Leading Ladies

This week we’re dropping into the first story in the Haikon series. This does have ties into the Savoy Valley series because the heroine’s father is Dane Sidorov.

So, here is Lera Sidorov. aloveforleraShe had a rough start to life until Dane Sidorov saved her from that hell and raised her as his own daughter. Growing up in a family of shifters she’d always felt as if she were lacking in something. She couldn’t shift. The woman who’d raised her as her own couldn’t either but that was different, Lera felt something was different with her. However, nothing ever came of the feeling and it stayed with her, haunting her.

She wanted to help her friend and in doing so, was reunited with a man she’d known growing up. Kori. A man trained by her father and one who was a warrior in his own right. Her journey with him at her side allows her to understand, she is allowed to have a love of her own. And it showed her what she was meant to be, and soothed the ache in her soul.

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