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Wicked Burn


Co-written with McKenna Jeffries

Series: Free Falling ~ Book 1

Publisher: Simply Sophisticated Publishing

August 2018


Genre: Contemporary


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Firefighter Yasmine Van Cort is used to saving people and knows that sometimes, not everyone is rescued. Yet something about her last fire rescue keeps bothering her. She cannot forget the anguish of the man who lost his sister and brother-in-law, the man who is now the guardian of the one survivor of the horrible fire – an innocent baby. Yasmine knows getting involved with those you save can be a bad idea, but she cannot resist checking on him. What she finds is an unexpected complication that will change her.

Sedeo Parker has lost the last of his family and now has to care for his infant niece. Distraught at the loss and the responsibility, he is feeling overwhelmed when the woman who saved his niece comes by. His mixed emotions of gratitude and fury she did not save everyone leave him reeling. The unexpected flash of desire for her only complicates things.

Yasmine knows that with her career, a real relationship is difficult at best. Add to that a victim of fire, and that makes it doubly so. Sedeo, after losing everything to fire, does not know if he can let himself become involved with a woman who fights the very thing he is afraid of. Together, they will have to decide if it’s worth it to take a chance on a wicked burn.




Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Sedeo Parker was one hell of a man. He wore a pair of faded blue jeans which fit his lower half, making her long to peel them off and find the hidden treasures beneath. A plain white tee-shirt molded snugly to his torso, highlighting the tan his skin still held. In one arm, he held the adorable child with cornflower blue eyes she’d met during the fateful night two months ago.

Yasmine was at a loss for words, and for a brief moment, she stared between him and the child in his arms. She’d noticed the shock in his gaze when he’d realized who it was on the other side of the door.

“Hi,” she blurted. Great, Yas. Now he’s gonna think you’re a fool. “I don’t know if you remember me. I was one of the firefighters…” She trailed off, biting her tongue.

As he continued to watch her silently, she shifted uncomfortably. Unable to stand the quiet, she spoke again, “My name is Yas. Yasmine Van Cort.” Lame Yas. Real lame. Do what you came here to do and leave with some dignity. “I-I’ve been meaning to get this back to you. Sorry, it took so long.” She held out the envelope holding the photo.

She stared at his long, thick fingers as he grasped the end of the paper. Is it really so wrong to find a man’s hands attractive? The sound of surprisingly clear babbling filled her ears, and she snapped back to attention to find the little girl leaning out past Sedeo toward her, arms outstretched, her intentions very clear.

“Hold me,” the child finally demanded.

“What’s her name? She speaks very clearly for someone so young,” Yasmine asked as she brushed two knuckles along the baby-soft cheek.

“Shelby. She only looks small. She’s actually twenty-one months old,” he responded. Sedeo tried to readjust her, but Shelby yelled and reached for Yasmine again.

“Hold me,” Shelby said again, a stubborn note in her voice.

“I don’t mind holding her,” Yasmine informed him.



Copyright © McKenna Jeffries and Aliyah Burke, 2018.

All Rights Reserved.





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