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Her Pirate Rogue


Series: Rakes & Rogues ~ Book 3

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing  
November 2014
ISBN #: 9781310988486
Genre:  Regency Historical

Format: E-book & Trade Paperback

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A tumultuous meeting leads to a journey across the ocean and starts something new.

Pug has grown up as the eldest son of the Earl of Clifton yet prefers the open sea to land. Stopping off at an island, he engages a woman who takes his breath away. Fearless and protective, he wants to learn more of the woman who is as unique as the ocean.

Sabeen is taking care of five children after the island’s revolt. She has to find passage to England, somehow. Will she be making a big mistake by trusting this dark haired, blue eyed man who had offered his assistance?

During the journey, they grow closer and she learns there is more to this man than she first learned. A revelation waits for him back in England. Will this news drive them further apart? Will her past reclaim her, or will they find their way back to the seas and adventure?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

The man hollering his name had him drawing up and glancing over Sabeen’s head. Pug hid his scowl. Dickers ran a local drink establishment that catered to more of the lower class of ruffians of which there were no shortage of in the port town.
“Wait here. I will be right back.”
Sabeen gave a slight nod, and so, he left her there. Striding across the street, he focused on the short, greasy man. Pug didn’t want to leave her; however, neither did he want to go to the ship, drop her off then return to deal with Dickers. None of his men were around. If the Royal Navy was looking for her, this would be the best place for him to step away because those men didn’t come down here too often.
The man sniffed and wiped a filthy sleeve across his nose. “You owe me, Pug.”
He narrowed his gaze. “I owe you nothing, Dickers. You would do well to remember I spared your life last time we tangled.” He wrapped one hand around the hilt of his rapier.
Apparently, Dickers had not remembered until just now. His beady eyes widened, and he took a step back.
“Stay out of my way, Dickers.”
A loud cacophony of raucous male laughter reached him, and he frowned as a warning tingle skated up his spine. As he whirled a low rumble of fury exploded from his throat at the scene before him.
Three men surrounded Sabeen, one of them foolish enough to be touching her. Pug fairly flew across the dirty street, dodging mud puddles until the tip of his rapier rested against the man’s filthy neck.
“Let. Her. Go.”
The color leeched out of his face as his startled expression flashed between Pug and Sabeen. But, his hand remained clamped around her arm. Narrowing his gaze, Pug pressed the blade deeper into his throat.
“She is just a who—“
“Mine,” Pug growled. “She. Is. Mine. You call her a whore, and I will end your meaningless, pathetic life where you stand.” Although his main focus remained on the one who’d touched his Sabeen, he didn’t lose sight of the other two. When one moved, he nudged his rapier farther into the one man’s neck. “They move, I kill you. You move, I kill you.”
“It were a mistake,” the man blurted out through a mouth of missing and stained teeth.
Pug withdrew his weapon as he simultaneously hauled a still silent Sabeen flush to his side. The moment they scurried away, he turned all his attention to the woman he held. In a heartbeat decision, he kicked open the nearest door and propelled her in until her back was against the wall.
“Leave!” he snarled at the old man sitting there. He hobbled to the back. Pug reached past her and locked the door. “Look at me,” he said, trying to remain a bit more under control.
Sabeen lifted her head, meeting his gaze. It was like a punch to his gut. Had he ever seen such a clear brown before? Guileless. Absolutely breathtaking. However, in the far corners, he saw that familiar blend of fear and uncertainty.
“You are never to fear me,” he ordered. “Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, sir.”
Somehow, his hand found its way into her hair. Her eyes widened, but she didn’t move. Acceptance of the inevitable filled her stare. He tightened his grip and put his face closer.
“I may yell or curse. Perhaps both. Hell, sometimes, I will even throw things, but I will never hurt you, never raise a hand to either you or the children. Think about it, Sabeen. You cut me, drugged me, left me alone in a cave. All I have done is help you. At some point, I am going to need you to trust me.”
“Yes, sir.”
He almost growled at her but let it go. As well as her hair. “We need to go.” Jerking open the door, he glanced up and down the street before setting off, ensuring Sabeen stayed close.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.


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