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Code Name: Papa

Series:  ~ Book 1

Publisher: Entangled Select
July 2015

ISBN #: 978-1943336630
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Interracial
Format: Ebook and Trade Paperback



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Spy versus spy… Top-secret government operatives can't afford emotional attachments. Years ago, Beckett Hanson broke the rule and fell in love. Hard. She was a spy—like Beckett—until she went dark eight years ago. She simply disappeared. And for Beckett, that meant hardening his broken heart and being the job. Until one phone call changes everything… Indigo Grey left her life behind eight years ago when she became pregnant. Since then, she's lived a “normal” life with her son, until a trip lands them both in some serious hot water. Now her son's life is in danger and Indigo is desperate. The only man who can help her is the man she ran away from—the father of her son. But they’re running out of time…

Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“Shut your mouth and let’s get out of here.”

“F*** you.”

A secure grip on her, he propelled her to his truck, a sardonic grin firmly in place. “Been there. Done that. I’m, sure you remember all those times.”

She stiffened but snapped her mouth shut. Once in the truck, he wasted no time getting them out of there. Indigo didn’t move, just sat as close to the door as she could.

“Why did they arrest you?”


He tried again. “Where’ve you been?”


His cell buzzed, and he readjusted to answer it. “What?”

“You’d better be on your way from there.” Michael.

“Thanks for telling me. Why are we picking her up?” Beckett did his best to sound pissed for no other reason than she was the retrieval he didn’t want to do. It had nothing to do with his feelings for her and how he’d believed his heart torn out when she vanished. Right, nothing at all to do with that. At all.

“Is she with you?”

“Passenger seat. Answer me.”

“Orders go from me to you not the other way. Bring her in.”

He bit back his instinctive rumble of displeasure. “Why her?”

“Just get her here. I’ll explain then. How long before you get back?”

Beckett glanced at his watch. “Five to six hours. It’s almost three hundred miles and a detour— Shit!”

He slammed on the brakes, the truck fishtailing the moment it hit the shoulder. Dropping the phone, he shut off the engine, jumping out before the vehicle had come to a complete stop.

“Damn it, Indigo!”

She’d leapt from the truck and ran full out in the other direction.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2015.

All Rights Reserved.


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