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January 30th, 2015

Words flowing. #lifeofawriter Music playing. About to take a break and get my ride in. Have a great one!!

Another day…

January 29th, 2015

Running ragged…but still running so I’ll count it as a win. Today’s gonna be a caffeine necessary day. Story is moving along lovely, enjoying it and all the twists I’m already seeing jump out at me. Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday Whisper

January 28th, 2015

Another from the Cottonwood Falls series. Book 3, Ravish.

Burke_CF_Ravish LG


Book 3, Cottonwood Falls

African American, Contemporary


Buy Links:

Amz: http://amzn.to/1ykHdzR

BN: http://bit.ly/1vBYiG3


There are times when you just need to return to your roots

On the heels of landing his largest part yet, Brody Paget, has returned from Hollywood to Cottonwood Falls, to share the news with a family he’s not seen in years. Still, sometimes it’s harder to let go of what you’ve run from than expected and he learns that when he is reunited with the one woman he’s ever loved. She just also happens to be the woman he left at the altar.

Hermione Windsor can’t believe it when he walks into the bank. Even ten years wasn’t long enough for her to move on. Now, he was back and wanted to rekindle what they had. She’s changed since he’d bolted and isn’t sure she has what it takes to be part of his fast life. Brody is determined to prove to her he’s still the only man for her.


The sun had begun to lower in the sky when she walked out of the bank. Heading to her car, she took a deep breath, ready to get off her feet and relax for a bit. She placed her bag on the passenger seat and started to round to the driver’s side.


The voice wove around her, rooting her to the spot. She closed her eyes briefly, took a deep breath, and turned to meet the man behind her. Ten years wasn’t nearly long enough for her to forget him, no matter how he’d changed. She would know him anywhere. Regardless of what name he went by.

“Hello.” Yes, that would work. Be calm, unimpressed.

He towered over her. Always had. Brody had never failed to make her feel small, delicate even. And protected. The important thing for me to remember here is the word had in all those thoughts.

“I didn’t recognize you in the bank when I was there at first. You’ve changed.”

She wasn’t sure that was good thing or not. “Most do in ten years,” she said, grateful her tone remained modulated.

He never altered his expression, and she couldn’t see behind his sunglasses.

“Yes,” he commented. “I suppose we all do.”

“Excuse me,” she said. “I have a date.” Where the words originated from, she hadn’t any clue.

“Really?” His dark eyebrows shot up on his forehead.

Her ire went from low simmer to full-fledged with someone using a bellows on the flames. “I’m sorry? Is the prospect of me having a date so foreign to you?”

He took a step back before halting and shaking his head. “No, that…that isn’t it at all.”

She arched one eyebrow and, looking down her nose at him, sniffed. “Good.” Before she totally lost her composure, she spun on her heel and climbed in her car. Her trusty Honda rumbled to life when she turned the key, allowing her to drive away without another word. Even so, as she moved farther away from him, she glanced in the rearview.

Damn him! What had she done to deserve this? Without considering she may be busy with other things, or someone else, Hermione drove over to her friend’s house, Dr. Melinda Glazer.

Parking beside her SUV, Hermione took deep breaths before climbing out on wobbly legs. At the door, she rang the bell. Moments later, Melinda answered.

“Hermione, how… What the fuck happened? Are you okay? Get in here.”

She could feel her walls crumbling around her then Melinda had her arms circling her.

“Christ, honey,” she said. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. What’s going on?”

She had, in a manner of speaking. “He’s back,” she muttered, going along as Mel led her to the couch.

“Go grab something comfortable from my closet, and we’ll talk about it. I’ll fix us something to drink.”

Hermione may have less stature than Melinda, but at least she wouldn’t be in her business suit. In Melinda’s room, she dug for a pair of sweats and an oversized sweatshirt, needing some extra warmth for the moment. Melinda waited with a drink for her, and they sat on the couch.

“Am I interrupting something you had going on tonight?” she asked.

“Not a chance. Besides, you need me, I’m here. What’s going on? Who’s back?”

She sipped the coffee, grateful for the liberal amount of alcohol she tasted in it. Leave it to Melinda to know what she needed. She swallowed, accepted the burn, and looked at her friend.

“Brody Paget.”

It’s Tuesday…

January 27th, 2015

Snow outside. Happy pups. Doing laundry and #amwriting on a contemporary. Music on. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. #lovewriting

Happy Monday!

January 26th, 2015

Finished my paranormal. Crying…hmm, sometimes those final scenes get to me. Now, off to clean then jumping into the contemporary waiting me. Will break for lunch and a bike ride. Happy Monday!

listening to Epic Themes.

Happy Friday!

January 23rd, 2015

Got to spend time today with my Sam. Didn’t get as much writing done because of doing the therapy thing but all good, I’m happy. Now, off to get some writing done before I head off to the other place. Here’s hoping everyone is having a wonderful and productive day.

listening to Adele.


