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Love Under the Endless African Sky


Coming Together

January 2009

E- Book ISBN #:

Genre: Contemporary


All proceeds from the sale of these special anthologies benefit Amnesty International.


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Phaze, in partnership with editor, Alessia Brio, is proud to announce Coming Together: At Last, a collection of interracial erotic fiction which celebrates the diversity of desire.

All proceeds from the sale of these special anthologies benefit Amnesty International. Coming Together is erotic altruism at its finest

Blurb for Love Under the Endless African Sky by Aliyah Burke:

Ryder Matthews was enjoying doing nothing when he receives a call from his former commanding officer who asks him for a favor. Agreeing, he soon finds himself leaving the pristine wilderness of the Pac Norwest to arrive in the stark desert beauty of Zimbabwe to bring home, Henrietta Buxton, his CO’s goddaughter.

Henrietta “Eddie” Buxton was a civil engineer who spent her time helping people in less fortunate countries. Working in Zimbabwe, she encounters a man who takes her breath away. No matter how attractive the tall former Marine is she wasn’t about to let him stroll in and demand she go with him back to the States.

Ryder is swept off his feet by this woman who doesn’t seem to fear for her own life. Can he do what he came here to do, bring her home, and then leave her? Or will what they’ve shared under the endless African sky be the beginning of something more?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.


The harsh afternoon sun beat down upon the back of her neck as she leaned against the door of her old Scout. Wiping her hand across her forehead, she smiled at some of the locals.

“It’s really warm today,” she said, taking a drink of water.

“Yes, very,” a tall muscular black man answered in accented English.

“Let’s take a break for lunch, Taurean. Then we can dig and lay more pipe for the system after it cools down a bit. Especially since we have to go around that corner up ahead.”

“Sounds good. I’ll pass the word along.”


She reached through the open window of her Scout and grabbed a pad and pencil. Then she headed for the quickly-erected tent that had people hanging out, trying to get a break from the sun.

“Hey, Quanda,” she said as she took a bite of the fruit her friend handed her.

“Afternoon,” Quanda responded with a smile. “Going good?” she asked.

“Yes. Just taking a break. I’m going up around the bend to see what’s in store for us, so if anyone wants me, that’s where I’ll be.”

“Be careful.”

“Of course.” With a wave of her notepad, she headed off.

“Eddie! Eddie!” a voice yelled.

“Over here,” she hollered back, without turning around.

“There’s someone here asking for you.”

That got her to turn. Jevonte strode closer and behind him followed a man she didn’t know. She stood slowly as her gaze moved over the unknown man.

Powerful was the first word that popped into her mind. He stood tall and straight as he moved, as if unaware of his own fluidity. He wore dark khaki cargo pants and a light gray tee shirt. A shirt that hugged his muscular torso showing off his rippled abs.

Damn! Her gaze traveled up to linger on his face. Hard angles, sunglasses kept his eyes hidden, and there looked to be two or so day’s growth on his face. Nice firm lips.

“And who might you be?” she questioned, walking toward the duo.

“Henrietta Buxton.” He made it sound like a statement and not a question. His voice was smoky and gravely, setting her nerves on high alert.

A burst of laughter escaped from her. “Henrietta? Wow, not many call me that. But yes, legally that’s my name, although most call me, Eddie. What can I do for you, Mr. ...?”

He stepped closer and stuck out his hand. “Matthews, Ryder Matthews.”

Delightful shivers ran up and down her spine as his large hand closed over her smaller one. “Okay, Mr. Matthews. What can I do for you?”

He tipped his head to the side as if watching her. “I’m here to take you home.”

Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2009.

All Rights Reserved, Phaze.


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