Heartthrob Heroes

April 24th, 2015

Today’s hero is Kori.

Most know him as Cormac MacLochlainne, a wolf shifter who’s been trained by one of the best, Dane Sidorov.

When he found out his mate was the young woman Dane had taken in as his own child, Kori knew he was in trouble. Dane was an enforcer who defended those he loved with a passion barely met by others. None of it mattered to Kori who knew he needed Lera in his life.

Kori is the oldest of three, his two siblings are twins. The family comes from a line of Druids and shifters. He’s a silent man, preferring to be alone than with a large group with others. Alpha, stubborn, and set in how he believes things should be done. Lera teaches him more than he knew he had yet to learn. Their journey is a mix of adventure, fear, love, and loss. He has to learn that the woman he loves more than anything in the world is key to an ancient race.

aloveforlera Paranormal, interracial

Book 1 of the Hakion series.

Ebook and/or print


Wednesday Whisper

April 22nd, 2015

Wow, April is almost over. Hope it’s been a wonderful month for everyone.

Sticking with the story from Monday, today there’s a snippet of A Love for Lera.

Here’s the blurb and an excerpt.


Two races, both honored, one known and one believed extinct come together, engaging in a battle for love.

Cormac “Kori” MacLochlainne has known for years who his mate is but until now it hadn’t been the right time to claim her. She’s everything he could want, perfect to him. Only she doesn’t see herself that way so it’s up to him to convince her, even if that includes allowing her to go on this crazy rescue.

Lera Sidorov is empty. Despite her loving and protective family she is, not whole. Lacking. Incomplete. On her search for her friend, she not only discovers how she and Kori are intertwined but something else…part of something presumed lost to this world long ago, something which will complete her and allow her to be the woman she was created to be.


“Don’t touch her.”

A simple statement. Yet it was one laced with death and the promise of it being carried out.

Oh shit! Please no. Anyone but him.

She watched the men back up, fear evident on their faces. The sounds in the bar seemed to fade. Taking a deep breath, Lera inhaled the scent of the wild outdoors. And just like that she knew her prayer had gone unanswered. Only one man she knew smelled like that. With a resigned sigh, she turned her head to the right and watched as the dark shadows materialized into a man. At least, to her that’s how it always seemed. Not there one second and the next appearing from where before only air had existed.

Inside, she trembled. Outside, she was unflappable. Her left hand fisted briefly before she forced it to relax. Lera watched the tall, powerful man approach. Clad completely in black there was no emotion on his face. Staring at her from behind sinfully thick curled lashes were intense gray eyes. Not silver. Gray. Hard, unforgiving dark gray. For a brief second, she believed she saw flickers of anger in them, but if there had been, they vanished in less than a second.

Only one man had the power to make her feel things on a sexual level. And this was him. Shoving her wishy-washy feelings back under lock and key, she met his gaze with an expressionless face.

Lera dipped her head slightly in greeting and said, “Kori.”

Cormac “Kori” MacLochlainne. A man she’d known for over half of her life. A wolf shifter. He knew her father, Dane Sidorov. Well, adopted father technically but to her, Dane was her only one. Dane had saved her when she was ten and raised her as his own. Lera didn’t like most people touching her outside of her immediate family but this man, Kori, made her reconsider that decision.

“Lera.” He continued to move closer and stopped just shy of touching her. His eyes moved over her from the boots on her feet up to the top of her head before returning to meet her gaze. Almost in a possessive way. “We’re leaving.”

Well, good to see you, too; thanks for coming in to order me around. I don’t think so, buddy. “Bye.”

He barely blinked. “Now.”

“Last time I checked, you weren’t my father.” She had no intention of giving up her quest.

“I’m not.” He gave her a bland stare. “I won’t allow you to remain here.”

Her ire rose with that comment. “Won’t allow? I’m not—”

“Valera, now.”

There was something in his tone that told her it wasn’t in her best interest to disobey him.

Leading Ladies

April 20th, 2015

This week we’re dropping into the first story in the Haikon series. This does have ties into the Savoy Valley series because the heroine’s father is Dane Sidorov.

