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Polar Opposites


Series: In Aeternum ~ Book 4

Publisher: Totally Bound

July 2014

ISBN #: 9781784300432

Genre: Contemporary



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Despite differences and difficulties, love is always capable of finding a way to take root and bloom.

Ivan Vinokourov wasn’t sure he'd ever get over losing the love of his life to another man. However, after he's kidnapped, the woman sent to rescue him stirs emotions he’d believed were gone forever.

Bailey Hyde is an assassin for Theta Corps—that’s what she does, so she doesn’t understand why she’s being sent in for a retrieval. The man she’s tasked with rescuing is different, and she finds herself attracted to him. He’s a scientist, not the type she usually goes after still, he intrigues her.

Despite her misgivings about being involved with someone she’s rescued, they begin a relationship. He’s amazing yet they continue to butt heads over her work. When her past is revealed, Bailey isn’t sure of anything anymore, even Ivan. Can what they have withstand that they are polar opposites? Or are they destined to go back to being alone?

Content below is not suitable if under 18.




Over the next few days, she got down the schedule of Ivan’s guard. Mac was his shadow and rarely left his side, if ever. The day arrived and Bailey held to her schedule. In the evening, Kadyr left to tend to something—she didn’t know what and it wasn’t her concern—on the other side of the island. Using the opportunity, she got going. Tossing her purse in her car, she blew on her nails and strode back inside.

“Everything okay?” the maid asked.

“Fine, Tula. I forgot something.” She made her way through the spacious house and went out of a side door. Immediately she headed for the lab. She entered and hugged the wall as she gazed around for Ivan.

He lingered in the back of the room, whiteboards on three sides of him. Blue letters and numbers broke apart the shiny white. His shirt hung, not tucked into his jeans.

I wonder if he slept here.

Aware of her limited window, she wasted no time in approaching him. He muttered to himself as he stared at the boards.

“Dr Vinokourov.”

He held up a finger without glancing at her then wrote with his left hand on the board nearest. She ground her jaw. Another reason she didn’t go after people. Patience with others wasn’t her strong suit.

“Actually, now is preferable, Doctor.”

His pale blue eyes met hers—heat surged through his gaze and her body. Ivan wore his scruff well and she had this insane desire to reach out and discover what it was like moving on his skin.

“What are you doing here?” He gazed past her.

“Getting you out. Let’s go.”

“You’re Kadyr’s woman.”

“I’m a lot of things and I’m nothing. We need to move.” She grabbed his arm—his nicely muscled arm—and drew him away.

“Who are you?”

“We don’t have time for twenty questions. Walk beside me and keep your head down. At the car, get in.”

“My stuff—”

“Is immaterial and not worth your life, Doctor.” She opened the door and gazed around.


He moved at her side, his loose-limbed gait something she would have enjoyed watching were the situation different. She slid behind the wheel as he joined her. Engine running, she shifted into gear and drove away. In her periphery, she watched him.

Ivan was a presence one couldn’t ignore. He didn’t speak, just sat there.

“Did you give them anything?” Bailey nudged more speed from the car.

“If I say yes are you going to kill me?”


An explosion rocked the area—she spied smoke and flames in her rear-view mirror. Ivan jerked around, staring out of the back before returning his focus to her.

“Who do you work for?” His demand fell. “Better yet, who are you?”

“Theta Corps.”

“I told him no. Sending you—no matter how hot you are—isn’t going to get me to change my mind.”

Her curiosity got the best of her. Ignoring the fact he thought she was hot, she asked the question. “He? He who?”

“Kevin McNeal.”

She whipped them into a run-down lot and parked the car. After getting out, she gestured for him to follow. “Come on. I know nothing about whatever you and Kevin discussed. I’m here to get you out. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

They crept around to a small speedboat and she gestured him in. Bailey knew most people wouldn’t dare touch something belonging to Kadyr Hamisov, which was why it sat mostly unprotected. She wasn’t most people.

With no hesitation, she turned the key, bringing the engine to life. Once they were untied, she guided them out to sea. Behind her, loud shots pelted the water.

“What happens now?” he cried over the wind streaming past them.

“We get you home.”

She checked her coordinates and held them on course. The shroud of darkness covered them and did so right on target. Thankfully some things were predictable, unlike the men at the dock—she’d underestimated their response time. She continually monitored around them. Assuming their ride was on time, the approaching crafts of his men would be too late.

“Get ready.”

“We’re in the ocean. What exactly are we waiting for?”

She rummaged through the storage, light clenched between her teeth. “Our ride,” she mumbled. Withdrawing the can of gasoline, she then began dumping it over the upholstery.

“What… What are you doing?”

Bailey paused and looked over the bow as the water churned before splitting to allow the sleek black conning tower of a US fast attack submarine to appear as they rose. The sight was always so powerful for her. She thrust the can at him.

“Finish pouring.” She went to the helm and checked the screen. Their pursuers were moving closer.


She shouldered her bag, the strap crossing her chest, and moved them nearer to the large black silhouette. A flashlight shone on them and she blinked before it moved to the side, allowing her to see four armed men plus the one holding the light.

“Ms Hyde?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let’s get you on board.”

Three minutes later, she stood on the hull and watched the speedboat go up in flames. Then she and Ivan descended into the sub. The hatch closed and they sank below the surface.



Copyright ©  Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.  

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