Happy Sunday!

October 19th, 2014

Finished writing a blog for a site, now I’m off to try and catch up on some more writing for my stories. Edits tomorrow and work tonight. I may be able to slip in a football game today before I go to work, but not sure. How is everyone doing this lovely Sunday?


October 16th, 2014

I must say, I’m not a person who spends time looking for an actor/actress to match my character but this hero I’m working on right now, I can’t help but continually see Michael Jai White. Really makes it hard for me to concentrate. ?#?LovesWriting?

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Wednesday Whisper

October 15th, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

Hope the month is coming along lovely for each and every one of you. Today we’re going to my latest release in the Astral Guardians series, Highlands at Dawn.highlandsatdawn_800

Excerpt from Highlands at Dawn

She glanced up and saw the colors still there, just lighter. “And given all this freaky crap I just went through before the sex, I guess we should talk.”

Before she could say another word, he leaned in close and kissed her again. As it had previously, her body went haywire. She couldn’t have been more wired had she been hooked up to some livewires.

It ended just as suddenly as it began and she sat on the ground looking up at Billy, who stood there offering her a hand. She flicked her gaze from his hand to his face. He watched her, composed and looking totally the opposite of what she felt. Aroused. Rumpled. Needy.

She stood on without his assistance and made a show of shoving her hands into her own pockets. It won’t do me any good to touch him again. That much is certain. “So talk.” She began walking, grateful it didn’t take too long for her wobbly legs to fix themselves and be steady beneath her.

“The two men—”

“The two you killed.”

He sliced his gaze to her and she mashed her lips together.

“The two men were from The New Order.” Billy grasped her arm and turned her so they were face-to-face. “Let’s get one thing clear, right now, Malmuirie Gordon. I will kill as many as I have to in order of keeping you alive and safe. The more they send, the more they lose.” He released her and set off again.

The amount of possessiveness in his tone as he’d uttered those words was enough to make her need to clamp her legs together again. I need mental help if I’m thinking of this as a good thing. What woman is happy to hear a man say such things? Apparently her. She got the not-so-hidden message to keep quiet however, and let the man speak.

“The New Order will continue to send more men after you until they acquire what it is they want.”

“Right, my belt-necklace.”

He stared at her again with raised eyebrows. So much for keeping my mouth shut. It’s not my fault. I’ve always had a smart mouth.

“The other things were demons.”

She snorted and held her hand over her lips to try to keep it in. He stopped again and faced her, positioning himself directly in front of her.

“You telling me you didn’t see those things with the wings flying at you? Screeching? Wanting to rip you open from the gut and eat your entrails?”

She put her hands on her hips and shook her head. “Stop trying to gross me out. I’m a surgeon, we can talk stuff like that all day and it won’t faze me. Yes, I saw them, didn’t think they were demons though. Sorry, I didn’t know there was proper protocol for hearing about demons for the first time.”

He didn’t seem at all put out. In fact, he gave her an amused look before spinning around and walking again. She hastened to catch up and fell into step beside him.

“They won’t stop, Mal.”

“So why don’t I just give them the necklace, I can always go up and get another one.”

“No!” His sharp response fell instantly.

She blinked a few times before narrowing her gaze. “So let me get this straight… Some pyscho dudes are after me because of this thing”—she grabbed the charm hanging down and held it away from her body—“but I can’t give it to them knowing they will kill me if they don’t get it?”

“They get it…they’ll still kill you.”

They broke free of the conifers into an open field with tall, waving grass and a beautiful breeze. She crossed her arms and lifted her face to the sky.

“Why? If that’s what they’re after then why would they need to kill me?”

“It’s what they do. Plus, you’re marked for one of the Guardians.”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh, well, in that case…”

“You’re not listening to me.”

She ground her jaw and tapped her toe along the path. “Actually, I am. And you’re speaking crazy. I can have you admitted if you like. We have a pretty good psych ward here. You could get some help.”

Billy squared off with her, his face unreadable. “There will be no admitting me anywhere like that. How do I get you to believe this isn’t a game? These men and these demons will kill you. Yes, even if you give them the necklace…belt. It may buy you some more time but they will be back. They’re driven by something larger, something more powerful than they are.”

“And that would be?” Unease was beginning to roil in her gut.

“The New Order wants to recreate the world in a darker, much darker, image. They long for the anarchy and chaos which used to reign.”

“And this”—she touched it again—“is a threat to that?”

“Yes,” he said, apparently relieved she was understanding.

Mal walked a bit further until they reached another loch. She walked toward the edge and sat, legs bent and her chin upon her knees.

“I fail to see how it can be a threat to changing the world—or me.”

“Because that item is an artifact and you are the person who can—or rather did—activate it, so it can become part of the whole which is needed to call forth the hope for the world.”

In that instant, she was awash with overwhelming dread. Swallowing, she did her best to force it away. “Well, so long as it’s nothing all that big or important.”

It’s Tuesday!

October 14th, 2014

Working on contemporaries today.

Had the pups out for their walk this morning and we ran into Animal Control. New guy, I haven’t seen him before but like the others, he pulls off the street and wants to talk about the dogs. So after a fifteen minute conversation with him (and the girls being wonderful) we get back on our way.

