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Landing in Love


Series: Born to Fly ~ Book 1

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing



Genre: Contemporary/Interracial



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Can an Air Force pilot and a dancer make it work as they move to the music of love in the wild beauty of Spain?

Air Force pilot, Major Erich “Daredevil” Stark runs into a woman leaving a club and is immediately attracted to her. He wants to know her better but after a brief and intense interaction she slips away. When they meet again, he longs to start over.

Bliss Esparza has spent her life doing two things. Dancing and raising her younger brother, When she meets the handsome pilot she knows he’s something special.

Erich knows she’s the one for him. But one night he finds himself tossed out of her villa after offering to help her brother with a recommendation letter for military school. Will he be able to convince her to give them another chance?

Unedited Excerpt

Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“You know you’re safe with me, Bliss,” he stated in a calm tone.

“I know very little about you, Major Stark other than you are a surprisingly good dancer.”

“Surprisingly? Did you not think I could dance? And how’d you know I was a Major?”

“Aside from the tags on your car? Tom called to let me know he wasn’t coming but you were. And let’s just say I was pleasantly amazed by how well you danced.”

They entered Seville and Erich drove to a restaurant and parked the car. She remained there until he walked around and opened the door for her.

“Well, I’ll be sure to pass that along to my mama, who I am sure will think I’m full of manure.”

She couldn’t stop the chuckle from escaping. “Wouldn’t want that now would we? I’ll tell her for you.”

“You’d do that for me?” He leaned in close. “Well hell, Bliss, I think you may just like me a little bit.”

“You’re not as bad as you first came across as.” She licked her bottom lip and held his gaze in the light from the parking lot. Heat flared in his eyes as he moved them from her eyes to her lips and back up again. “But, I wouldn’t say I like you.”

Closer he moved. His head blocking out the light. “No? What about attracted to?” His heat and scent wove around her.

Her heart pounded so hard she wondered could he hear it. “And if I say yes? What happens?”

“You have to say yes first,” he uttered on a whisper.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Bliss bit on her lower lip and shuddered when he stepped closer and she could feel the hardness from his torso touching her thin shirt. This time the whimper couldn’t be contained. Her lids felt heavy and she was mesmerized by his eyes and the myriad of emotions which swirled in them. Bliss couldn’t think straight. All her synapses were misfiring.

“Bliss,” he murmured his mouth a hairsbreadth from hers.

“Yes,” she said on a sigh.

Erich kissed her. Her world shifted and the ground moved under her feet. Fire didn’t just spread; it exploded up from within her reaching throughout her body. His lips were warm and moved over hers with masterful precision. He slid a hand around her back and cupped her neck and head as the other one landed upon one hip. Light touches with his tongue slipped along her lips before he sought entrance.

Bliss opened with a sigh. He began to explore the recess of her mouth. Thorough but gentle. Erich tasted better than he smelled, and she didn’t know that was possible. She trembled from the force of the sensations streaming through her. Reaching up with her hands she laid them against the solid muscle of his chest. His heart pounded beneath her palm and she pressed closer.

He ended the kiss slowly, drawing out her lower lip before it was over. Erich stared at her, his eyes smoky with passion and the fingers at the back of her skull were driving her crazy with the light circles he made. Not that the hand on her hip helped her brain make sense of anything. Okay, I’ll officially call his touch intoxicating and mind numbing.

“I’ve wanted to do since you ran into me at Atlantis,” he whispered.

Her belly began doing that strange flipping thing again. “Is that so?”

He nuzzled the hair by her ear. “So. Come on, I owe you a dinner.” 


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2017.

All Rights Reserved.


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