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Saturday Selection ~ Fashion, Lies, & Murder by Sibel Hodge

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

51shpmooJ5L__SY346_This time a new to me series and author. Looking forward to the mystery.

Here we have book one in the Amber Fox Murder Mystery series and the blurb is below:

Amber Fox has been making too many mistakes, and something’s got to give…

For starters, Amber accidentally shoots Chief Inspector Janice Skipper and gets thrown off the police force. Oops! Then, she accepts a job as an insurance investigator from her ex-fiancé, Brad Beckett. Only Brad thinks they’ve still got unfinished business in the romance department, making for a steamier working environment than Amber counted on. And when fashion designer, Umberto Fandango, goes missing, Amber’s investigative skills are put to the ultimate test. Nothing about the case is what it seems, and to make matters worse Amber’s arch-enemy, Chief Inspector Skipper, is also investigating the disappearance. If Amber wants her old job back, she’s in a race against time to solve the mystery before Skipper does… all the while dodging her ex-fiancé, her own mixed up feelings, and a couple of crazy mobsters.

Who is Umberto Fandango? Is he dead? And can Amber stay one step ahead to stay alive?

(Note: Formerly published under the title “The Fashion Police”)


Check out this book by @sibelhodge if you are looking for a mystery to read. I am looking forward to it.

I’m hanging out at the A to Z Challenge today, come see me.

Monday, April 3rd, 2017


Hanging out here today and am doing a takeover 9 Apr 17 at 8pm EST with Taige Crenshaw, so check that out as well. Hope to see you there!

Release Day!

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Happy 1st of March to all y’all!

I hope everyone is having a great 2017 thus far. It’s been a struggle for me but holding my head up and pushing on. #stayingpositive

So, I wanted to let all y’all know that my story, Just A Dream, has been rereleased. It has undergone a cover change and a publisher change. Now with Twisted E-Publishing it’s available there and at all retail outlets.


Liam Quinn has recently returned from a tour over in the Middle East. He may need a lot of things but a stranded potentially hysterical woman isn’t one of them. Still, he wasn’t raised to ignore a damsel in distress. What he gets is nothing like he expects.

Caden Bradshaw has lost men in her life due to the ravages of war. As a widow she fights to get veterans and dependents the benefits owed to them. Determined not to become involved with another man who wears a military uniform, she is thrown by the tall Marine who rescues her alongside the road.

One determined to pursue the sparks between them and one unable to relinquish the past, their budding relationship is tested. When Liam is recalled back to the warzone, Caden realizes just how much he means to her. Will she get a chance to tell him, or will it all have been…

Just A Dream





New Giveaway and a boxset up for preorder

Sunday, February 19th, 2017









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Up for preorder!

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to let you know about a boxset I’m in (releasing in April) that’s now up for preorder! If you love #shifters then this is a set for you. #PNR #magic #romance #urbanfantasy #USAToday #NTTimes #awardwinning #bestselling #dragons #99c #boxset

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Rerelease and another giveaway!

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

AliyahBurke_YouSaveMe 1Happy Sunday!

So today, I have the rerelease of You Save Me coming back out. Again, this is a rerelease, yes there is about 5k in new content but the story in general has been out before.







Also another giveaway that I’m part of starts today. This one is:

New Release Followers Giveaway and it runs from 15 Jan – 23 Jan!

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So check it out and maybe find some new to you authors!


New Release!

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Happy Monday!

I hope this finds all y’all well and ready for this holiday season. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a box set with USA Today, Amazon, and multi-published best selling authors. Yvette Hines, Pepper Pace, Maggie Carpenter, Stephanie Morris and Cara North and we’ve come together to weave intertwining tales full of romance, intrigue, dark secrets, passion, a few wishes and so much more. 18+. Available on Amazon for 99 cents for a limited release time. All new stories. #SSHHeroes


