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It Could Happen Again

Series: Zulu Spectre ~ Book 4

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing
August 2015

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
Format: Ebook



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His rash decision changed her life, now he’s back—and wanting for a second chance.

Allie Sumani is working hard toward her dream, determined not let to anything—or anyone—stop her. When a past lover returns she realizes he still means something to her, despite everything.

Dale Curtayn is stunned when he learns who is living across the hall from him. A woman he’d never forgotten. All he has to do is convince her things are different this time and pray…it could happen again.


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

Down a hall lined with hand drawn pictures and into a small kitchen, he trailed the boy. The bike was upside down near the entrance, and Dale bent by it. The table in the back was placed against the wall beneath a clean window with a sill box on it growing flowers. The remnants of breakfast still lingered on the surface.
He looked up from the bike at the slight footsteps entering the kitchen. His breath left him in a low whoosh. She was tall and leanly muscled. Graceful. Her glossy long black framed her face. His heart skipped a beat. Then, two more.
As quickly as it hit, the feeling was shoved away. He stood and smiled. I can’t fucking believe it.
Her smile was a bit more reserved. He didn’t blame her; they hadn’t exactly parted on the best of terms.
“Alimaia,” he breathed, unsure he wasn’t imagining things.
“Mr. Curtayn. And, not that I see you using it, I go by Allie now.” She moved to the table and lifted off the two plates, not even bothering to offer her hand nor accept his.
“How have you been? This is your nephew?”
“Fine and yes.”
Three words, which were most decidedly unwelcoming. He stepped toward her but she stiffened, every inch of her. He knew why but still didn’t like it. Dale preferred her soft and willing beneath his touch.
So many touches.
“Tyler, go brush your teeth please.”
The lad dashed off, and Dale shoved his hands in his pockets while rocking back on his heels. He remembered their first meeting all those years ago. He’d totally and completely embarrassed himself before her.
“So, you know all about me, do I at least get to know your name?” He’d grinned. “Or has knowing all that made you want to keep your distance?”
“We all make bad choices; I can hardly judge you for yours.”
“I think we’ve determined my life sucks, and yet, I still don’t know your name.”
She’d ducked her head, looking entirely adorable. “Alimaia Sumani.”
“Sumani. Sumani. What nationality is that?”
“Algerian.” There’d been no hesitation on her part. “My parents are from there.”
“I’ve heard it’s a beautiful country.”
“Yes, it is.”
Tyler came back in, and Dale centered his attention on the boy as opposed to those memories previously contained, which now threatened to consume him.
“Let’s see what we have here.” He knelt and set down the tools he brought with. “Yep, we can fix this in no time.”
Dale had Tyler help, all the while remaining consciously aware of Alimaia…Allie’s scrutiny. She kept herself busy clearing off the rest of the table and putting food away. His stomach reminded him of the puny Pop Tart he’d eaten.
Her movements offered him a flash of calf as her capris leg rose up higher. The modest attire doing more to him than he expected. It’s just because I’ve been so long without a woman. Then again, perhaps because I know what it’s like with this woman.
“Like this, Dale?”
The question yanked his gaze to Tyler. “I’m sorry, Tyler, what?”
“You call him Mr. Curtayn, Tyler.” Allie gave the order before opening the fridge.
“Yes, ma’am. Do I do it like this, Mr. Curtayn?”
He had no problem with Dale but wasn’t going to say anything. Jacey—a woman he worked with—had her son call him Mr. Curtayn as well. Or at least Mr. Dale.
“Just so, Tyler. Three more turns and the pedal will be secure.”
He grunted. “It’s really tight now.”
“Good, good. Let me give it a go.”
As he finished the pedal, Tyler’s face bosomed with joy. After a huge thank you, both Tyler and the bike vanished. Dale repacked his tools and stood. Allie still watched him.
“You’re good with kids.”
He gave an easy smile. “They’re not difficult. He reminds me of one kid a woman I work with has.”
Her expression closed down again. “Thank you so much for helping him.” The words were pushed from behind clenched teeth, and he knew she’d not wanted to express them.
“My pleasure.”
She walked him to the door, no offer of a drink or anything. “Thanks again.”
Julie waited out there, and he groaned.
“This,” she screeched. “This is where you went to get revenge. I can’t believe you.” Behind him the door closed, softly but with finality, leaving him to face Julie on his own. “She has nothing you need. I am what you want, Dale.” Her whiny tone grated on his nerves in ways he never knew a voice could.
Could his day get any worse?
He truly hoped not.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2015.

All Rights Reserved.


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