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Down Range


Series: Tungsten Protective Services

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing

Genre:  Contemporary, Interracial

Format: E-book


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He may save her life but can her heart be saved from his past betrayal?
Ralston “Lucifer” Dansen has just returned back from being down range when he learns that the woman he loves has gone and gotten herself into a bit of a situation. Despite the fact he knows he broke her heart and her trust, he’s not going to let her die in some foreign country.
Rizzo Candela hadn’t expected her trip to turn into a life or death situation, one made worse by her mouth. If only she’d learned to curb it. Praying for some kind of intervention when it arrives, she isn’t a hundred percent positive it’s for the better. It’s the one man who betrayed her, can she trust he’ll keep her safe this time around?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“You okay?” he asked.

American. Relief swamped her. More tears threatened. “I will be,” she forced the words out, proud they didn’t shake. Too much anyway.

The other man hadn’t spoken but she had no doubt he watched her. Unnerving actually. She ran her gaze over him again. Tanned skin, broad shoulders, lean hips.

“Better speak to her or she’s likely to bolt.” The one who’d asked her if she was okay, spoke to his companion who had the kerchief on.


Her heart thudded to a stop before struggling to renew. She pushed up from her knees, pivoted until she faced them both and walked toward him. Are you shitting me? Five years, seven months, eighteen weeks, and five, no, six days since her heart had been ripped from her chest. Yes despite the time, there wasn’t any way she would forget that voice.

“Let me see your face,” she demanded.

He tugged down his skull kerchief as well and her pulse kicked up at the familiar jaw covered by red scruff. Familiar lips and nose. She moved up and was met by pale green eyes as the sunglasses vanished.

Ralston Dansen stood before her.

The relief of her rescue faded and in a second she’d swung her bound hands up, taking both herself and him by surprise when the connected with his jaw. Shit, that hurts. The back of her hand throbbed painfully and the wrist pulsed even more. He stumbled back a step, watching her as if just seeing her for the first time.

The other man whistled low and chuckled. “I think you left a few things out when you stated the two of you had a history.” He beckoned to her and cut the rope binding her hands. She shook them grateful to be free.

“F*** off, Cole.” His deep voice brought back to many memories for her weakened mental state to handle.

“Thank you,” she stated, looking at the one Ralston had called Cole.

“Ready to go home?” Cole asked.

“Yes, more than you can know, but I can’t leave all those people there.”

“We’re here to rescue you, not everyone.” Ralston made the comment.

Fresh anger poured into her. She fisted a hand and refused to look at her ex. Locking her gaze and focus on Cole, she stared into his blue-green eyes. “I won’t go knowing they are still in danger.”

Cole nodded. “Give me a second.” He stepped away and in the time it took her to blink, the space had been filled up by Ralston. His green eyes snapped fire. “It’s time to go. You can’t save them.”

“I’m not going.”

“They let you get dragged off and almost raped. Now you want to protect them?” Sweat glistened along his skin.

“I didn’t expect them to face off with twelve armed men to save me. It’s not like they’ve betrayed me.” His flinch brought a feral smile to her face.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2016.

All Rights Reserved.


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