Hands On by Yvette Hines
Gabe Dresken, owner of Dresken Lumber & Forestry Company was born and raised in Apple Valley, NC. Over his lifetime, he’s seen others come and go from the small town. As the only child of his mother, head of the family business, the opportunity was never there for him to be anywhere else. With the holidays and class reunions bringing people back to town he wonders what fate has planned for him. When the hot newcomer in town working for his mother gets her hands on him, he can’t think of anything but dragging her into his arms.
Emeri Haven Jones needs a change and a reason to jet from the big city that is becoming a nightmare to her career. Her cousin, the mayor of a small town, convinces her to move to AV. Getting a job as a masseuse at A Valley Dream Spa helps her settle in quick, but her boss’s sexy son is giving her thoughts of home and hearth. Gabe may not be the reason she came to the town, but he’s looking like a great reason to stay.
Passion drew them both in, but when jealousy and past secrets rise only love can keep them give them forever.
No Place Like Home by Stephanie Morris
Tabitha Grier never thought she’d return to Apple Valley. The memories she’d left behind were not pleasant. Yet, those she ran from now were worse. The one thing that made going through a very contentious divorce with her ex-husband was the fact that she’d never have to deal with him again. She has finally crawled out of the hell her life used to be and plans to move on—even if it takes her the rest of her life. Getting a job at the Wakefield Cattle Ranch puts her on the right path. Unfortunately it also means she has to work in close proximity Aiden Wakefield—a man who stirs up desires she’d thought no longer existed within her.
Aiden Wakefield’s life feels as though it’s in shambles. The past two years of his life have been filled with nothing but tragedy. Losing his fiancé, unborn child and mother has left him emotionally closed off. He spends every waking moment of his day working himself to the brink of exhaustion. However, that all changes the moment he meets the new employee at his family’s cattle ranch. Tabitha is a fresh breath of air that he doesn’t want to inhale. She brings up emotions he no longer wants to allow himself to feel. But as Christmas draws near Aiden starts to realize that the best gift he’s every received isn’t up under the tree. 
The Kiss Stealer from Pepper Pace
Kara is a tattooed, pierced, bike-riding orphan who has just lost her adopted mother and father. She is now on her way to a small southern town to search for her birth parents. Steeped in southern tradition Kara stands out among the God-fearing, traditional occupants. But one man doesn’t seem to mind, seems to even prefer Kara’s city-ways. Noah Drinkwater knows everyone and intends to help Kara in her search, not just for family but maybe even for a place that she can call her home.
A Song for Liam by Maggie Carpenter
Liam Taylor, country music’s answer to Simon Cowell, has built a magnificent hillside home in the sleepy community of Apple Valley.
Summer Brown, an aspiring singer, learns the famous star-maker has moved into town and is determined to audition. She manipulates her way into his house pretending to look for work.
Attracted to the bright, bubbly blonde, the famous Svengali hires her, and as the days become weeks their simmering attraction grows…then Liam discovers her deception
Believing she’ll never see him again, heartbroken she leaves.
But unexpectedly mother nature’s fury throws them back together, and they find themselves in a bone-chilling blizzard battling to survive. Fighting through the icy elements, the smoldering erotic cinders continue to spark, but after her dreadful lie and tearful exit, how will those embers ignite?
Strap on your skis and get ready for this white-knuckle ride. From the first two words this surprise-filled sizzling romance from Maggie Carpenter will have you in its warm-gloved grip, keeping you there to the very last page.
3 Wishes by Cara North
His entire life revolves around the bakery and the newly opened bistro next door. He is determined to expand the business, but all work has left him with no prospects for an heir of his own. Then the California girl shows up asking for 3 wishes like he is a genie. Only the 3 wishes she wants may be the exact wishes he needs to fulfill.
Felicity Ryan was at the end of her rope in California when her co-worker and friend suggested she take a trip to Apple Valley and this bakery that was nothing short of real magic. It seemed far-fetched, but with a car full of her belongings and no real destination, she thought that Apple Valley was as good a destination as any to begin a new life on her own terms.
Brodie’s Wish by Aliyah Burke
Brodie Wallace had finally done a good thing in his life. He’d come home to Apple Valley to take care of his ailing father. He wasn’t keen on being back, but, his old man deserved it for he had always been there for him.
Shea Worthington was ordered home. For this Marine Captain, her mother was one of the few things that made her fearful, so, she was headed home for Christmas. Apple Valley was a place she’d never intended to return to unless absolutely necessary. But when she runs into Brodie, more like runs him off the road, even before she gets to town, she realizes this time here may not be so bad.
Not one to form attachments, Shea is guarded but Brodie wants to bust down those walls. It’s Christmas time, supposed to be a time for miracles, will the spirit of the holiday grant Brodie’s Wish?

New Lone Star Burn Kindleworld releases…

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Check out the newest releases in Ruth Cardello’s Lone Star Burn Kindleworld series.14188189_1409440979083245_6454858822731919708_o

Lone Star Burn Kindle World

Brought to you by Ruth Cardello





Heat in Texas comes from more than one source…  US Deputy Marshal Teena Mason is stranded. Not in a big town, no, but near a small town named Fort Mavis. After waiting hours in the Texas heat she is rescued and gets a room to rent. When she’s grabbing a bite to eat, she’s reunited with a man she didn’t even know lived here. One she’s had a fling with on occasion.  US Marshal Patrick West is both shocked and pleased when he finds the woman he meets for weekends of hot sex in his hometown. He wants to convince her there is more than just their clandestine meetings between them. Can he show her that he knows more about her than what pertains to the bedroom? Will he have the chance when they are both called back to duty on put on the trail of killers?

