Wednesday Whisper ~ Seducing Damian

Damian couldn’t believe it. He almost reached up to his face just to make sure he wasn’t standing there with his mouth hanging open. She was, after all, the daughter of the most respected man on Egyptian artefacts and mythology. To say he was shocked was the understatement of the year. Was it possible to be standing before the daughter of a man he idolized so much?

“Amon Seini? I am honoured to meet his daughter.” Damian nodded in a show of respect. He knew that name very well and longed for the day he got to meet him. He was surprised he hadn’t made the connection when they were first introduced. “That would explain your name.”

“What do you mean, Damian?” Angela asked.

“Her name is a form of Amon,” Damian explained, simultaneously wishing that Angela would disappear.

“Be careful what you wish for, Damian.” The sultry voice intruded into his head.

Eyes wide, he glanced over at Amenitré. She watched him intently but there were no telltale signs that she had said anything to him. “I would love to see your collection of artefacts,” he blurted.

“Wonderful,” Amenitré purred. She held out her hand, and clasped in her fingertips was a card. “Here is my number, call it and we will set up a time. If you will excuse me, I need a word with the mayor before I take my leave.” A polite smile left her face for Angela and her eyes warmed considerably when she glanced back to Damian. “I look forward to hearing from you.”

“Nice to meet you,” Angela said.

“I will call soon,” Damian promised.

“Good. Have a wonderful evening, both of you.” She turned and walked off.

You’d better, Damian.” Those words rang in his head as he watched the seductive sway of her red-clad hips. He swallowed. His body was so coiled right now; it was all he could do to stop himself from following her and kissing her.

“She seemed pretty interested in you,” Angela observed.

Damian looked down at Amenitré’s card. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the hieroglyphics on the small rectangular paper. He may be horny as hell because of the woman who just left his presence, but he still knew how to read hieroglyphs. And what was on this card was identical to what was on her necklace. Sekhmet.

“Damian.” Angela pulled on his arm.


“Do you find her attractive?”

“Yes,” he blurted out.

Her green eyes narrowed. “I’m ready to go now, Damian.” He watched as she shot an evil glare at the back of the woman who snared his attention.

Mentally groaning at the memory of them riding in the same vehicle, Damian sighed. “Okay. Just let me say goodbye to the curator.”

Angela nodded. The longstanding friendship between Damian and the curator of the museum was well known to all. “I’ll be by the door. Don’t be long, lover.” Her hands trailed familiarly over the body she had loved earlier that evening.

His skin crawled at her words. “I’ll be right back,” he agreed.

Quick movements took him over to where Jonas Bottomley stood speaking to a group of people. The small, rotund old man never failed to bring a smile to Damian’s face. Jonas had a huge handlebar moustache that was as white as the hair on his head.

“Damian,” the man cackled as the others wandered away. “Good to see you here, son. I called you earlier this evening to see if you wanted to get in here tonight, but you didn’t pick up. Then, when I saw the woman you walked in with, I understood.” He laughed robustly at his joke.

Damian shook the withered hand, not even attempting to stop the grin from crossing his face. “Jonas, good to see you. Truth be told, I would rather have come with you than who I did. She is ready to leave and there is so much more I want to see.”

The thinning white hair moved as he nodded. “I understand. A woman like that would get bored especially once the attention was off her. What is her interest in?”

“Greek history. I thought…hoped this would interest her more.” Damian shrugged. It was her damn decision to come here anyway.

“There is a Greek display, downstairs. Perhaps she would like to see that.”

“I’ll tell her. Thanks, Jonas.”

“Well, it wouldn’t do for you to chase after Ms. Seini with another woman around.” The old man had a calculated gleam in his watery eyes.

That stopped Damian. “What are you talking about?”

“Please, a woman here whose father is one of, if not the leading Egyptologist in the world. Why wouldn’t you be interested in pursuing her? Not that her looks don’t help your decision.” Jonas slapped him on the back. “She walked upstairs. You follow her and I will tend to your date and take her to the Greek display.” The man cackled again and walked off.

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