Wednesday Whisper–Leading Ladies

Want a woman who isn’t cowed by the fact her mate is a shifter? One who doesn’t just listen to him because he’s alpha. She has her own rules and her own life and she’s not about to give it up merely because a man says he is her mate. Aida Roberts is that woman. Sometimes she may be to stubborn for her own good, but, how she is is what makes her his purrfect mate.

hispurrfectmate1Dane Sidorov needs a break and time to heal. What he doesn’t need is a cute little and most definitely sexy distraction named, Aida Roberts. Or the emotions meeting her stirred up within him. But this dark-skinned vixen didn’t seem to realize what she had done to him, or what she means to his soul.

Aida Roberts loves her life in South Africa. She has met all kinds of people, some who need help and some who don’t, but all interesting. When she runs into the larger-than-life Dane Sidorov, she wondered if he didn’t actually need help despite his portrayal calm and confidence.

There was something wild and untamed about him as he stared at her with his amazing eyes. A feeling of “safety” and “danger” emanated from him. Would this unusual man be able to let her in, or would his secret drive them further apart? When the darkness threatens, will Dane sacrifice himself or allow her to help save him? Can he accept the fact she is nothing less than…

His Purrfect Mate

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