At the halfway point a cop pulls over to talk and asked if I do home visits (after he learned they were therapy dogs) for elderly people. I said we did and gave him my card. He has his mother who loves dogs but they don’t have dogs and she doesn’t seem as happy anymore. I told him I would be honored to come by for a visit. We set it all up and I’m going on Friday (turns out he doesn’t live far from me and has seen me walking the dogs often), yes, I’ll be exhausted this weekend for coursing but isn’t that what this is all about. Why have therapy dogs if I’m not willing to let them do what they’re so good about doing. He also asked if I would do a canine ambassador presentation for an after school event he holds for children.

The walk to a lot longer this morning but it was well worth it, in my opinion. Now, house has been cleaned…although I was distracted by a book, or three…and I am off to knock out my word count before work.

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Female First

October 13th, 2014

I’m hanging out at Female First. If you have time, swing by and check out my post.


Happy Sunday!

October 12th, 2014

Whoo hoo! Finished another story. Taige, it came in under the word count…so there. Now I am off to get a salad and chillax a bit before work. Next up is another contemporary. I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.

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Friday’s musing

October 10th, 2014

My thought for this Friday morning: Don’t hate me because you aren’t fond of who you see when you look in the mirror. Change yourself. Being nasty and rude to others doesn’t help you look cool or smart, only ugly.

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October 9th, 2014

Finished cleaning the house, the floors had dried and the dogs were all back inside. I turn around and find leaves scattered all over. I stood there blinking for a few moments because I’m pretty sure I just finished cleaning. Then I look at the zoi and they are all covered with leaves, happy grins on their faces. I love dogs and autumn even though it’s going to be hell keeping my house clean, they’re so worth it. Now, off to work on a paranormal before the contemporary later in the day. Have a wonderful Thursday, y’all!

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Wednesday Whisper

October 8th, 2014

This week…my story I won a contest with at Phaze books, Sin is Not a Four-Letter Word.


A mercenary, the lover who betrayed her, and a second chance, can they make it work?

Standing six-three with a strong body, golden-brown eyes, dark brown hair with both blondish and red highlights, half Native American, half Caucasian Mace Dylan was one of the best agents the Global Defense Squad, or GDS, had ever seen.  He’d given his life to the GDS for the past thirteen years, and though his looks ensured him he would never be lacking in more amorous missions, he’d only ever loved one woman.  Sinjin.

Standing five-six with dark brown skin, dark, chocolaty eyes, and straight, jet black hair, Sinjin was filled with the lean muscles of the elite mercenary she was.  She was also a computer genius, and there wasn’t a weapon or vehicle she couldn’t operate.

It also made her dangerous, and when she is implicated in a high-profile case the GDS was operating, Mace made the crucial mistake of choosing his job over her.  That choice landed her in an Icelandic prison for the next six years.

What happens when Mace must face her and convince her to help the one person who had betrayed her the most—himself?  Is there anyway that Mace can make Sinjin forgive him and possibly give them another chance? Can she find a way to save his life in time? Will she ever realize her own worth and learn that…

Sin Is Not A Four Letter Word

“She is on the water, moving toward the Keys,” Mr. White said as he sat down and brought up the satellite image screen. All they saw was a large boat, cruising at a comfortable pace. The early light of the day allowing them to see her as she moved out onto the deck.

All the men felt the stirrings of lust as the satellite revolved giving them an unobstructed view of her. There was nothing like a woman who could handle a weapon.

They watched as she lifted up a sign and held it up to the sky. “Zoom in on that, Mr. White.” The man did as instructed. And as they closed in on the sign the words became legible. It read:




By this time all the agents were crowded around the screen. “What the hell?” Enrique asked the question they were all thinking.

They watched as she lowered the sign and waved someone forward. A tall burly man, face protected from recognition, drug a struggling Mace Dylan into view. The room fell silent as the woman on the screen slashed her hand through the air. The man holding Mace let him go.

The room full of agents watched in soundless horror as she dispassionately drew her sidearm and shot Mace Dylan in the forehead. He fell back onto the hard deck, blood streaming from the single hole in his head.

“Kill her,” one man said. A different man typed a code into the computer and pressed the return key. All eyes waited for the capsule to take effect.

The woman looked up as a sinister look came across her face. Together she and the man with her heaved Mace’s boneless body over the side of the yacht. Then she looked back up to the sky, reached in her pocket and dropped what she pulled from it onto the deck.

One booted toe stuck out and stepped on one. Suddenly the flashing red tracker mark on a computer monitor disappeared. A sinking feeling draped around the group in the room as they realized what were witnessing.

That same boot hovered over the other object, she took one last glance upward, waved, flipped them the bird, and stepped down crushing the tracker inside the deployed cyanide pill. The other monitor went black removing her from view.

The room erupted into a fury of activity as they tried to bring up a satellite that could zero in on her position. The marker that had been placed inside Mace was moving slightly, but considering he was sinking overboard they didn’t overanalyze it.

Sonia began to cry. The rest of her team was silent as they realized that this whole plan had gone wrong. Mace was dead, and his killer was out there with no way to find her.

For today…

October 7th, 2014

Nothing like finishing grooming a pup and they run straight to the nearest hole of dirt and roll in it. Sigh…but, she’s happy so I’m good. Plus it’s not like she’s going in the ring anytime soon with her patchy puppy coat. Also did some weeding this morning so the house looks better. Now that that’s done I have a bit of writing to tackle, then some cleaning. Another room is getting worked on today, I’m tired of the clutter so stuff is going away. Any big plans for the day out there?