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Justice Is Already Ready


Series: A Graham Family Story ~ Book 1

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial


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Will she accept…or walk away leaving him with nothing more than the memory of her touch?

Jamal “Justice” Graham is an officer in the US Coast Guard. He thought his life was perfect until one rainy day when he meets Kassidy Barrow. He can’t get her out of his mind and sets out to pursue her.

Kassidy flies under the radar, trying to please her parents and taking pride in her work at the library. When Justice comes into her life he exposes her to a side she didn’t think she would be experiencing in her life.

His work, her family, and life get in the way and she tries to push him away. He’s a man who lives the USCG motto and Justice is Always Ready. She is the world to him and he doesn’t have any plans on letting her go.


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

Justice almost choked on the cool liquid sliding down his throat. Blinking a few times, he checked, then double-checked, to make sure it wasn’t his imagination. It wasn’t. Leaning against the bar, in tight black pants and a white halter-top stood none other than Kassidy. She had one
heeled boot propped up, an elbow on the bar, and a bottle of beer dangling from her fingers as she spoke to the bartender.
“Excuse me, guys,” he murmured as he took another drink and headed toward her. In the back of his mind he heard his friends commenting, but none of it registered. He had one thing in mind.
Justice stepped up behind her, almost touching but not. He met the bartender’s gaze briefly, long enough to make his claim clear. Then he lowered his head, inhaled the intoxicating and alluring scent of dark amber with a hint of vanilla. Desire, lust, and something else flashed through him.
“Good evening, Kassidy,” he whispered in her ear.
She jumped with surprise and Justice groaned as he reached around her to help steady her drink.
“Oh… oh… you scared me,” she stuttered, turning to face him.
Justice forced himself not to give in and kiss her. Behave, man! It wasn’t easy. He couldn’t think of another woman who could banish all train of thought from his mind as this one could. Kassidy wore a bare minimum of makeup and his gaze lingered on her lips after her tongue snuck out to dampen them.
“Sorry,” he apologized. Leaning against the bar he lost himself in her gray eyes. “Do you come here often?”
Silence fell before they both laughed.
“Wow,” she teased, “that’s a line I haven’t heard in a while.”
“Didn’t mean for it to sound like that. Just I don’t recall seeing you in here before.”
“I’ve not been. Just came to meet someone.”
Possessiveness reared up within him. “Really?” he asked, well aware he sounded all growly.
If Kassidy noticed the surly attitude she made no mention of it. “Yes. Ethan, the bartender.”
He snapped his gaze to the tall, dark-haired white man behind the bar. Observant blue eyes stared back at him. What the hell?
“Ethan?” he asked again, looking between the two of them.
“Yes. Lucy wanted me to meet her boyfriend.” Kassidy glanced over her shoulder and waved at Ethan. “He’s a very nice guy. I’m happy for them both,” she said when she met his gaze again.
Relief swamped him. “So he’s not your man?”
She stared at him, took a long, slow drink from the bottle. His body responded as he observed the way her lips curled around the mouth of the longneck.
“Nope,” she finally responded.
Justice leaned closer. “Anyone in here your man?”
Kassidy finished eliminating the distance between them, their lips millimeters apart. “Not yet.”



Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.





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