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Fields of Thunder


Series: Astral Guardians ~ Book 3

Publisher: Totally Bound

February  2015

ISBN #: 9781784303952

Genre: Paranormal/ Multicultural



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If you listen you will hear the heartbeat of the Earth...

Roz Hill is a woman unafraid of her passion. So meeting a man who gives her a visceral reaction, she doesn’t ignore it. One night leads to more and the discovery of finding her mate and artifact.

Altair Sagal has his own code. Roz intrigues him in ways no one has for years. As they learn to be mates they get tossed into situations which very well may kill them both before their life together even begins.
Content below is not suitable if under 18.




At the end of his work day, he undid his tool belt and draped it over his shoulder. Readjusting the ball cap on his head, he took three steps then froze. The tingling zipping up and down his spine told him all he needed to know. She was behind him.
He pivoted and found his senses had been spot on. She stood there, her gray suit just as pristine as it had been earlier in the day. He, on the other hand, was sweaty and dirty.
She flowed toward him in the manner with which water flows over rocks—surely and effortlessly. She gave a small shake of her head while she assessed him.
“I’m Roz.” She offered her hand.
Wiping his own off on his pant leg first, he accepted. “Altair.”
Her grip was strong and warm. Spikes rocketed through him and from her expression, she was experiencing the same thing. From the corner of his eyes he swore he saw some lightning but when he turned to see, the sky was still blue outside.
She released him and stared, eyes wide and pupils dilated. His cock hardened in his jeans. He’d never wanted to kiss a woman so much in his life. Curving his fingers into his palm, he glued himself to the spot.
“I wanted to thank you for what you did today.”
“It was nothing.”
“Maybe not to you, but it was to me. Can I buy you dinner as a thank you? Or, do you have a Mrs. Altair waiting for you?” She pursed her lips. “Or Mr.?”
He laughed. “No Mr. waiting for me. Never will be. Nor is there a Mrs.—or anyone angling to be.”
Her smile should have come with a warning label. If his cock got any harder, it would punch free of the denim struggling to contain it.
“So then dinner is a yes?” She moved closer to him, increasing the need in his gut.
“That is not necessary.”
“I think it is.” Another two steps. “Very much so.”
He remained rooted in place. “Why?”
“Because I think until I get you out of my system, I am going to be focusing on you and not my work.”
“Then why offer dinner?”
Her full lips twitched up again. “I thought my suggesting a quick fuck behind the scaffolding might sound a bit crude.”
A chuckle emerged from him as he crossed his arms. “Are you sure? It may just do the trick.”
Fire flashed in her eyes matching the flames in his blood. Her tongue peeked out from her lips, just enough to tantalize him more. Currently, he was sure everything about her was a temptation.



Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2015.

All Rights Reserved.  



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