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Casanova In Training


Series: In Aeternum ~ Book 1

Publisher: Totally Bound

July 2012

ISBN #: 978-1-78184-038-2

Print ISBN #: 978-1-78184-525-7

Genre: Contemporary



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A woman who is all about rules and a man who lives to break them, their scorching passion threatens all they hold dear, can they find a way to have it all?

Lieutenant Commander Giovanni "Casanova" Cassano is a top test pilot for the military, and is the epitome of an ace. Cocky, arrogant, handsome, and true to his callsign. His best friend's death brings a new pilot, a woman, to his squadron. That's not even the real reason it's hard. She's the one that had left an indelible imprint on his soul after a twenty-four hour rendezvous. Now she seems to have ice in her veins, not the fiery passion he knows rages beneath the surface.

Jaydee "Dusti" Amos is following orders, this time those very things have landed her at a test facility. She's here to ascertain what caused the deadly B-2 crash. The situation becomes harder once she discovers who is stationed there. The one man she never believed she'd see again after their impulsive and passionate encounter. He pulls her focus from the job at hand and tends to make her break the stringent rules she lives her life by.

They work together to unveil the truth and feelings deepen between them. But there is a traitor in their midst. Will the fallout tear them apart or will Gio find some way to convince Jaydee to give him a chance at forever?
Un-edited Excerpt

Content below is not suitable if under 18.


He poured another drink, craving the blur it made of his memory. Halfway to his lips, he paused. An unfamiliar tingle skated along the back of his neck. Glancing around the establishment, he found himself focusing on a woman he didn’t recognise or recall entering. She sat with another but he couldn't look away from her.

She had skin that reminded him of hot chocolate, with some whipped cream blended in. Lickable. Black hair drawn up and away from her face in a ponytail, it fell down to almost her shoulder blades. A low, purely animalistic reaction hit him square in the gut. His cock sprang to attention and he was halfway out of the booth before he realised it.

He sat back down, continuing to stare unabashedly at her. He could see she wore an ice blue crossover top. All he longed to do was trail the straps with his tongue and see where it would lead. Discover her taste, her smell.

Her head fell back and her laughter—he assumed it was laughter by the smile on her and the other woman’s face—seemed to add to the glow about her. He scowled when two rather large men blocked his view.

Draining his drink, he pushed to his feet and headed over there. It made absolutely no sense, especially for not having even been introduced to her, how possessive he felt towards this mystery woman. He came up around them and immediately his gaze honed in on her.

Yes, definitely lickable. And biteable.

She had full, kissable lips, a small adorable nose, and large eyes which sat framed by thick, curved lashes. A punch to his solar plexus had him sucking for air when she pinned her gaze on him. Those eyes were killers, multihued like a tortoiseshell, and he felt himself willingly falling in.

He glanced at the other two men, moved his gaze on to the second woman before settling once more on his woman. “Dance with me.” It wasn’t a question or a request, but that was his way.

She stared at him, her unique eyes assessing and he fought the urge to shift when he believed she saw past the outer shell. A slight grin lifted the corners of her lush mouth.

“Sure.” Her voice fell smooth, thick, and rich like honey.

She slid from the booth and he held his ground so she would have to brush against him. A plan that didn’t work as he’d planned. His cock was ready to punch free at the tantalising sweep of her full breasts across his chest.

“Let’s go,” she said with a smile that made him think about thrusting his shaft in and out of her mouth.

Gesturing for her to lead the way, he followed the seductive sway of her hips, which were draped in a tight, white leather skirt. He groaned and dragged his gaze down and over long, lean legs and her fuck-me heels the same colour of her shirt.


He almost lost it right then and there. So he lengthened his stride to catch up to her. With those sexy heels, she would fit just right against him. He guessed her height without heels to be about five-seven.

She tossed her head and rotated back to him. Her gaze took another trip along his body and he bit back his responding groan. The music changed to a slow, sultry ballad. Her eyes showed her hesitation and he reached out to draw her close before she left him standing there.

A flirtatious smile lifted her lips as she willingly came closer to him. Her bare arms slipped around his neck and he took a shuddering breath when she pressed tight against him. Ignoring the fire in his blood, he placed his hands at her waist, fingers grazing the small of her back.

“What’s with guys and issuing demands? You could have asked me to dance, you know.”

He slid his hands around to cup her ass, bringing her flush to his blatant erection. “You could have said no.”

“I get the feeling that isn’t a word you hear very often.”

