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Breaking All the Rules

Series: D.A.R.K Cover, Inc. ~ Book 1

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
Format: Ebook



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One night of passion can lead to anything, for a woman and her boss, can it—will it lead to happily ever after?

A member of D.A.R.K. Cover, Inc., Kristopher “Wild” Wilder is taking a few days of R&R in Belize after his last mission. There he meets a woman who sets his blood on fire and the night they share is explosive to say the least. Little does he know, she’s the woman his brothers’ hired to be their company’s newest pilot. After the passion in Belize, he looks forward to continuing the connection. Problem: she isn’t on board with that idea.

Alyse Lamar is a damn good pilot. She’s taken this new job for a few reasons but when she realizes she’s slept with one of her new bosses, she isn’t sure it’s the best place for her to remain. She can’t seem to keep her hands off him, nor him her. Her strict rule about never mixing business with pleasure is taking one heck of a beating.

Wild is many things, a quitter isn’t one of them. He wants this feisty woman and knows she wants him just as much. He vows to find a way past her walls and make her understand that what began as one night in Belize is worth breaking all the rules and can lead to forever.

Content below is not suitable if under 18.



“Are we exchanging names?” His voice was sin on earth, making her think along the lines of all kinds of naughtiness.

He moved one hand to the center of her back, bringing her closer still as he nuzzled her neck. He smelled like man, adventure, and sweat. A great smell, in her humble opinion.

“Does it matter?”

“Only if you want me to call your name out in bed tonight.”

Heat spiked and she smiled as she dragged her fingers through the short hair on the back of his head.

“Alyse.” She murmured in his ear and nipped the lobe. “And you?”


A thrill kicked through her. “Do you live up to your name?”

“I’ll ask you that in the morning.” That statement was laced with more promise than she’d faced in her life. He wasn’t worried and knew he would deliver. She liked his arrogance.

Desire flared within her and she grinned. They were both adults and she had no problems doing one night stands. Not that she slept around a lot, for she didn’t, she was careful but she didn’t mind sex. She quite enjoyed it.


The end of the current song, Wild began to lead her away from the crowd. He kept her tucked to his side and she allowed it.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2018.

All Rights Reserved.


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