Watching You by Aliyah Burke




Since being discharged from the army after his medical helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, Leo Harris has been having trouble finding normal. A third panic attack at work signals his PTSD is still spiraling out of control and leads to a leave of absence.  With nothing but time on his hands, he accepts an offer from a friend to travel to the lone star state’s Cassidy Cattle Ranch. There he meets River Neil and the four wild mustangs she’s gentling. Can the determined daughter of a cattle rancher who is trying to find her own way and the dapple grey wild mustang who’s latched onto Leo help him rediscover himself or will his battle scars stand in the way?

Lone Star Leave by Constance Phillips






Maggie McAfee has not returned to Honeysuckle Ranch since her parents died in an accident a few years before. She has a great job as a professor of obscure literature looking toward tenure at a big California university. Life is perfect. Well not perfect, but pretty good. She misses her brother and dreams of her high school sweetheart, but a woman can’t have everything. And what good was she to the ranch? She couldn’t even sit a horse. It would take a lot to get her home again. Like a terminally ill brother who has only days or weeks to live.  Will Kyle has also been far from the Fort Travis area for the past several years. His stepfather’s heavy handed takeover of his family property made being there too painful. But his current job as foreman for a large ranch in Oklahoma has ended suddenly and Baxter McAfee’s job offer comes at a great time. What could be better than working for his old buddy on the prettiest ranch, with the best reputation? And with Maggie never coming home, his heart is safe.  But fate has other plans, or maybe Baxter does. A collision of hearts in the face of impending grief will almost certainly end in disaster. No matter how much a dying man wishes for the two people he loves the most to realize what fools they’ve been.

The Foreman and the Lady by Kate Richards





Elementary school teacher Blythe Williams is in need of an adventure. Since a messy break-up six months ago, she hasn’t had the time or the will to date again. So, when a girl’s week at a gulf coast resort comes along, she’s more than ready to jump back in the dating trenches, knowing any hook-ups will be short lived and uncomplicated.  Hunter Cole isn’t the typical Fort Mavis cowboy. The ex-Marine turned kennel manager and part-time rancher has tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome down pat. But the Cole family comes with its share of Texas-sized family drama he’d rather leave behind.  When a broken down car and a mix-up of identity puts Blythe in Hunter’s crosshairs, sparks fly and inhibitions vanish, but will a week with a stranger be enough to mend two broken hearts?

Lone Star Sizzle by Reagan Phillips




Brock Callahan has spent the last fifteen years in federal prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Hardened beyond redemption, he heads back to Bard Texas to find the person who framed him only to run into the one woman he hasn’t been able to forget. Today, his world began to turn again.  Libby Reynolds loved and lost at the tender age of sixteen when the man of her dreams was tried and convicted of murder. Unable to believe he could ever hurt someone, she’s always held out the hope that someday he would come back to her. That day is today.  Can Brock and Libby find their way back to each other when the truth is revealed? Murder, lies, and broken hearts are the name of the game when the sun sets and the web of corruption is exposed.

Lost Soul by Sandy Sullivan




After being caught in a compromising position, Raelyn Parker needs an escape and her sister’s home in Fort Mavis is the perfect place. Or the worst place. She’s not sure yet. Bad boy cowboys have suddenly become her weakness, especially one in particular. Several townspeople warn her away from him, but she sees something they don’t. This bad boy isn’t as bad as he pretends to be.  Hayes Turner likes his women the same way he likes his liquor—no fuss, straight up, and readily available. The burn from the liquor he can handle, but he vowed to never again be in a position to let a woman destroy him. He has no trouble keeping the women in his life in his bed, but far from his heart, until a big city spitfire reignites something inside him that’s long been extinguished.

Whiskey & Women by Stephanie Haefner






Something unexpected leads to the perfect partner for a lifetime…  Louisa “Lou” Langston isn’t expecting to find a man who makes her pulse race when she makes another trip to her doctor’s office. He not only makes her pulse race but makes her wonder what could be. Yet she doesn’t dare expect anything since she knows life doesn’t give you a happy ever after. At least not one that is true. Instead it kicks you in the teeth and makes you just keep going to the next day and living. But…maybe she can have just a moment for now. She’ll take what the new doctor in town has to offer and not let her heart or emotions get involved. Too bad her heart doesn’t seem to know the plan.  Sinclair Bentley doesn’t know what to do about the sexy woman who he treated. Especially when he finds out she is known for being accident prone with a knack for getting injured in some of the strangest ways. There is something about Lou that makes him want to get to know her better. Getting involved after just recently moving to Fort Mavis wasn’t anywhere in the plan. He wants to just enjoy living. However he finds himself drawn to Lou and he isn’t a man who walks away from anything that intrigues him. And Lou is that as well as an enigma. She claims she doesn’t want to get involved beyond the physically yet the things she does contradicts her words. Lou might say one thing but it’s up to him to show this stubborn woman that she wants more than just for now and he is the one to give her that happy ever after she refuses to believe in.  When a stubborn woman meets a determined man realization dawns that life doesn’t give you a happy ever after…you have to go for it to find your perfect partner.

