It’s Friday!!!!

April 18th, 2014

Off to do a Canine Class with Nina, should last a few hours as we have quite a few groups coming through. Glad she’s good at this. :-P
Have decided I really, really, really don’t like it when my schedule gets messed up. Don’t like continually having to readjust my stuff because others can’t keep their word. Le sigh… I reckon that’s life and I will deal and move on.
Other pups are curled up with DH and crashed in bed.
Once I’m back it’s off to get more word count done and get prizes together to send out since I’ve not done that given as I was…gone. Hopefully will get caught up on all emails and twitter today as well. If you have emailed me, thanks for being patient and allowing me to enjoy my trip and giving me some time to respond.
Have a stellar Friday, y’all!!

Happy April Fool’s Day…

April 1st, 2014
Safe travels to all who are making their way to the BCOA National Specialty Show. See y’all there! Finishing up the last few things needed to be done then I’m roadtripping with Lanna. Everything I need loaded on the Kindle is there so I’m covered books and workwise. DH wanted to come, but bless the man, he’s staying back to work and take care of the devil cat. Promised I’d bring him some brownies and some hot sauce. So…gotta get mama to make him some brownies. Dogs are staying close to the luggage making sure I don’t leave them behind. Looking forward to this trip even though I still have to work some, it’s all in the notebook. — listening to Transformers: The Score.

Last day of March…

March 31st, 2014
I actually made my errand…they seemed surprised to see me, I told him I wasn’t sure why given the numerous reminders y’all sent. Sigh…I’m not that bad about forgetting. So, dogs have been to the groomers, thank you so much JA-Pen’s Grooming Salon and Teresa Campbell for making Lily and Nina look sooooo much better. Best of luck to you and Chevy at y’all’s National. They’ve all played with Opal… and are resting out in the sun, so looks like I’m up for starting to repack the van. Gonna do as much as I can before Lanna Farrell gets here tomorrow night. Then we’re off to create mayhem and trouble…erm…I mean be proper ladies…yes, yes, that’s what I mean. Do behave people…or at least, try. Earbuds in and music is on. I’m out! — listening to Wicked (musical album).See More


March 30th, 2014

Sigh…Lily was at it again, two more bags were open when I came downstairs this morning. Nothing taken out because what she wanted had been put in the van (yep, I learned yesterday), but…I’m going to have to watch her a lot more carefully from now on, this crazy girl. Guess all those times she watched me open them to get something out for her at a race or show has taught her how to do it. Now I have dogs who open doors, unzip zippers (waiting for her to open one of the soft crates…that will be fun) and more. My life is never boring, for sure. I’m off to run some more errands with hubby. Hope all y’all have a delightful and blessed Sunday. — listening to Luke Bryan.

It’s Saturday!!

March 29th, 2014

There comes a time when you realize some changes have to be made. It won’t be fun but it will be necessary. I’ve come to that conclusion. Oh well…my life will carry on. I hope all y’all are having a wonderful Saturday, I just got back from the Nex where I learned a lot about the cost of gold (and silver) market value and distributor value as well as what a troy ounce was. The things I learn while getting highlights in my hair. :-P It was interesting…who knows, it may show up in a book. Now, I’m off to handle some things then get some writing done after I clean house.

It’s Friday!!

March 28th, 2014
Went out for breakfast biz meeting with Tessa Berkley and ate a delicious waffle. Loved our waiter, we’ve had him before and he is just spectacular. Any man who just brings me more tea w/o needing to be asked and makes me laugh, is awesome in my book. Then we went to Barnes and Noble where I bought a few things. *grin* Some new journals Wonder Woman and…get this, LaVerne Thompson, two Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag journals! I’m so stoked to get a chance to use them. Bringing one with me to RT in May for note taking.

Happy day…

March 27th, 2014

Another day, more stories, and more writing. I do love it so. Looking forward to the Preconception party tomorrow, and hope to see y’all there. Don’t forget to check the time, it’s posted as UTC time so adjust accordingly for your time zone. Now, I’m off to…hmm…perhaps take some time to read a book for myself. Then again…maybe not. Have a spectacular day, y’all!


March 26th, 2014

Got a boatload of things done today *feeling accomplished* and am now heading for my notebook to try and get some writing in. Although, a nap would be lovely, I don’t take them unless I’m sick. And…this is me not asking to be sick. I will just have to think about a nap. Been house hunting and found a few more I liked. Looks like I’ll be making a trip out relatively soon to take an up-close and personal look at them. Hope all y’all are having a magnificent Wednesday. — listening to The Man from Snowy River (1982 film) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Another day…

March 25th, 2014

Okay, taking a break from cleaning and writing. Found out I have money from Amz as well (courtesy of the settlement) so looks like I get to do a little therapy…erm…research?? and pick up some more books. The rain has started so house is full of sleeping, wet dogs who have enjoyed playing in the mud. Me? I’m off to work on another story and perhaps read for a while. How’s y’all’s day going?

Happy Sunday!

March 23rd, 2014

Edits done. Now to forge up some breakfast. Then off to the notebook. Happy Sunday!