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The Detective's Lover


Twisted E Publishing

April 2017


The Maddoxes, Book 1

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial



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A beautiful no-nonsense marine, one by-the-book, ruggedly handsome homicide detective, and the case that may well give them eternal bliss or eternal rest—can they trust in each other long enough to find out which it will be?

Fallon Maddox is reunited with her family the day they bury her father. She has no idea that coming home will be the beginning of an adventure she might not survive and, even if she does, her life will never be the same.

Ian Cavanaugh is a homicide detective who’s wrapped up in a case that may not be as simple as it first appears. The deceased is the father of a group of foster children who’d made quite a reputation for themselves when he was growing up. He knew it was in his best interest to get the case solved…and fast.

His priorities begin to waver as he’s reunited with the only daughter in the family. He longs to shatter her never-wavering calm and expose the passion he knows lies beneath. No matter how hot blooded their unions are, it becomes clear he might have to choose between love and his brotherhood in blue—for their families seemed to always be at increasing odds.

Will he have time to make the decision or will it be made for him?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Voices woke her. Loud, angry voices. Fallon was instantly awake as she ascertained where the yelling originated.
“Clay,” she whispered, getting out of bed and going to the door.
She could recognize the graveled baritone of her brother’s tone anywhere. She didn’t recognize the one in the discussion with him. Still, that ripple of familiarity danced across her skin, just as it had at the cemetery. So, whoever it was, the same person had exchanged blows with her brother.
Pressing her ear to the door, she eavesdropped on the two men.
Her brother was yelling. “I don’t give a flying fuck what bullshit story you told Herschel! I’m not buying. I want that report.”
“It was a gang hit,” the deep voice countered.
“Fuck you. That area is a neutral one, we both know it, and Herschel knows it as well.”
“The whole place was shot up. It’s just a case of wrong place, wrong time,” the unknown male responded.
She heard her brother growl low before the sound of flesh against flesh reached her. “Oh Clay,” she muttered, yanking open the door and moving swiftly down the hall.
Rounding the corner, she narrowed her eyes at the sight of her brother pressed up against the wall, unable to move an inch. There was a gun pressed against his back.
She reacted immediately. Within seconds, Fallon slammed the larger man to the floor, his gun skidding out of reach.


What the...?
Ian had no clue what just happened. One second he had Clayborne Maddox restrained, and the next, pain unlike any he had experienced before flowed through his body. Owned his body.
He couldn’t move. He was face down on the floor in the entryway of the Maddox home. Ian kept his mouth shut, knowing if he tried to speak all that would come out would be a wail, a cry of extreme pain.
Breathing had become a chore. What happened? Ian had been face down before but this time it was different. Not only the heavy boot on the back of his neck. No, there was something more. A pressure point.
His arm was wrenched back, his thumb felt almost snapped off, and there was pain emanating from a spot on his wrist.

Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

Reviews of  The Detective's Lover…

Maria at Night Owl Reviews gives 4.5 Stars with reviewer top pick and says: “The Detective’s Lover by Aliyah Burke is a fast paced, action packed interracial romance taking place in the middle of a murder mystery. The main characters are well developed and their romance is hot. They were in essence made for each other, though they didn’t know it at the beginning of the story. The murder mystery took several twists and turns which proved to be interesting and kept the story moving at a very good pace. I was very pleased with where Ms. Burke left Fallon and Ian and their relationship and look forward to reading more of her work.”


Susan Plummer at All Romance Ebooks Newsletter gives Top Pick and says in part "The Detective's Lover is an action packed contemporary novel with lots and lots of suspense and I could definitely see it as an action/romance movie. There isn't a moment when the plot does not get more and more intriguing. I read feverishly, anxious to see what was going to happen next."


Layne at Blackraven's Reviews gives 4 Ravens and says: “In The Detective’s Lover, Aliyah Burke did a fine job of marrying suspense with a great love story. Fallon and Ian are both strong, determined, and oh so hot for each other. This was my inaugural Aliyah Burke read, and it won’t be my last.”


Nikki at The Romance Studio gives 5 Hearts and says: “In my very biased opinion, Aliyah Burke has another winner with The Detective's Lover. It's a phenomenal love story and whodunit rolled into one great tale. It's one of those books that you get upset every time your reading time is interrupted because you don't want to miss what's coming next. This is one book that doesn't disappoint. ”


Patrizia Murray at Manic Readers gives 4.5 Stars and says: “I really liked The Detective’s Lover with the mystery and the almost non-stop heat between Fallon and Ian. It’s well developed, keeps you on the edge of your seat and the suspense factor is high. A great read.”

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