It was true. His call sign wasn’t Casanova without good reason. “Not too much.”

Her fingers stroked along the back of his neck. He felt on fire, both inside and out. Each step took them closer to the edge of the dance floor. By the time the song ended, the two of them were in a darker hallway.

He lowered his head, giving her half a second to stop him. She didn’t. Her mouth met his. She played the aggressor, sliding her tongue in and around his. Lust blazed to life in him and he ground into her, making his desire very clear. She moaned a sexy sound —it came from the back of her throat and moved through him like electricity.

His grip on her grew possessive as he took control of the kiss. She tasted like mint. Not peppermint or spearmint. Raw mint. Pure mint. It was addictive as hell and he couldn’t get enough. The feel of her against him, the taste of her, together it lessened the pain which had consumed him since the accident.

He tore his mouth from hers and nibbled his way down her neck. Her gasp of pleasure coinciding with how she tilted her head to give him better access spurred him on. It didn't matter they were in a busy bar hallway. All that mattered was her. And sinking his hard length fully within her molten heat.

His hands began moving beneath her short skirt, seeking his prize. She pushed on him and he drew back to glance down at her. Flushed. Passionate. Delectable.


Copyright ©  Aliyah Burke, 2012.

All Rights Reserved.


Reviews of  Casanova In Training…
Bookshifter at Night Owl Reviews gives 5 stars and says: “Wow!! Casanova in Training is a fast, exciting, and sensual read that had my heart reaching Mach 2.5 in under a minute. What a rush!!

I loved the character developments of Lieutenant Commander Giovanni Cassano and Jaydee Amos. The electrifying vibe between the two strong willed, highly intelligent, analytical personalities pressed me firmly against the back of my chair as the story escalated. Ms. Burke creates a dynamic setting, story line, realistic dialogue and sensuality within a couple hundred pages. The book moves the reader at a blazing pace and the thrills in and out of the aircraft are pure genius. All of the characters are extremely well defined and the conflicts surrounding the secondary cast is outstanding. My admiration for the manner in which Ms. Burke creates Jaydee Amos had me cheering and waving my fist in the air at several scenes as if I were at a football game. Jaydee is a woman I can effortlessly bond with along with her best friend Lexy. Who does not appreciated drop dead beauties, super intelligent draped over a dynamite body compressed into take no prisoner’s women.
OMG!! Gio is to die for; sexy, hot body, knowledge of what makes a jet rock and a woman's body to quake. Hmmm!!
Ms. Burke in my opinion does an awesome job of creating a spellbinding, sexy, sizzling novel that can be enjoyed by both genders.

I will eagerly search for her other works and keep a sharp look out for Ms. Burke's upcoming novels. Casanova in Training is a five star read in my opinion. Read it, you will enjoy it; you will not be disappointed.”

Susan Plummer at All Romance Ebooks Newsletter gives Top Pick and says in part "Casanova In Training by Aliyah Burke is
a very sophisticated, contemporary romance featuring an interracial couple. The story begins with a tragic event but quickly moves to a heated scene as Giovanni and Jaydee meet for the first time. The connection is instant and very palpable. I thought it was great that Jaydee and Giovanni experienced such a strong connection on first meeting without knowing each other's identity. This demonstrated how authentic and undeniable their feelings are even as they square off as adversaries. Aliyah Burke frequently establishes this irresistible bond with her lead characters early on and even though throughout the story they face challenges that test this bond, it remains unbroken. There is a definite element of danger to Jaydee and Giovanni's career that further put them on equal footing. Burke does not put her female characters in safe, cushy jobs, which adds to the originality and uniqueness of her stories. This was also true for Taber Kysenki in Code of Honour: A Man Like No Other, another great novel by Aliyah Burke. The author has a way of creating characters that are extraordinary and unforgettable. Casanova In Training has an intricate but easy to follow plot. The author takes you into a world far removed from the ordinary but makes it relatable by featuring ordinary people. I enjoyed this novel. Aliyah Burke has come through again with a compelling and thoroughly entertaining story."

Fuchsia at Long and Short Reviews gives 5 stars and says: “Training Casanova, by one of my favorite romance writers Aliyah Burke, is one of those tales that will draw you in from the first paragraph, take you on a wild ride, and then set you down softly. This story had it all: strong male and female leads, intrigue, romance, hot sex and great supporting characters. From the moment this reader turned to the first page I was hooked and did not stop until the last page was turned. Training Casanova is the first book in Ms. Burkes’ In Aeternum Series.”

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