Ignoring the rain streaming down her skin, she started her truck. As she paused, she ate a donut and put the cup in its holder. One immediate need soothed, she sucked the final frosting from her thumb then shifted into gear. Going right out of the lot, she drove to SoDo, named for its location. South of Downtown.

Locating an empty place, not with any close corners or lingering cars, she parked and killed the engine. As she unbuckled her belt, she put her fingertips on three specific areas then slid open a storage area top and grabbed two items. She hopped out in the rain and moved to the tailgate, body humming with energy.

She lowered it and clicked on her Maglite, spilling its illumination across the bed to the tarp against the cab.

“Whoever you are, I have a 9mm loaded with hollow points aimed at you. Come out, extremely slowly, showing me your hands at all times. And do not make me repeat myself.”

She inched slightly to the right, continuing to remain in a great shot line. The second the tarp began to move, it was all there was in her world. No rain. No anything but her and the potential threat to her life.

Her heart pounded hard in her ears, but her hands never wavered. Not until the removed tarp allowed her light to shine on the stowaway kneeling in the bed of her truck.

Michael Whyte.


Tuesday Teaser ~ Autumn Frost

March 20th, 2018



Simon Frederick dropped his grape Crush as he hit the brakes, fishtailing all over the narrow two-lane road. His tan Bronco with its beige trim shuddered, shook, and stopped barely moments before he hit the capped woman who’d just come barreling out of the woods.

Killing the engine, he hopped out, shaking off the spilled soda and hastened to the front where he no longer saw her. She lay in a heap, blood streaming down one side of her head. The ballcap no longer there, exposing thick waves of blonde hair that had matted blood in it.

“Ma’am?” he asked lunging toward her only to be brought up short by the sudden appearance of a large black dog with tan markings who appeared from the same direction she had. His canines gleamed in the rapidly fading light of day.

Simon couldn’t hear any growling but he had no doubt in his mind this dog was ready to protect her. With another swift glance at the head wound, he gazed at the canine then continued to where he could sink down by the woman.

“Bite me if you will, I have to see.” He ripped his shirt off and balled it up to where a clean part was there and pressed it against her cranium.

Her eyes fluttered open and he found himself captivated by a pair of dark hazel eyes. Holy shit.

“Run,” she said, voice barely discernable. “Run.” Despite how faint her tone was, he couldn’t avoid noticing how her words were lined with raw fear.

“What happened? How did you get hurt?” He checked the wound and put pressure back on it. “Can you move?”

“Have to. Keep moving, they’re coming. Guns. Coming. They’re coming.” Her eyes closed and her entire body sagged into the road.

She was unconscious.

He went into military mode, years of training kicking in. Guns. Coming. And a woman running from them. This couldn’t be anything good. Simon scooped his arms beneath her and got to his feet.

Burke_AutumnFrost LG

Sunday Sentiments

March 18th, 2018

sunsen5To freely bloom — that is my definition of success. ~Gerry Spence

Saturday Selection ~ The Kill Dog by John Burke

March 17th, 2018



‘…When crops wave in the breeze, it means that the dog is running through them. You can’t catch him until the harvest is almost ending. Then a ritual slaying to bring good luck…’

Maggie Armitage, visiting Prague on a brashly optimistic market research project, sees her plans collapse when a Russian tank settles itself outside her hotel. Against a background of violence, she drives towards the border and acquires as passenger: a Czech archaeologist on the run. Jan’s marriage, too, has been violent and his wife, the vindictive Blanka, has been collaborating with the secret police. This is the nightmare from which Jan is fleeing only to find himself still enmeshed in its tentacles. He falls under deep suspicion in England, the country he has loved and respected for so long. Jan is carrying a valuable secret, but has no idea why exactly it’s so valuable. Nothing so crudely melodramatic as an atomic formula or a defence plan, yet when at last he returns to face his enemies in the Czech Republic, it proves even more dramatic than he could ever have guessed.

Friday’s First Liners ~ Casanova in Training

March 16th, 2018

casanovaintraining_800Book One in the In Aeternum Series

Rain ran in rivulets from both his black coat and the brim of his cover. Lieutenant Commander Giovanni Cassano  barely moved, even with the loud and angry retorts of gunfire. The noise sounded ominous. Three sets of shots fired by the seven impassive men. He flexed one hand into a fist before relaxing and allowing the smooth glove to straighten.

New Release ~ Tempting Luck

March 13th, 2018







Out today. The boxset that deals with luck and of course a bit of Ireland. Tempting Luck.

This is a collection of stories from bestselling authors all that have to do with luck. And of course what’s luck without a bit of Ireland? Pick up your copy, enjoy, and allow the luck to take you away.


Part of the Tempting Luck boxset, Emerald Myst, is my contribution.

Blurb for my story in the collection:

Emmie Donaghue is heading to Ireland to claim her inheritance. What she gets isn’t at all what she was expecting and isn’t sure she wants. Finn Brannon is immediately enchanted by the flustered American who shows up at the bar.  As they work together they grow closer, will a misunderstanding be the end of what they could have? Or will he find a way to keep her in his life?

Sunday Sentiments

March 11th, 2018

sunsen5Success is more permanent when you achieve it without destroying your principles. ~Walter Cronkite

Saturday Selection ~ The Judas Battalion by Peter Macalan

March 10th, 2018

The Judas Battalion by Peter Macalan is the read for this week.


Austin Roberts has a plan. A plan he takes to his commanding officer, Brigadier Kylie.