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Branded by Frost


Series: Astral Guardians ~ Book 4

Publisher: Totally Bound

March 2015

ISBN #: 9781784304737

Genre: Paranormal/ Multicultural



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Beneath the cold can sometimes lie the hottest of heats.

Aminta Tran is a helicopter pilot sent to Alaska to fill in as a replacement until the rescue team gets a new pilot. The man who comes to get her is Dex Collins, the team’s second in command. While there’s instant attraction between them, she remains focused on doing her job and finding her artifact.

Dex isn’t sure what to make of the newest team member. They’re sharing space and each day it’s harder for him to remember the line between professional and personal.

When it comes to light he’s who she is destined to be with, will they be able to weather the storm brewing both between and surrounding them?

Content below is not suitable if under 18.




She lengthened her stride and headed right for Taggart’s office. Although she had no wish to, she shoved her worry for Roz to the back of her mind. She couldn’t do anything from here, otherwise they would have told her.
She knocked on the door with three brisk raps.
Following the directive, she closed the door behind her. “You requested my presence, oh fearless leader?”
“Took you long enough,” he barked.
“Sorry,” she retorted. “I had a nose bleed and didn’t think you wanted me leaving a trail from the front door to your office.”
He crossed his arms, stretching taut the blue material covering his muscled chest. “Always blunt.”
Her shrug was unrepentant. “What did you need?”
Taggart rose from his chair, filling her vision with his six-foot frame. He shoved a hand through his black shaggy hair. “You sure you’re okay?”
Aminta nodded. Now it wouldn’t do her any favors to worry about Roz. “Yes.”
“Someone came to hire you.”
She narrowed her eyes as she touched a finger beneath her nose to ensure the bleeding hadn’t restarted. “Hire me? I didn’t know I was out for hire. Do you get a cut for arranging this?”
He leveled one of his famous ‘shut up’ looks on her. “Just hear him out.”
She held up her hands and took a seat before miming zipping her mouth shut and throwing away the key. Taggart shook his head.
“Pain in my ass.”
She waggled her eyebrows at his statement. Keeping his life full of sass was a highlight of her day. From her seat she waited while he walked to another door and opened it.
“Come on in,” Taggart said.
A shadow filled the doorway before morphing into a figure she could make out. Hot damn. The man stood a few inches taller than Taggart. Not an ounce of fat existed on his body, not that Taggart had any either, but this man was…wow.
“Dexter Collins, meet Aminta Tran, the best goddamn chopper pilot I know.”
He sliced a cold, impersonal gaze in her direction—it reminded her of a male peacock boasting the vibrant iridescence of his green feathers. His eyes were beautiful and blended well with the golden tan of his skin and hair that reminded her of chocolate pudding, thick and rich.

This is the best chopper pilot he knows? This little Asian woman? He’d bet he could snap her in half. A thick black braid rested over her left shoulder and covered her breast—a breast he could easily palm. She made no move to get up and greet him, just studied him with her brown eyes.
He stepped forward and held out his hand. “Call me Dex.”
She rose and took his hand, her shake strong and brief. “Frost is what people call me.”
Interesting. He didn’t want to release her hand but he had no way of retaining his hold without making a scene. “Frost,” he said.
She quirked an eyebrow. “Dex.”
Sassy. He liked that. “I need a pilot.”
“Figured that when I got called here and Taggart said someone wanted to hire me.” She sat. “What can I do you for?”
He took occupation of a chair near her so he could monitor her reactions. So many replies, damn near all of which were inappropriate popped into his mind. “I’m part of a high altitude rescue team.”
She blinked. “Congratulations?”



Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2015.

All Rights Reserved.  



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