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What the Earl Desires


Series: Rakes & Rogues ~ Book 1

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing

September 2011


Genre: Regency Historical

Format: E-book & Trade Paperback



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From England’s cold mausoleum homes to Africa’s vastness, Colin fights for the love and respect of a warrior's heart to keep his family together.

Preferring solitude, Colin Faulkner resides at his country estate. Yet, fate being fickle, introduces a mysterious woman into his life. Societal dictates say he has no business wanting her…he does.

Najja’s in England for one thing, however, meeting Colin changes everything. After he unexpectedly becomes Earl of Clifton, Najja withdraws. Her excuse? His title. Her vow.

Colin doesn’t care, but wanting and having Najja are two different things. For Najja can never truly be his so long as another controls her.

Obstacles are meaningless when a love that spans the continents is…

What the Earl Desires


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

Alone, Colin began to undress but paused when his shirt hung open and over his black breeches. Before he could reason with himself or talk himself out of it, he found himself standing in the dark hall outside Najja’s room.

Slowly, he turned the handle and slipped into the room. As it clicked softly, he waited for his eyes to adjust, the glowing embers of the banked fire offered only a little light. He was nervous, sneaking around brought back memories of being young and full of himself.

“Mr. Faulkner,” a slow drawl came from his right, even more pronounced was the accent and it slid along his skin, leaving him wanting. “What are you doing in here?”

She became visible in his peripheral and the fleeting glance was more than enough to shove all remaining air from his lungs. Bloody hell! All the blood rushed to his groin. She wore a white top which showed off her midsection courtesy of the way it was cut. The neckline dipped down to a point exposing the swells of her breasts and the bottom of the blouse rose to a point as well. Then she wore a pair of black long pantaloons. Her feet were bare. Along one side of her belly he saw what looked like to be scars.

Lust broadsided him so hard he nearly collapsed. Lord; had he known this was the body she kept hidden beneath those drab dresses…

“What are you wearing?” The question sounded more like a croak.

“Blouse and kurta. I prefer this to the dresses which are important in your society. You have yet to answer my question. What are you doing in here?” She stared at him with hunger in her eyes and yet he could see it was very contained. He wanted to break those walls and release it to be reveled in.

Her hair sat gathered in a loose twist down her back. He longed to free it, feel it tumble about his skin, wrap his hands in it while he plundered her mouth, feel it trail over his thighs as he... With difficulty he focused on her face. He longed to explore her body.

“Colin,” he said, voice silvered with want as he approached her.

“Very well. What are you doing here, Colin?”

He gripped her arms and backed her against the door. Lowering his head by hers so their lips were barely separated he allowed himself one more moment of bliss. Her satin-like skin rested beneath his fingers, her alluring scent poured around him. He hovered on the brink between heaven and hell.

In a guttural voice, he said, “I have come for my kiss, luv.”


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2011.

All Rights Reserved.


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