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Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore


Series: Interludes ~ Book 3

Publisher: Totally Bound

November 2014

ISBN #: 9781784303143

Genre: Contemporary



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Sometimes a stranger isn’t a stranger at all but the one you’ve needed all along.

Brent “Killer” Agers is on leave. He needs to heal up and is tired of dealing with stuff around him so he takes a drive, ending up in Haversham, MT. Deciding to rent a cabin and recover that way, little does he know that the woman he couldn’t get out of his mind will be in his life once more.

Maya Brennan is content with her life running the local Bait & Tackle shop. Everything was going according to plan until the day he walked into her office looking to rent a cabin.

She’s never forgotten the man she had the fling with in Hawaii but by his reaction, he doesn’t recall her in the slightest. Once he figures it out, Brent is ready to find a way to prove they’re not strangers any longer. For this Recon Marine, he may be facing his greatest battle yet.

Content below is not suitable if under 18.




Maya was chopping vegetables in her kitchen when Soot picked his head up and gave a soft woof. She popped a piece of red pepper and walked to the door, expecting Flannigan.
She got him and something extra. Brent Agers. He stood there, larger than life, with her setter at his side. She opened her screen door.
“He showed up at the cabin.” Brent shrugged. “Figured you’d want him back.”
“Come on in.”
Flannigan responded immediately and the man she’d been unable to forget for years trailed after him slower.
“Can I get you something to drink?”
He smelled as delicious as she recalled in her numerous dreams of him.
“Sure.” She went to the fridge and grabbed a longneck for him. “Hope bottle is fine. I don’t drink out of cans.”
“Bottle’s perfect.” He took it from her and twisted off the cap.
“So how are you settling in?” She fiddled with the dishtowel.
“Haven’t seen much but yes, I was going to shop and explore when I saw him outside the door.”
“Sorry. People aren’t usually in that cabin. Just tell him to go home if he bothers you.”
Brent took a seat at her table, stretching out his long legs. “No bother. I love dogs. He’s a gorgeous setter. Your lab’s a beaut as well. Do you hunt with them?”
A topic she could handle. “I do.” She lifted her knife, returning to the veggie prep. “Are you a hunter?”
“No. I fished a lot as a kid.”
She peered over her shoulder. Mistake. Brent looked at home in her house. The beer dangled from his index finger and thumb. His broad shoulders and powerful forearms took up a great deal of the space. He was a big man.
“Fly fishing?”
“No, but it’s something I would love to learn.” His grin was wickedly sexy. “Do you teach? I could learn from you. Short shorts, waders.”
Her lips twitched as she fought the lurking smile. “You want a lesson, I’m sure Rick can help you.”
“So you don’t teach?”
“Didn’t say that.”
He walked up beside her and propped his hip against her counter. “So I can get a lesson?”
Maya hesitated. Teaching him how to fly fish wasn’t what she wanted to do.
Oh no, you want to scale him like a monkey and indulge in wild, crazy sex.
So… There was that. She also wanted to keep away from him during his month of residence.
Shouldn’t have rented him a cabin then, were that truly the case.
Her subconscious really needed to stop chiming in. Besides, she’d rented him the cabin to bring in more revenue to the town.
Yeah, right.
She rolled her eyes and fought the urge to stomp her foot. Maya reached for the cranberry ceramic bowl—from Temp-tations—and in doing so, found herself inches from Brent. His eyes smoldered with endless promises.
“Excuse me,” she whispered.
He captured a curl in his fingers, not looking at all perturbed by her nearness. Quite the opposite, in fact. “Fly fishing?”
Right. Shit. She’d gotten derailed with her thoughts. “I told you,” she said, trying her best not to inhale deeply of his masculine scent. Alternatively, rub against him like a cat marking its territory. “Rick can teach you.”
She moved back, bringing the bowl with her, then slid the veggies into it to rest upon the spinach leaves.
“I want you.”
Oh, such a tempting offer, even if he wasn’t referring to where her mind took those three words.
“So you say now,” she muttered, tossing carrot chunks to each dog.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
She really needed to move on from the hurt that had her wrapped mummy-tight. “Nothing.” Maya pivoted and put the knife handle to his chest. A look appeared on his face—one of deadly and dangerous implications—which nearly had her pausing. “You really want to take my class?”
His eyes lingered on the knife before sliding up her face to meet her own gaze. “Yeah. I really do.”
“It’s very basic but okay then. I have one at the shop tomorrow. Twelve-thirty.”
He inched closer, the knife still against him until he captured her wrist. “I’m looking forward to it.”
“You may change your mind.”
His thumb was driving her to distraction with the aimless circles it made on the inside of her wrist. Her heart thundered like a runaway train racing down the tracks.
She didn’t pull away, neither did she move closer. Maya kept her gaze riveted upon his face. Too harsh to be pretty, this man was ruggedly handsome—sharp angles, a nose that had been broken, and lips that she had no problem enjoying for long periods of time.
He brought up his other hand to cup her cheek. Her breathing increased as her body trembled. She swiped her tongue along her lower lip. His stare tracked her movement, his nostrils flaring slightly.
His mouth settled over hers and she whimpered. He pushed his tongue between her lips. Sparks exploded throughout her as she leaned into him. He slid his hand back to sink into her hair at the base of her skull, fingers digging in, anchoring them together.
Maya allowed her lids to slide down. He was magnetic. That was how she would explain it. The only way she could.
“You taste exquisite,” he mumbled into her mouth.
He wasn’t bad himself. In some part of her mind she recognized him moving her hand—with the knife—away from between them and off to the side before he wrapped her arm around his waist, bringing them closer still.
The kiss deepened. He took his time exploring, as did she. He still tasted the same—sex. Power. Male.
Her pussy creamed and she shifted, angling her head for better penetration. She took her time and inched her hand up his defined torso. He took the knife from her hand then held her waist, his calluses teasing her sensitive skin. He flexed and rubbed his cock against her.
Maya knew she was one move away from submitting to him and whatever he wanted to do. She had to stop this. As if he’d read her intent, Brent rumbled deep in his throat and tightened his hold on her. Turning them, he backed her into the counter’s edge.
Chest to chest. Pelvis to pelvis. She felt all of him against her as his tongue continued to plunder the depths of her mouth. Shirt bunched in her fingers, she released a frustrated whimper when the ringing of a cellphone intervened in their bubble.
He answered it with a sharp word then focused back on her. “We will continue this, Maya. Make no mistake about that.”
One more hard, fast and completely dominating kiss then he was striding away toward her front door, phone to his ear.



Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.  


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