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When Stars Collide


Series: Code of Honour ~ Book 4

Totally Bound

February 2011

E-Book ISBN #: 978-0-85715-466-8

Genre: Contemporary




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Undeniable attraction, a one night stand, a missing sibling, and different continents to name a few, can these two overcome all the obstacles and accept the love between them?

US Marshall Cortland Kysenzki never imagined that returning to Texas for a friend’s birthday party would change his outlook on life. But it did, all it takes is one look and he is a goner. Only one problem, it is his friend’s sister who snares his attention.

Zémire Gibson comes to celebrate her brother’s birthday. Despite her resolve to not get involved with anyone, coming face to face with a man she’s dreamed about since childhood, turns that into nothing. So she allows herself one night in Cort’s amazing embrace beneath the Texas sky.

When her brother goes missing, Cort flies to France to tell her and ask for her help with something he received from BB Gibson before his disappearance. It didn’t matter what circumstances brought him back within reach of Zémire, Cort is determined not to let her go again, having been unable to vanquish her from his memory. He escorts her back to Texas where they grow closer as she hopes and prays for her brother to resurface. But Zémire isn’t the same child she used to be, she’s a grown woman with a mind and a life all her own...one in France. Will Cort have what it takes to convince her once and for all they are meant to be, or will she be gone from his life forever?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“Cort!” his father hollered.

“Yes sir?”

“Come see who’s here.”

Not like he didn’t already know. Washing his hands, he dried them and strode to the doorway only to pause when his mom yelled, “Bring a slice of my cake and a fork for her.”

He could hear Zémire’s protest only to be shushed by his mom. Grabbing what had been requested he walked into the front room and immediately his gaze found Zémire. She stood by the sofa in discussion with both his parents.

“Look who stopped by, Cort,” his mom said. “Zémire. I was just telling her I didn’t know she was back in town and had I known I would have insisted she come for dinner.”

Zémire’s eyes found his and a siren’s smile curved up on side of her mouth. “Good to see you again, Cort.”

“You knew she was in town?” his father asked.

One eyebrow arched slightly at him as if she wondered how much she should divulge about the two of them. “I saw him today when I was at the park with Matt. We were on our way to dinner and Cort reminded me I should stop by and say hi to both of y’all,” Zémire responded easily.

Ignoring the stares of both his parents, Cort handed her the slice of cake. In the depths of her gaze he could see that Zémire was enjoying this all too much. She knew full well his mom hadn’t expected her at dinner. Not given she’d not even been aware Zémire was back in town.

“I can’t believe you didn’t mention it over dinner,” his mom said.

He opened his mouth but the phone rang. His father answered it and spoke. “Thalia, it’s for you.” His mom smacked him on the arm and went to take the receiver from his dad.

Zémire ate a bite of cake and stared at him. “She wanted me to come to dinner, huh?” she asked after she swallowed.

He flushed. “I wanted you to come,” heat flared in her eyes, “to dinner as well.”

She blatantly ran her gaze over his body and he felt himself respond. When she dipped a finger in the white frosting on the cake and sucked it off he bit back a groan. The little imp was well aware of what she did to him for she looked like the cat who got both the cream and the canary.

“Well, it’s always good to see your parents.”

“Just them?” He prowled closer.

“No. I was just as happy to see Matt again as well. I didn’t get to spend enough time with him when I was here before.”

He growled low. “He’s not right for you, Zémire.”

Lightning sparked in her russet gaze. “Excuse me? No one, and I mean no one, has the right to tell me who I can and can’t spend time with.”

“Spend time with him fine but don’t lie to me or yourself. He’s not the one for you so it’s not fair to lead him on.”

“I’m not discussing the fact you think you have a say over any part of this in your parents’ house. What Matt and I do is our business, not yours.” Her voice had thickened with the southern drawl he knew she still had within her, hiding the accent she’d acquired from living across the pond for so many years.

“I’m right across town from you, sweetheart, if you need an itch scratched.” He was so furious he saw red. “Don’t make me hurt him.”


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2010.

All Rights Reserved.


Reviews of  When Stars Collide

Susan Plummer at All Romance Ebooks Newsletter gives a Recommended Read and says in part "When Stars Collide by Aliyah Burke is an entertaining novel that will keep you engaged to the end. Ms. Burke has a way of creating male characters that are 100% alpha males but with a gentle side when it comes to handling their women. Z?mire and Cort burn up the pages with very steamy "sexcapades" as they fall in love. Ms. Burke consistently writes plots and characters that come to life and leap of the pages and When Stars Collide does just that."

L.T. Blue at JERR gives 4 Stars and says in part: “When Stars Collide focuses on the eldest Kysenzki's story and it was worth the wait. Even without the intense sexual action I enjoyed When Stars Collide.”
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