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Icy Dare

Genre: Romantic suspense, contemporary
Format: Ebook




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Sometimes the most passionate heat resides behind walls of ice…

Dorian West puts down the bottle when a request comes in from a man he respects more than anything to help find a woman running scared. Agreeing, he discovers, she is one he could spend a lifetime getting to know and still not unearth all her secrets. Hard to when she hides behind an icy demeanor. He does have one way to get her to thaw out…

Sakharre Myers is on the run. Her brother plays on defense for the Miami Thunder and she is tired of being used to get closer to him. After one relationship turns dangerous, she hightails it out of Miami. Despite her mistrust and attempts to get away from the man named Dorian there isn’t any way to ignore the sizzling passion between herself and this man sent after her.

Stress and fear can accelerate a relationship and then the question becomes, will it last once everything settles down? Will they have a chance together or will Sakharre once more retreat behind her walls of ice?

Content below is not suitable if under 18.

Dorian had it bad for the woman beneath him. She wasn’t cowering or crying. Quite the opposite, she was pissed. Anger flashed in her brown eyes. Tyler had said to go easy. Dorian hadn’t. Still, this woman, who was running from someone, stood toe to toe with him. Or lay chest to chest with me.
There was no denying the lush curves beneath him, and his body responded eagerly. He rose up, saving her from his weight. Sparks danced in her eyes—eyes that weren’t plain brown but mouthwatering chocolate.
Go easy.
Again, Tyler’s words echoed in Dorian’s mind. He had no wish to go easy. Hard. Fast. And against any surface he could use.
This woman didn’t have the fear he would have expected. Then again—when someone was being pursued, he would expect them to seek or accept help. She had done quite the opposite. Avoiding her brother. Going so far as to drop off the grid. That’s why it had taken Dorian the time it had to locate her. She was damn good at hiding. She worked for cash and had no credit cards to speak of. Not what he’d expected.
Her knee swiped dangerously to his cock, and he glanced down at her.
“You really need to stop that.”
“Fuck you,” she snapped.
He grinned, enjoying her sass and the spark it gave him. “We could.” His smile fell away. “I’m still taking you to Miami.”
Defiance swelled in her gaze before fading away. She shrugged as if she hadn’t a care in the world. “Do I call you asshole or do you go by a secret identity that hides this personality?”
“You can call me Dorian.”
She grunted, shifting beneath him and, again, reminding him how long he’d been abstinent.
“Feel free to get off me.”
Her icy tone had him smiling once more.
“That implies it’s my decision if I move or not.”
“Maybe.” Her reply curt.
Conscious of her being attached to him, he rose cautiously and lifted her to her feet, as well. His cock pushed hard against the rough fabric of his jeans. On one hand, he was thrilled to be commando for it meant there was no choking from boxers or briefs. Yet, on the other hand, it was one less layer of clothing between them.
Her scowl remained in place. He winked, and her frown increased.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2015.

All Rights Reserved.


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