January 22nd, 2015

Loves it when things are moving in the right direction. #amwriting #romancenovels Nearly finished then on to something else. Be Blessed!

Wednesday Whisper

January 21st, 2015

Happy Wednesday!

Today we’re hanging out with Vance/Kendria from Spark. Burke_CF_Spark LG

Book 4 in the Cottonwood Falls series available for $2.99

***(BTW, book 1 is now on sale for $.99)***

Contemporary, interracial

amz: http://amzn.to/1vV9tvb

bn: http://bit.ly/12A6aMh


“Vance’ll meet us at his garage. I’m Sarah, by the way.”


Another welcoming smile. “Welcome to Cottonwood Falls. Let’s go.” At the bike, Sarah handed over the helmet. “You take this.”

“No, I couldn’t.”

Steel entered her eyes. “You will. Come on.” She swung her leg back over the bike, her black hair falling free. It took her a few moments, and it was below the collar of the jacket.

Swallowing hard, Kendria walked to the bike, jumping slightly at the large rumble that sliced through the air. She’d never ridden on a motorcycle before. Is it safe? How good of a driver is this woman?

Drawing the helmet down over her natural curls, she sent up another prayer then awkwardly climbed on.

“Hold on.”

She required a short bit to find a position that didn’t bother her arm too much. At Sarah’s prompting, Kendria wrapped her arms around Sarah’s waist. She secured her feet and closed her eyes as they moved back onto the road. The warm wind streaked over her, and she cracked open her eyes. The thrum beneath her was addictive, and she relaxed a bit, determined to enjoy the ride.

A sign, hand-carved and showing its age, welcomed her to Cottonwood Falls. There were waterfalls on the sign as well as numerous trees. Then, it was gone, and she found herself in a small town. Tree-lined streets, brick storefronts, and people walking around, waving to one another.

They continued until she recognized an auto shop. Vance’s Auto Repair was the sign before the turn for the drive. She released her grip as the stand was lowered then climbed off. Her legs still trembled with the lingering vibrations from the ride.

The bike fell silent. “He should be here any moment.”

Kendria removed the helmet and shook out her hair. “Thank you. You know, for helping me.”

“We’re friendly around here.” Sarah smiled, softening her expression. “Here, take my card. If you have to stay over while he’s fixing your car or just don’t want to eat alone, give me a call.”

Taking the offered card, she said, “Thank you.” Captain Sarah Mallery, USMC were the words on the rectangular paper.

The large dark gray truck rolling in the drive grabbed her attention. Big tires, grill, and it looked like a winch on the front.

“Here he is,” Sarah said, heading toward the vehicle.

Kendria followed slower. The door swung open, and a man jumped down. Her breath caught. Shit. If I knew this was what country boys looked like, I wouldn’t have been so skeptical. This man, while Caucasian, had a rich tan skin. Arms with defined biceps and triceps pushed against the sleeves of his light gray shirt. This Vance is hot.

Sarah stepped with ease into his embrace and shared a hug. Kendria neared and waited. The man peered beyond Sarah and pinned his dark hazel eyes on Kendria.

Another sensation hit her, different from before, beginning in the pit of her stomach and spreading with warmth throughout her entire body.

Her world eked to a slow crawl. Even passing vehicles barely registered. Even when she first met Joe, her response hadn’t been this way. The pounding of her heart thundered in her ears, her mouth grew dry, and her pussy set up a clamor demanding attention.

“Vance, this is Kendria. Kendria, Vance, the best mechanic in Cottonwood Falls.”

His blatant perusal of her only fanned the raging inferno surging unchecked. She licked her lips, pleased at the way his gazed darkened as his pupils dilated.

“Vance,” he said, offering his hand.

“Not like I didn’t just get done saying that,” Sarah drolled. “I’m going to make myself scarce, not that anyone here cares.”

Kendria put her hand in Vance’s, and her knees nearly buckled at the force of her visceral reaction. Holy shit. “Kendria.”

Strong and callused, his grip engulfed hers.

“Where’s your car?”

His question rattled around for a moment before she had enough sense to respond. “Outside of town about ten miles.”

“Let’s go take a look at it.” He released her hand and gestured to the tow truck parked by the building.


He held the door for her, and she shuddered as his masculine scent combined with the freshness of a roaring waterfall floated around her.

It’s Tuesday!!

January 20th, 2015

Today’s submission day. Getting everything together. Slow cooker going…house smells delicious. #writerslife #lovewhatyoudo Have a gr8 day!

Happy Saturday!

January 17th, 2015

Hanging in my office with Opal as I work on a story, she’s holding down the dog bed (and doing a great job at her task). Taking a break to move around after knocking out a few k before I head back in, very important to get up and move about. Today is writing all day, gotta get some more word count out. Ankle is doing much better and am staying off it for the most part. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!