Teaser Tuesday ~ Landing in Love

Facing the group again, she glanced at them all. “Okay, I need a partner for the…” Bliss trailed off as she watched Erich stride through the group, a natural sexy swagger with each step. He stopped before her, his lips turned up in a slight smile. “What are you doing?” she asked trying to refrain from touching his chest.

“Figured you’d need a partner, what with everyone else already paired up.”

Her mouth went dry and she could feel her belly clenching as his intoxicating scent wove around her. I can do this. There was a vibe, a thread of something in his tone, one that encouraged her to throw all cares away and agree to do whatever he wanted. Okay, if I didn’t know any better I’d bet he is commenting about something other than dancing.

“Okay, fine.” Stepping to the side of the large man, Bliss looked out at the people watching. “Major Stark has agreed to be my partner for this.” A few of the guys had knowing grins on their faces. Turning them so the other couples could see the both of them, she gulped when he settled his hand upon her below her left shoulder, the heat from his touch seared her bare skin. “We’ll do it once then I’ll break it down and we can all do it.”

“Don’t worry,” Erich murmured in a silvery timbre as he pulled her in closer, and captured her right hand. “I do know how to waltz.”

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