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Belongs to You


Series: Springwood~ Book 3

Publisher: Twisted E Publishing



Genre: Contemporary/Interracial


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Taking that first step is always the hardest…

Nate Kendrick has had a thing for his new housekeeper ever since he met her. Aboveboard on it all, he never pursues it until the night they are without his brothers’ as chaperones. No longer can he ignore his desire for her.

Leandra Brice is working on her dream and being employed by the Rocking K Ranch is only a step along the way. So what if the eldest is the star of her every fantasy? Giving in may not be smart but it sure does feel good.

Their affair is hot and whirlwind until the season catches up and chills it to frost. When Leandra leaves Nate is going to need more than luck to get her to believe his heart belongs to her.


Content below is not suitable if under 18.


He ripped his gaze up from her lips and speared her with his stare. There wasn’t any disguising the raw hunger in there, and she tightened her core, need throbbing through her.


Her voice was low and breathy. Hell, it held a need all its own.

Instead of kissing her, he backed off. She wanted to swear and kick him. How dare he leave her like this, hot and wanting.

Moments later, Angela strolled in the kitchen. Her blue gaze snapped between the two of them.

“What’s going on in here?”

Old resentment that Leandra felt toward her since the date she learned Angela was the one he left the ranch to see rose swiftly.

“Can I get you something, Ms. Cricton?” That haughty stare zipped to focus on her. “Supper will be ready in fifteen minutes.”

“I need a word with Nate.” A sniff. “Alone.”

“I suggest you take it to the living room then, I have a meal to complete.” The moment the phrase slipped free, she realized her mistake. He could fire her for that and then where would she be? Further from her dream.

It had to have been her imagination, but she swore his lips twitched when Angela wasn’t looking. She flounced out of the room and with a lingering stare over Lee, he followed.

So close, she bemoaned. He’d been so damn close to her. She could have kissed him. As it was, she felt him. Everywhere. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted more of that. More of him surrounding her with not just his presence but also his heat.



Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2018.

All Rights Reserved.





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