Below Iíve posted some of the questions Iím asked most often. I hope you find the answers you are looking for here, if not, please feel free to contact me.

What is the reading order for the Megalodon Team?

While each Megalodon Team book can stand alone, reading them in order allows you to meet the Team and learn more about each. The order is as follows:

Book #1:  Kincadeís Rose

Book #2:  Harrierís Healer

Book #3:  Connellyís Flame

Book #4:  Greeleyís Spyce

Book #5:  Vittanoís Willow

Book #6:  Dimitriís Moon

Book #7:  OíSheaís Love

Book #8:  Chaytonís Tempest

Also listed here:

Do you have any plans to write more stories dealing with the Megalodon Team?
No. I have so many other stories to work on the Megalodon Team will only have eight books in it.
You said you were writing Harrierís brother, Reeve, and Hondoís sister, Affricaís story. Is their story going to be a Megalodon Team story?
No. Reeve isnít a SEAL and neither is Affrica. Their story is going to focus on the two of them and I donít want to take away from that by centering in on the SEALs. While some of the Megalodon Team members will pop up however but it isnít one of theirs, I want to keep the focus on the love story between Reeve and Affrica.
Will you be writing other military series?
 Yes, I have plans in the future to write other military series. Not sure when but I will post more details as soon as I figure them out.
What is the reading order for your Kysenzki and friends books?

Again, all of these are able to stand alone. But this is the order I would recommend reading them:

Book #1:  A Marriage of Convenience

Book #2:  The Lieutenantís Ex-Wife

Book #3:  A Man Like No Other

Book #4:  When Stars Collide

What is the reading order for the Born To Fly series?

All stand alone as well but this is the recommended order:

Book #1:  Born To Fly: Landing In Love

Book #2:  Born To Fly: You Save Me

Book #3:  Born To Fly: Wild As The Wind

How do I get to read the exclusive reads on your yahoo group?

You have to join my yahoo group to get access to the exclusive reads offered there.

Join group

Your free reads that you write, are you going to sell them later?
No. My free reads are just that, free. A gift from me to my readers.
Which of your books are offered in print? 

At this time:

Books in print

Do you write under any other name?
No, I do not.
Iíve been following your Satin Notes stories and am wondering if they will be offered in print. 

Thank you for reading the Satin Notes stories and I hope youíre enjoying them. I have a lot of fun writing them with Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries. No, these stories have only been released in print for winners of a contest, those are the only print copies made.

Iím looking for a copy of A Knightís Vow, where can I get one and is it available in eBook?
At this moment, this book has been pulled. When it is re-released, it will be available in eBook as well.
How soon after you have a release will it be available on Kindle?
Iím afraid I canít answer this. It depends on the publishing company; I donít have any control over that. Although, to my knowledge most of them offer versions which should work on all e-readers.
I would love to send you an idea for a story, will you accept it?
No, I do not use suggestions or consider them from readers for any current or future stories.



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