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The Lieutenant’s Ex-Wife


Series: Code of Honour ~ Book 2

Totally Bound

July 2010

E-Book ISBN #: 978-0-85715-179-7

Genre: Contemporary



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Their relationship began and ended because of an assignment six years ago, what will happen when they are reunited?

Lieutenant Pete “Racer” Kysenzki loves his job as a pilot. But with the news he gets from JAG pertaining to an incident six years ago he finds himself above the Arctic Circle tracking down a woman he has tried his best to forget. He needs some answers and fast.

Sidra Bonnaire is doing her best to stay one step ahead of a rogue agent who wants her dead and the computer chip she has. When she looks up into the face of a man from her past she is immediately reminded of how it had been between them. No matter how intense the passion still is when she learns his reason for coming she knows it’s time to run again.

Pete can’t leave her to face the danger alone, especially since he brought it to her. Convincing her to let him help is a lot easier than persuading her that maybe they deserve a second chance. Will he get an answer from her or will she be taken from him forever?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.


The store was warm and clean. He shivered again and pulled the door closed behind him. Shelves were stocked full and he could hear muffled laughter toward the back. Pete removed his gloves while he walked and when he turned a corner he stopped at the sight of a large man hovering over a woman whispering into her ear.

Her laughter, deep and husky sent spirals of longing through him. And he knew who it was. Only one woman’s laugh had the ability to make him able to split wood with his cock. Sidra Bonnaire. And it didn’t matter how long it had been, his shaft knew it for it pressed hard against his jeans. Her head was tucked with the other man’s and unexplained jealousy washed over him. Shoving his gloves in his pocket he cleared his throat and crossed his arms. The couple sprang apart and looked at him. Pete could only stare.

Sidra Bonnaire. The years had been amazing to her. Her cocoa skin shone with health, those slightly tilted eyes of raw umber stared at him from behind thick black lashes. The coal black wavy hair cascading around her oval face called to his fingers to sink into it. Her full lips which could do, and had done, wicked and unspeakable things to his cock were parted with surprise. She wore a pale brick man’s sweatshirt and tight blue jeans which only highlighted her curves off to him.

“Pete,” she said in disbelief.

“Do you know him, Sidra?” the man beside her asked, placing his hand on her arm in a postulating action.

Pete growled low in his throat and lifted a shoulder briefly. To hell with it. Striding over to her, he jerked her away from the man touching her and pulled her flush to his chest. Delving one hand into her hair, he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth, groaning in the back of his throat when his senses were swamped by her addicting taste. Damn I had forgotten just how completely intoxicating she was. He plundered, sweeping deep until she sagged into him. Then he ended it, reluctantly for every inch of his body was ready to strip her naked and sink deep where he belonged. Within her.

 “Well, hell, I’ve missed you baby,” he drawled.

Her eyes were wide and he felt another flash of lust when her tongue snuck out and skimmed her lips.

“Who the hell are you?” the since forgotten man demanded.

Pete turned his head and stared at him. Hauling Sidra back up against him when she made to walk off, he let his fingers caress her ass claiming her. “I’m Pete Kysenzki, her husband.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2010.

All Rights Reserved, Totally Bound.


Reviews of  The Lieutenant’s Ex-Wife

L.T. Blue at Just Erotic Romance Reviews gives 4 Stars and says: “I really enjoyed The Lieutenant's Ex-Wife. Ms. Burke has a way of creating her military men so Alpha-fantastic, sexy as all get out, and very much in-love with their women. Ms. Burke has another hit on hands with The Lieutenant's Ex-Wife.”

Nikita Steele at Joyfully Reviewed says: “The Lieutenant’s Ex-Wife was a thrilling suspense that hooked me from the start and kept me glued to my seat until the very end. The plot was filled with deception, conflict, adventure and a super hot romance. Although six years had passed with no contact, the passion was still strong between Peter and Sidra and this time it refused to remain on the back burner. It fought them head on determined to win one way or another. Add in a very dangerous, out of control criminal and you have the making of a wonderful tale in The Lieutenant’s Ex-Wife.”


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