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Keeper of the Stars - Part 2


Series: Astral Guardians

Publisher: Totally Bound

April 2014

ISBN #: 9780857156907

Genre: Paranormal



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Heaven can be found amongst the stars.

Trust is fragile and easily shattered. As their burgeoning relationship grows will Lian be able to keep Lana’s tentative faith in him or will new revelations splinter and shatter the fledging emotion?

Content below is not suitable if under 18.




He knew she was alive, that wasn’t the issue. He was livid they’d gotten the drop on him and took her. It was his job to protect her and he’d failed.

Since she wasn’t moving, he figured she was still unconscious. The van continued for another two hours before it pulled at a small roadside motel. The men parked before a door and instead of going to the office, they went straight in. So they’ve already been here waiting. He grumbled as one of the men carried her from the van into the room. The door closed and he heard the lock engage. Like that will do you any good.

He lowered to the ground, retaking his human form. The rain-heavy clouds kept him hidden. He covered the distance without his feet landing on the grass or gravel mix.

Lian never slowed as he blew the door open. The men would see a mass of grayish-green swirling clouds. And that’s what he stepped from. He walked to the one who’d carried her—the other man went down with a flick of his wrist. Lian’s blood had been replaced by raw fury.

“What the fu—?”

“You took the wrong woman. She is mine.



Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.  



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