December KU Giveaway!

December 1st, 2018
My story in this for the giveaway is SAVOR, Book 5 in my Cottonwoods Falls series. Blurb is below.

When you slow it all down, you’re allowed to savor.

Piers Cuyper is a single father. His son, having withdrawn since his mother’s death, needs a teacher who will bring out the best in him. Piers found that teacher in London Rhymes. But that wasn’t all he found in her.

London Rhymes loved teaching the children of Cottonwood Falls. Her steadfast rule of not getting involved with one of her students parents went by the wayside when she met Piers. He could be everything she’d ever possibly want but will she allow herself the chance?

Friday’s First Liner ~ Need You Now

December 14th, 2018

“Sometimes, you just need some dick.”


Genre: Contemporary

Series: Monroe Sisters, Book 1

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Wednesday Whisper ~ Need You Now

December 12th, 2018

Five consultations and her rounds finished, Eva sat at her desk and groaned, leaning back.

“You okay, Doc?”

“Know what the worst thing about a vacation is, Michela? Coming back to work. I need a vacation from my vacation, just to recover.”

The nurse laughed.

Eva slanted her gaze to her. “I’m telling you the truth. I am still exhausted.”

“I’m sure you are. It was all that sex you were having.”

Her body flushed at the mention of sex. Cripes, she had to get a grip. “Something like that,” she hedged.

Michela snorted. “Oh, please. You came back looking all relaxed and sated. You can play it off if you want, but we all know the truth. You had your clock cleaned. Your world rocked. Tires rotated.”

She sat forward, hands out. “Please, stop. I get it. You think I had wild, crazy, amazing sex.”

Her friend crossed her arms and arched a finely plucked black eyebrow. “Tell me I’m wrong.”

She couldn’t, not even a little bit.

Michela knew it and laughed harder this time around. “May want to work on that before the others catch up to you. They’re going to want all the details.”

“And you don’t?”

“I plan on having them tonight at dinner. We’re still on, right?”

“Yes, I’m not saying no to one of your meals.”

“You just love me for my cooking skills.”

“At least I’m honest about it.” Eva shrugged with as much innocence as she could muster. To tell the truth, it wasn’t all that much.

“You’ve got it bad for him. I can’t wait to hear all about it. But not now. We have a party to get to.”

This time her smile was wide and full of happiness. Eva pushed to her feet. “Yes, we do.”


Tuesday Teaser ~ Need You Now

December 11th, 2018

She covered her eyes. “This is the problem—well, one of the problems—with having a professor and an ADA as siblings, you two are used to having to yell. There is something called an inside voice. You know, where you talk quieter, so the entire bar doesn’t learn about me not having sex lately?”

“Because that was stated so eloquently and with your inside voice.” Shai’s tone dripped with humor.

Lord, could the floor just swallow me up? She met the amber gaze of the man across the way.

From the way his bow-shaped lips had kicked up, he’d overheard the embarrassing exchange. He raised his beer in her direction.

“Focus, please.”

Professor tone. That’s what Eva called it. She’d heard Shai use it numerous times in her classes and it never failed to silence the noise even in an auditorium. However, her sibling had a way with people and could easily get them to listen to her. It was a gift.

“I need a refill for this,” Eva groused, waving for another pink-grapefruit margarita. “Especially since the last bit wasn’t enjoyed as it exited my nose.”

Monday Book Memories ~ Need You Now

December 10th, 2018

I envisioned a series of sisters who weren’t of blood but closer than many who are. They were all going to have their adventures being along a beach when they took a week to separate Mexican resorts. Well, as usual my plans didn’t work out how I had anticipated them.

However, this one, the first, did…sort of.

Here’s the eldest of the three girls.


What happens when that first spark is undeniable?

Pediatric oncologist Eva Monroe was finally heading for vacation in Puerto Vallarta to enjoy some much-needed rest, relaxation and sex. It was her goal to find someone to indulge in for the night—or the week, her choice.

