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Keeper of the Stars - Part 3


Series: Astral Guardians

Publisher: Totally Bound

April 2014

ISBN #: 9781784300098

Genre: Paranormal



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Heaven can be found among the stars.

Settling into her new life in Oregon, Lana faces more potential dangers while a newcomer to the vineyard sends her life in a new direction. Her bond with Lian is increasing as are her feelings for him, but will it be enough or will someone from her past shove a wedge between them?
Content below is not suitable if under 18.




Lian crossed his arms, staring at the woven basket resting upon his oak table and frowning at the contents. “There was nothing accompanying this”—he waved a hand—“delivery? At all?” I really don’t need to be dealing with this right now. What is the purpose of this being dropped in my lap?

“No, sir, Mr Yang. Two of the vineyard workers found it out by the south end.”

He scowled further and bent in closer. A baby. Who would leave a baby in a field? Had whoever abandoned him seen the workers? The infant chose that moment to open his eyes. His face scrunched up and he emitted an ear-piercing wail, one someone his size shouldn’t be able to make. Babies always surprised him with what they could do, though, and what they could survive. Yes, they were fragile—however they were also incredibly resilient. So while he knew he shouldn’t be taken aback, there would never fail to be a small part of him that found these little beings to be so completely full of amazement.

“What’s his problem?” His ears rang. “Is he hurt?”

“I believe he wants to be held, Mr Yang.” The statement was delivered deadpan.

“Don’t suppose that’s something you’d care to do, is it, Maxwell?”

“No, sir.”

Lian sent him a knowing grin. He’d not truly expected the man to do so. Exhaling sharply, he wiped his hands off on his pants prior to carefully lifting the baby free. His fingers found out the truth in seconds. He’s wet. “We need some cloths for a diaper, Maxwell. As quick as possible.”

“Right away, sir.”

It had been years since he’d been around a baby, longer since he’d cared for one. The child kept up a steady stream of cries, his pale face becoming a mottled red.

“Easy, little man. We’ll have you fixed up in no time.” He reached into the basket and frowned. Also wet.

“Here we go, sir.” Maxwell came back with a tray of items.



Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.  



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