Teaser Tuesday ~ A Love for Lera

Before he realized it, he’d picked the lock and slipped into her dark room. His rapid reflexes were the only reason he wasn’t bleeding. He jumped back as the material of his shirt parted courtesy of the blade she’d swiped at him. Two more quick and precise attacks came before he opened his mouth.

“Stop attacking me, Lera.”

“Kori?” Her voice was sleepy but hard.

A glow filled the room as she turned on the light. And he lost what little breath he had left. Her hair was tousled; a light gray sleeveless tatty t-shirt hung from her shoulders and black lounge pants rode low on curvy hips. And around her neck sat a silver necklace, one he knew well for he’d given it to her when she was thirteen. A silver oval with the Ogham letter “C” marking on it in jet. Need, raw, hungry and angry roared through him. He could feel the wolf pushing through.

“Are you insane?” she snapped. “Why would you sneak in here? I told you I wouldn’t go back to the bar without you.” Lera raked a hand through her hair, and the light in the room glinted off the silver rings on her hands. “Sweet goddess, do you know what my daddy would do if I had to tell him I killed you?”

Kori fought the urge to smile. He couldn’t begin to explain how grateful he was by her not even thinking he was there to hurt her. “Yeah, I can imagine how bad my death would be for you,” he drolled, cocking a brow at her.

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