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Beyond His Control

Series: Quad

Publisher: Twisted E-Publishing
Oct 2017

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
Format: Ebook & Print



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For him, rules were meant to be followed, except when it comes to her…


Caleb Moser loves being a Marine. His life couldn’t be much better, if only he could learn to let the one woman who he turned down, go. He can’t. He won’t. And when she is in trouble, he’ll break all those rules he was fine following before to save her.

Kamden Strong is in Taiwan when her life turns upside down. Struggling to survive her kidnapping, she’s not sure she will make it out. When her rescue comes, it’s the last man she ever thought she would see again.

Will they have something beyond the jungle? Beyond the painful memories?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

She felt someone move up behind her and she bit back a groan.
“Wanna dance?”
Her smile was more of a grimace. “No, thank you.”
“Well, how about I get you another drink then?”
The pounding in her head amplified.
“I believe the lady said no,” a man with a deep voice interrupted.
All the hair on the back of her neck stood up at the thick, slow syrupy drawn out words. Oh mama! Her weakness. A rich southern drawl, the lazy, unhurried, toe curling…Kamden took another drink and wished she had some ice in the glass. You know what they say about people who chew ice, her brain taunted. She’d heard it all before.
The other man glared at her before walking off. Her savior settled against the bar, not blocking her view of Missy but of the other side. A brief thought this may be a setup crossed her mind.
“Thank you,” she said, her manners dictating her to respond to his action. Kamden looked to her left. The man faced her, his hip resting against the bar rail. Strong hands, trim waist. Swallowing, she focused back on her drink. No matter how grateful she was for the intervention, Kamden still did not intend to be picked up in a bar.
“You know, I remember you being a lot more boisterous.”
She jerked her head toward him. Darkly tanned skin, well built—well built—close cut black hair, clean-shaven, and amazing blue eyes. A strong tingle of familiarity teased the back of her brain, but she couldn’t retrieve it. She knew she should, but the pounding her head was doing prevented even that slight task. She fought off a grimace of pain.
“I’m sorry?”
“Wow…I’m hurt. You don’t remember me?”
Kamden shook her head. “I’m sorry, no.” Tall, dark, and handsome tsked and plucked her drink from her hand before helping himself to a giant swig. Hells nawh!
His blue eyes met hers and he laughed a deep and decadent sound. “Calm down, Kami, I’ll buy you a new one.”
Kami. That was a childhood name. Moreover, one only a certain adult man persisted in calling her. Or had the last night she’d seen him. Snatching her glass back, she lifted her brows and said, “Caleb?” Please say no.
He flashed a grin that, despite the pounding in her head, made her panties wet. “In the flesh. Long time no see.”
That was putting it mildly. The last time she’d seen him was the night he’d turned her down for some ass from a fake-tittied redhead. Kamden suddenly had the urge to punch him in the throat.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2017.

All Rights Reserved.


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