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If You Dare


Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing  

Coming January 2014

ISBN #: 9781311324153

Genre: Contemporary

Format: E-book



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When two people lost in their careers are thrown together, can passion kindle lost souls and ignite the flames of love?

Justin Kapp is on an Alaskan cruise when he meets a woman that gives the vacation an entirely new outlook. From the very beginning he knew she was something special. Something more.

Kathryn Maynard, a top divorce attorney in Virginia Beach, accepts a dare that puts her on an Alaskan cruise and rail package. She would rather be anywhere but here, however the arrival of an intense man, changes that. Changes her.

When reunited in Virginia and Justin wants more than she's willing to allow herself to give. After he leaves, she realizes what is the most important. Will she take the chance and dare her heart to love?

Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Man, I'm pathetic. Snag and shag. Summer's words seemed better and better. She woke this morning with her hand between her thighs and Justin's name pouring from her lips on a passionate cry. It was official, she was in a serious dry spell and needed to take care of that. She zipped her pendant along the white gold chain briefly before allowing the princess cut diamond to settle against her skin again.

"Can I get you something, ma'am?"

"No, thank you." She waved him away and barely watched him walk for her gaze had picked up on something else.

Justin sat in the left corner at the furthest table. She stared at him, ignoring the heat in her loins. He wore a tee shirt which hugged his biceps in a way she'd like to. His long legs were sprawled out beneath the table and she closed her eyes envisioning those hard muscles encased by denim. Lean waist, trim hips.

She opened her eyes in time to see some women in short skirts, flit by his table, suggestion in their movements and gazes. He seemed to barely look at them before staring back toward the show.

Snag and shag. One night left. It's not like it will mean anything. What do I have to lose? This trip is to have fun, lose my inhibitions, and let go of the wall around me. And she had to face it. Only one person on this ship turned her head. And she was staring at him right now.

Go to it then, her brain chimed in.

Leya jumped on a plane with only a bathing suit, surely you can walk across the room to a man you've already been dreaming about, her subconscious added in its two cents. Besides, it's not like you two are strangers, you've been in his company most of this cruise, and in some ways he knows more about you than any other outside your inner circle.

Ignoring the unwanted commentary, she pushed away from the wall and skirted around the back toward his table. He sat as if carved out of stone, arms crossed, and chin tucked. He almost looked asleep or bored but she wouldn't bet on it. From what she'd seen of him, she'd bet he was very aware of everything going on around him.

"Don't seem like you're enjoying the show," she said by way of greeting.

He turned his head and her insides did a melting dance as his expression softened as he met her stare. The light glinted off his earring.

"There are other things which I would rather be doing."

Her heart skipped a few beats. Take the plunge. "Really? And what would that be?"

His light hazel gaze darkened and ran over her body. Her stomach clenched and she felt moisture gather between her legs at the blatant perusal.

"Do you really need to ask?"

"No." She really didn't.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.


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