Emergency room surgeon and member of Doctors Without Borders Grant Harrison is having fun during his time at the beach when he spies Eva and the heat between them slams into him with incredible force. After he approaches her, they end up going back to his room. What begins as a hot, intense encounter grows to more as they spend the rest of her time there together. Learning about each other and becoming close.

When they leave, neither want to end what they have started to build, but they’re not exactly neighbors. They decide to try a long-distance relationship—she visits him in Arizona and he her in Iowa, but they want more. Who is going to be the one to give up what they have for the other?

Someone has to make a choice. But when it comes, will it be too late?

Sunday Sentiment

December 9th, 2018

The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser — in case you thought optimism was dead.

~Robert Brault

Friday’s First Liner ~ A Love for Lera

December 7th, 2018

Her teeth hurt courtesy of the shaking and noise from the boisterous crowd.


Genre: Paranormal, Interracial

Series: Haikon, Book 1

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CrossRoads Anthology for Pre-Order and a look at one of the stories inside

December 6th, 2018

There are 20 authors in this collective bringing you 19 incredible stories.


One of the talented authors in this anthology is Latrivia Welch.

Here is the blurb for her story, Good Luck, Charlie!

Genre: Sweet Interracial Romance Novella


Super career woman, Charlotte “Charlie” Justice has done everything right for as long as she can remember. So why did her boyfriend just break up with her and move out? Forced to take on a roommate, she finds the newly divorced Brick Coulter may be more than she can handle. He’s everything she’s never wanted in a man, but could be just what she needs.


Here is a bit of information about the rest of the series!






Preorder Crossroads!

Join 20 bestselling and award-winning authors as they bring you action, adventure and drama in these 19 multi-genre stories that will keep you entertained even after you finish the books.

These stories run the gamut of the paranormal, other worlds, contemporary, millionaires, military themed, alpha males, romantic suspense and even a touch of intrigue. There’s something for everyone and enough for all.

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These are the authors you will find in the anthology:

New York Times & USA Bestselling Author Eve Vaughn

USA Today Bestselling Author Ailyah Aliyah Burke

USA Today Bestselling Author Latriva Welch

Bestselling Author S.K. Leesly

USA Today Bestselling Author LaVerne Thompson

Bestselling Author Phoenix Daniels

Bestselling Author Kassanna

USA Today Bestselling Author Afton Locke

Bestselling Author Angela Kay Austin

Bestselling Author Reana Malori

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Bestselling Authors Jayha Leigh & Jeanie Johnson

Bestselling Author Naleighna Kai

Bestselling Author Savannah J. Frierson

Bestselling Author Shara Azod

Bestselling Author Ursula Sinclair

Wednesday Whisper ~ A Love for Lera

December 5th, 2018

Kori leaned against the dresser and crossed his arms. The bathroom door cracked opened, and Lera’s voice filtered out.

“Rissa, come help me with this bandage.”

He licked his lips and strode to the door. “I’m not Rissa but I’m more than willing to help,” Kori said.

“Kori?” Her question was high-pitched.

“Expecting someone else?”

“No…I just…oh fine,” she huffed. “Get in here.”

He pulled the door open the rest of the way and promptly lost all the air in his lungs. Lera waited in black leather pants, heeled boots, and a white bra that split the enticing brownness of her skin. Not even the faded scars could detract from her beauty. His cock hardened and pressed insistently against his jeans. He could feel the call her figure gave to him, and it wasn’t easy to ignore.

“Well, don’t just stand there. I’m already self-conscious enough with you looking at me. Can you just fix the bandage?”

Kori stepped to her side, and the fresh scent of Lera swarmed him. Her breathing became shallow and fast, her nose flared, and her pupils dilated. “Never feel self-conscious about your body, Lera.” He reached for the bandage and quickly tied it along her upper arm. Finished, Kori didn’t move; he just held her gaze.

“Thank you,” she said.

