Wednesday Whisper ~ Casanova in Training

He turned her in his embrace so that they were face to face. His eyes were dark and smouldered with desire. Her heart pounded out of control—this was her weakness, this man here. Giovanni Cassano.

“We shouldn’t,” she murmured as his head closed the distance between them.

“Nope.” He kissed her lightly, dragging his tongue along her lips.

“We could get in trouble for it.”

“Big trouble,” he agreed, nibbling on the side of her neck as his hands lifted her shirt.

Her breaths were ragged as he removed her shirt and bra. Bare chest to bare chest, he gathered her close and stroked his fingers down the small of her back.

“Against regulations.”

“Agreed.” He lifted her and carried her to her bed, laying her there and tugging down her pants.

“It’s foolish.”

“Absolutely,” he agreed, shucking his own clothes and sliding on a condom.

“Really, really shouldn’t be doing this.”

Gio rose up over her and settled between her legs. “Career killer,” he mumbled before he sank home inside her with a single powerful stroke. Jaydee closed her eyes and forgot everything else.

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