Perfect Partner by Taige Crenshaw




Release Day!

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

May the Fourth be with you!

Yes, I’m a geek that way.

Happy 4 May and happy release day to myself and the other authors who have been included in this Kindleworlds release day launch. I’m in both Bella Andre’s Game of Love and Lucy Kevin’s Four Weddings & A Fiasco worlds. I’m honored to have been asked to be part of these releases. 13101298_10154260039907147_1717998112_n

First up–Delay of Game 

It only takes one moment to change the game forever…

Sergej Markovich is the star player, the left winger, for the Washington Raptors. And he wants the Stanley Cup. Asked by his friend and teammate to pick up a woman from the airport, he doesn’t realize that this woman is the one, the only one, who would be able to delay his game. She’s not at all as he expected and now that he’s met her, all he can think about is getting beneath the layers she has around her.

Constantine Gleason is taking a break from work to hang out with her best friend to watch her brother in the quarterfinals of the run for the Stanley Cup. Only when she sees who’s picking her up–not her friend Vale, or Vale’s brother, she isn’t sure she’s not dreaming. Sex on skates. And when the opportunity comes, she takes it not caring about how she may feel in the morning.Their whirlwind relationship has the potential for more, if they are both willing to make sacrifices. And that’s the question, is Sergej willing to let there be a delay of game?











Next up: The Wedding Snafu

She’s a stand-in groomsman and he’s the best man who can’t keep his eyes off her…

Donal O’Keefe is aware that although he’s the best man at his friend’s wedding, in truth this is more of a dry run for his wedding, if the mother of the bride has anything to say about it. He’s the CFO for a gaming company and has little time to think of marriage, much less to a woman he barely dates. A call from another groomsman has him waiting for the little sister of the man who will be running late. She’s filling in for her brother until he arrives.

Mindy Watkins isn’t quite sure how she got into this situation. A trip to visit her brother has turned into a snafu. Now she has to hang out with the groomsmen until he arrives. What she doesn’t count on is falling for the best man. Determined not to ruin anything she fights the attraction best she can. However, weddings are magical times and although it may not seem like it at the time, things happen for a reason.

With his spiteful ex-girlfriend, snobbish parents, and her overprotective older brother, will these two ever be able to find their own happily ever after? 13131044_10154255697787147_36856067112287601_o









Then on the first of the month I was part of a series release from All Romance Ebooks. The Dubious collection.

My story there is Say You’re Mine.

SayYou'reMine [2944706]

Weakness for one is strength for another…

Casimir Lars is the Alpha of the Tatra Pack. He fought hard to become the leader he is today. Refuses to show weakness for in his experience, others will take advantage of it. He’s dedicated to his Pack, strong and fearless yet his life is thrown into upheaval when he has to track down a very specific woman.

Dyana Vance is headstrong, a professional archer, and married? When a stranger shows up claiming to be her husband, she’s less than trusting. No denying the chemistry she has for him but she isn’t Pack. And refuses to be treated as such.

Bringing across the country to his lands, Casimir is torn between his growing feelings toward her and what he believes is his duty. Death, plots, and undeniable passion all fly around this couple. Dyana learns to deal with loss and discovery of something new. When he accepts what is to be, will he be too late or will his pride have pushed her away forever? Will she ever look at him and say you’re mine?

Up for pre-order

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Ohhh…Lookie what’s up for pre-order…

SayYou'reMine [2944706]

One’s weakness is another’s strength.

Casimir Lars is the Alpha of the Tatra Pack. He fought hard to become the leader he is today. He refuses to show weakness or allow others to take advantage of him. He’s dedicated to his pack, strong and fearless, yet his life is thrown into upheaval when he has to track down a very specific woman: his wife.

Dyana Vance is a headstrong professional archer—not the type to trust blindly when a stranger shows up claiming to be her husband. There’s no denying the explosive chemistry she has with Casimir, but she isn’t pack and refuses to be bound by their laws.

Casimir is torn between his growing feelings toward her and what he believes is his duty to mate with a pack female. Dyana learns to deal with loss and discovery of something new. Death, plots, and undeniable passion all fly around this couple. When he accepts what is to be, will he be too late or will his pride have pushed her away forever? Will she ever look at him and say you’re mine?


Here are the available pre-order links:


All Romance ebooks