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Story has been removed due to being pirated and is no longer available.


 A Jem for Chad


On crutches, with shaggy hair, and clothing that smelled like ashes, Edward “Chad” Chadwick, didn’t look like his father was the name behind Chadwick Pharmaceuticals, which was okay by him, he preferred to be separate from his family and the fame their name and money brought. Since his ex had just burned his things, Chad had two options in his mind, go home or find an apartment and hopefully remain anonymous. So he answered an ad in the paper.


The scruffy looking white man on crutches was a shock to Jaleza “Jem” Maxwell as he stood before

her answering her ad for a roommate. Despite her sister’s blatant disproval, Jem feels drawn to this quietly intense man. After all, the extra money will help her in getting closer to her dream.


The days pass and they find themselves feeling more than just the “roommate” vibe. When Chad’s true identity and wealth is revealed, he has to fight against time, his ex, and reporters to try and get back through the walls erected around Jem’s heart. Will she forgive him? Will they be allowed to find happiness?


Please note all files are in pdf format.


Story has been removed due to being pirated



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