Wednesday Whisper ~ Keeper of the Stars, Pt. 1

Lian gave a smile, which was more a baring of teeth. “I disagree. You see when I met her last night, she wanted to kill herself. Not me. She was bleeding and has proof of abuse on her body. I can only imagine what you have done to her mentally if you did what I saw physically . I won’t let you take her.”

For the second time in a long time, she was met with a feeling of hope. Whoever this man was could he, would he, truly help her?

Exhaustion consumed her and her legs began to shake. They wouldn’t hold her up any longer and Ricky’s fingers dug in tight as she collapsed. He jerked her up.

“Stand up, damn it!”

Lian’s head snapped in their direction. A bolt of lightning sank into a tree near them and thunder boomed simultaneously. Everyone but Lian jumped. She focused on his eyes, even as Ricky muttered behind her. Lian’s gaze had brightened and she wondered if the lightning hadn’t come from him.

Whatever they gave me is fucking with my head because that’s just insane. Why would lightning come from his eyes? Doesn’t make sense.




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