So, here is Lera Sidorov. aloveforleraShe had a rough start to life until Dane Sidorov saved her from that hell and raised her as his own daughter. Growing up in a family of shifters she’d always felt as if she were lacking in something. She couldn’t shift. The woman who’d raised her as her own couldn’t either but that was different, Lera felt something was different with her. However, nothing ever came of the feeling and it stayed with her, haunting her.

She wanted to help her friend and in doing so, was reunited with a man she’d known growing up. Kori. A man trained by her father and one who was a warrior in his own right. Her journey with him at her side allows her to understand, she is allowed to have a love of her own. And it showed her what she was meant to be, and soothed the ache in her soul.

Heartthrob Heroes

April 17th, 2015

Happy Friday!

Take a look at Tyson Kincade, hero of Kincade’s Rose.Kincade’s Rose

He went to UT and was a proud Longhorn before he headed off to OCS at Annapolis.

He’s a Lieutenant in the US Navy and a Navy SEAL and second in command for SEAL Team Seventeen.

Dedicated to his country and his job, he had a woman betray him after she cleaned out his personal bank accounts.

Jayde isn’t a woman like he’s used to being around for she’s not a groupie and from all accounts, doesn’t have a mean or conniving bone in her body.

He knows she is the one for him, he just has to get her to believe it as well.


SpringFling_2500 My story appears in this boxset, which is currently up for preorder at $.99. A good deal for ten full length stories. So check it out along with the other wonderful authors in the boxset.

Wednesday Whisper

April 15th, 2015

Happy Wednesday! Hopefully every has finished their taxes.

Today we’re visiting with Tyson and Jayde from, Kincade’s Rose.

Kincade’s RoseNavy SEAL Tyson Kincade is always in control. So how, with one glimpse of the beauty sitting alone, all that sanity and control disappeared like waves receding from the beach? From the first moment they touched he knew…he couldn’t let her go.

Ever want to ignore the voice of reason and have that fling with the handsome man you met on vacation? Jayde Porter did. An encounter which led to a scorching kiss, dinner and—marriage? Her life was in chaos. Exploding planes, night jumping, and jungle dangers. Jayde knew that to survive she would have to trust the man she married.

Can he make her understand they were meant to be together or will they be kept apart by circumstances surrounding them? Together if Tyson has a say in it, for the amazing woman he married is…


Series: Megalodon Team

Genre: Contemporary, interracial


The door shut and the room was silent as Jayde and Tyson stared at each other.

Tyson saw the rant forming on her lips and stopped her with a finger across his mouth and a silent head shake.  Warily, she stayed silent, for about five seconds.

“Well, honey,” she started.  “Not exactly how I anticipated our vow renewal to go.  But I suppose another year, another surprise.”  She arched a brow at him, crossed her arms, and tapped her bare foot on the floor, bringing his eyes to her lapis blue toenails.

“I’m sorry,” he said.  “This isn’t exactly what I had planned, either.”  He turned on the stereo system to find some romantic music and adjusted the volume to cover their voices.  Taking a hold of her arm he steered her gently towards the bed and sat beside her as she turned angry eyes on him.

“Start talking,” she seethed.  Her face was flushed with anger, her eyes sparkled, and Tyson realized again just how truly beautiful she was.  “I would almost think you had this planned; where did you get the rings?”

“Look, I am so sorry about this whole thing.  I didn’t mean to get you involved.”  He paused at her look of disbelief but then continued.  “I am currently—or was—working for a counterterrorism unit for our government.  Those men are drug runners who supply, buy, and sell information to terrorists. When I got injured, they put me on leave and I ended up down here.  I noticed two of those guys at dinner watching me.  After I got back to my hotel room, they showed up with two other men and took me with them.  To be questioned.” Tyson watched as she narrowed her eyes further.

“I know it was wrong of me to bring you into this, but it seemed to be my only option.” He paused again.  “The rings belong to me.  I wish I could tell you more but I can’t.  Please trust me.  I am not a spy; they didn’t want you to trust me.  Just for a little longer, trust me.  I am one of the good guys.”  He didn’t want to tell her the rings sealed their fate together, for all eternity—that might just freak her out.

Jayde just shook her head.  Tyson hoped she knew he wouldn’t have put her in this situation unless absolutely necessary.  “Okay, Tyson, I will go along with this for a while.  For some reason I do trust you; not sure why, but I do.”  She reached out and touched his arm and desire filled him.  “So, where does this leave us?”