“By the gods, you are beautiful,” he murmured, skimming her cheek with his knuckles.

Immediately, he saw the walls go up around her, and he could feel her retreating from him. Oh, Lera. I wish I could take away all your painful memories and replace them with nothing but good. He dropped his hand, reached behind him for her shirt and gave it to her.

Lera tugged it on over her head, hiding her succulent body from him. Not that it stopped the desire he had for her. Instead of backing up and giving her more space, Kori closed the distance between them.

“Lera,” he uttered. Her eyes, haunted, met his. “Anáil de mo anam.” Kori kissed her. Allowed his touch to tell her things he wasn’t sure how to voice.

Her whimper tore at his heart. It didn’t take long and she kissed him back. He could feel the desperation in her kiss. The need for a memory of something other than pain.

Back and forth along her tongue his stroked. Kori slid his hands down to cup her ass and pull her tight against him. Lera mewled in the back of her throat and rubbed along his hard shaft. The flames grew to raging within him. She reached up and around his neck, intertwining her fingers into his hair and pressing their mouths together even more.

With a growl, he backed her up to the wall and increased the intensity of the kiss. He nipped at her invading tongue and shuddered when she returned the favor. Moving his hand to the hem of her shirt, he’d just slid beneath it when he heard the door to the room open behind him. This time, his growl was one of frustration. Tamping back his craving for the woman in his arms, Kori removed his hand and ended the kiss. Her gaze met his, a mixture of frustration and need within the brown eyes.

“Rissa’s back,” he whispered.

She licked her lips and nodded. “Tha…thank you for fixing my bandage.”

He raked her with his gaze. “My pleasure.” Kori allowed his fingers to trail over her full lips briefly before he stepped away and walked out to where both Rissa and Cavan were.

Teaser Tuesday ~ A Love for Lera

December 4th, 2018

Before he realized it, he’d picked the lock and slipped into her dark room. His rapid reflexes were the only reason he wasn’t bleeding. He jumped back as the material of his shirt parted courtesy of the blade she’d swiped at him. Two more quick and precise attacks came before he opened his mouth.

“Stop attacking me, Lera.”

“Kori?” Her voice was sleepy but hard.

A glow filled the room as she turned on the light. And he lost what little breath he had left. Her hair was tousled; a light gray sleeveless tatty t-shirt hung from her shoulders and black lounge pants rode low on curvy hips. And around her neck sat a silver necklace, one he knew well for he’d given it to her when she was thirteen. A silver oval with the Ogham letter “C” marking on it in jet. Need, raw, hungry and angry roared through him. He could feel the wolf pushing through.

“Are you insane?” she snapped. “Why would you sneak in here? I told you I wouldn’t go back to the bar without you.” Lera raked a hand through her hair, and the light in the room glinted off the silver rings on her hands. “Sweet goddess, do you know what my daddy would do if I had to tell him I killed you?”

Kori fought the urge to smile. He couldn’t begin to explain how grateful he was by her not even thinking he was there to hurt her. “Yeah, I can imagine how bad my death would be for you,” he drolled, cocking a brow at her.

Monday Book Memories ~ A Love for Lera

December 3rd, 2018

This is the story of Dane Sidorov’s eldest daughter. Although she’s not of his blood, he would do anything to protect her. However, this time, she has to find the strength from deep within.


Two races, both honored, one known and one believed extinct come together, engaging in a battle for love.

Cormac “Kori” MacLochlainne has known for years who his mate is but until now it hadn’t been the right time to claim her. She’s everything he could want, perfect to him. Only she doesn’t see herself that way so it’s up to him to convince her, even if that includes allowing her to go on this crazy rescue.

Lera Sidorov is empty. Despite her loving and protective family she is, not whole. Lacking. Incomplete. On her search for her friend, she not only discovers how she and Kori are intertwined but something else…part of something presumed lost to this world long ago, something which will complete her and allow her to be the woman she was created to be.