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Wild As The Wind


Series: Born to Fly ~ Book 3

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing



Genre: Contemporary/Interracial



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In Crete when a naval pilot and an archeologist meet, can the love they discover withstand the tests yet to be unearthed? 

Naval pilot Commander Dominic “Hurricane” Stark is stationed in Crete when he meets the woman he knows is his future. She is everything he could possibly want. Smart, exciting, beautiful and so much more.

Doctor Verity Andrews has been in Crete for the past twelve years living her dream as an archeologist. The day she meets tall, tanned, and handsome…she begins to wonder if there isn’t more out there than just her work. He’s tall, tanned, and Texan.

Dominic is worried when things begin to happen at her dig. Accidents which don’t seem like accidents to him. He is even more concerned when he’s gone and can’t be there to protect her. When he realizes she’s missing will he find her in time?

Unedited Excerpt

Content below is not suitable if under 18.


She faced toward the water talking with a group of people and he eagerly took in her profile. The gentle breeze blew the fabric of her dress around her legs. The pale material contrasted beautifully with her darker skin. It was a sleeveless dress with a handkerchief hem; otherwise he didn’t know anything about it. Aside from the fact it made him hard as steel in his pants. Women walked before him in less clothing and Dominic couldn’t tear his gaze away from her. Moments before he reached her side, she slipped away and headed down towards the water.

Increasing his speed a bit, Dominic dodged a woman in a revealing bikini and made his way down to the shoreline. The closer he got the tighter his throat became. In the softer light he could pick up on the subtle yellow hint in her dress. The urge to wrap his arms around her nearly took him to his knees.

Clearing his throat so he didn’t scare her, Dominic waited for her to turn toward him. Her dark eyes widened at the sight of him and he knew she was surprised to see him there. For a moment they stood in silence and stared at one another.

“Hi,” he finally said over the sound of the surf lapping upon the shore.

“Hello.” A slight smile curved up her full kissable lips.

Her voice was a low alto and stroked along his skin bringing him to a fevered pitch, there also lingered the hint of an accent as if English weren’t her first language. And that was with just one word.”Am I disturbing you?” he asked, noticing how much deeper his voice sounded.

“No. Not at all, just…” she shrugged and smiled.

“I understand.” And he did. Sometimes you just needed to get away. The breeze blew around them bringing to his nose the scent combination of rosewood and black current. Damn she smells good. Reaching out with one hand he said, “I’m Dominic.”

His heart sped up when her hand curled around his, palm to palm. “Verity. Nice to finally meet you.”

Verity. What a beautiful name. He chuckled. “Well, I would have introduced myself earlier but I wanted to make a better first impression than standing before you all sweaty.”

She arched a brow and the way her eyes moved over him he wondered if she would have minded him doing that at all. “How could you be certain we’d meet again?”

Dominic skimmed his finger over the pulse in her wrist before stepping a bit closer to her, loving the way her nose flared and she licked her lips. “I’m confident.”

Verity stepped closer to him the ends of her hair brushing along his skin courtesy of the wind. He looked at her, trailed his gaze over her graceful neck, around which sat a thin silver chain and a pendant that rested against her skin just above her breasts. Swallowing hard he raised his eyes and found himself staring into a pair of dark hazel eyes. Damn!

“I bet you are,” she said in a slightly amused tone.

“Comes with the territory,” he said with a wink.

“The Y chromosome?”

Dominic laughed. “You’re quick, I like that.” He reluctantly released her hand. “What are you doing here in Crete? Vacation?”


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2017.

All Rights Reserved.


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