Tyson released a huge breath that he didn’t realize he’d been holding.  She was going to go along with him on this.  She trusted him. A proud smile grew on his face.  “Well, I have to place some calls to some people in the States and then I think I owe you more explanations.”

She nodded as she stood.  “I think you do too.”

“Thank you for trusting me.”  His eyes were gentle as they looked upon her dark beauty.  Damn, I have never seen a woman like her before in my life.  Although a world traveler, he’d never known a woman to affect him this way.

“Well,” she said with a forced lightheartedness, “if a wife can’t trust her husband, then who can she trust?”

* * *

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Leading Ladies

April 13th, 2015

Happy Monday! I’m starting a new thing where for a week I pick a story to talk about. Monday (today) we’ll talk about the leading lady. The Wednesday Whisper will have a snippet of the story, and on Friday we’ll learn something about the Heartthrob Hero. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

So, for today, we’re discussing Jayde Porter from Kincade’s Rose.  Kincade’s RoseJayde is a woman who has always put everyone else before her so when the opportunity comes for her to take a trip down to Belize she jumps on it. It’s there she meets the man she marries and is tossed into a wild adventure through the mountains. A quiet yet strong woman, she’s just the person for Tyson Kincade even if she doesn’t quite realize it yet. Here’s a snippet from her during their first meeting:

“What will you give me if I give you my name?”  Jayde asked. When did my voice become so throaty?

He touched her arm gently, and she stopped to turn those extraordinary dark brown eyes on him.  “What do you want?”  His tone had become even more seductive, and with those four words, had opened up a gate that Jayde wasn’t sure she would know how to get back through once she entered.  Or if she would want to.  Something about him made her want to act wantonly for once in her life.

Unable to turn away from his mesmerizing stare, she countered, “What’s up for grabs?”  Hello, double meaning! Despite the numerous people who streamed past them, it was like they were in their own world and were the only two people.

“Name it,” the words he murmured were silky with challenge.

“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me,” Jayde said softly, suddenly embarrassed for her forward action.

“I won’t.  Tell me, what do you want?”  His voice was smooth and yet still insistent.

You to make love to me all night long. You to make me feel like a real woman.  Your woman.   “Dinner.” Had she really been about to say what she wanted?

He arched an eyebrow at that one.  “Is it going to be a date?”

“Sure.  Even with the whole walking me to my door afterward,” Jayde responded with a brilliant smile.

“Okay, then, since you aren’t going to tell me what you really want, how about I tell you what I suggest?”  His voice was downright primal and sex-infused.

Embarrassment was all gone, leaving lust in its wake.

“Go ahead,” she said proud her words weren’t hesitant.

“A kiss,” Tyson said in his deep voice.  His gaze remained steady and never wavered from hers.

“A kiss?”  Jayde’s voice broke as she imagined his firm lips on hers.

“One name, one kiss,” he paused for a moment.  “Deal?”

“Deal,” she agreed.

He broke into a leisurely smile that contained more than a bit of eroticism.  Tyson stepped right up to her lush body; she was engulfed by the smell of sandalwood and masculinity, which sent a jolt straight to her groin.

Jayde narrowed her eyes in confusion.  “What?”

“I gave you two names.”  His wolfish smile grew.  “You owe me two kisses.”

Her insides melted. The rational part of her brain knew she should protest, but the promiscuous side of her wanted the kiss. Before she could form a word one way or another, he took the decision away from her.

Tyson cupped the back of her head and held her still as his firm lips slowly lowered to hers.  The touch was light but it sent a shockwave through both of their bodies.  As his mouth pressed harder to hers, her knees weakened.  Jayde was lost in a passionate haze. His tongue swept over her teeth before plunging into her warm mouth to stroke her own tongue. In and out, in and out it went, mimicking an action that both of them wanted to experience with one another. The heat that grew between them was the kind that made lava seem cool.


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April 10th, 2015

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April 8th, 2015

Come one, come all!!


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Happy Monday!

April 6th, 2015

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Mine was nice. Now, trying to get more work on my book done since my schedule this week is all messed up. Love it when they feel they can change my schedule at the drop of a hat but keep their own the same. Oh well, they can’t blame me when I go in half asleep. So…have a brilliant day and lovely week!

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April 3rd, 2015

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