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A Love for Lera


Series: Haikon ~ Book 1

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing

February 2014

ISBN: 9781310823756
Genre: Paranormal


Connected Story: His Purrfect Mate


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Two races, both honored, one known and one believed extinct come together, engaging in a battle for love.

Cormac “Kori” MacLochlainne has known for years who his mate is but until now it hadn’t been the right time to claim her. She’s everything he could want, perfect to him. Only she doesn’t see herself that way so it’s up to him to convince her, even if that includes allowing her to go on this crazy rescue.

Lera Sidorov is empty. Despite her loving and protective family she is, not whole. Lacking. Incomplete. On her search for her friend, she not only discovers how she and Kori are intertwined but something else…part of something presumed lost to this world long ago, something which will complete her and allow her to be the woman she was created to be.

Content below is not suitable if under 18.




“Don’t touch her.”
A simple statement. Yet it was one laced with death and the promise of it being carried out.
Oh shit! Please no. Anyone but him.
She watched the men back up, fear evident on their faces. The sounds in the bar seemed to fade. Taking a deep breath, Lera inhaled the scent of the wild outdoors. And just like that she knew her prayer had gone unanswered. Only one man she knew smelled like that. With a resigned sigh, she turned her head to the right and watched as the dark shadows materialized into a man. At least, to her that’s how it always seemed. Not there one second and the next appearing from where before only air had existed.
Inside, she trembled. Outside, she was unflappable. Her left hand fisted briefly before she forced it to relax. Lera watched the tall, powerful man approach. Clad completely in black there was no emotion on his face. Staring at her from behind sinfully thick curled lashes were intense gray eyes. Not silver. Gray. Hard, unforgiving dark gray. For a brief second, she believed she saw flickers of anger in them, but if there had been, they vanished in less than a second.
Only one man had the power to make her feel things on a sexual level. And this was him. Shoving her wishy-washy feelings back under lock and key, she met his gaze with an expressionless face.
Lera dipped her head slightly in greeting and said, “Kori.”
Cormac “Kori” MacLochlainne. A man she’d known for over half of her life. A wolf shifter. He knew her father, Dane Sidorov. Well, adopted father technically but to her, Dane was her only one. Dane had saved her when she was ten and raised her as his own. Lera didn’t like most people touching her outside of her immediate family but this man, Kori, made her reconsider that decision.
“Lera.” He continued to move closer and stopped just shy of touching her. His eyes moved over her from the boots on her feet up to the top of her head before returning to meet her gaze. Almost in a possessive way. “We’re leaving.”
Well, good to see you, too; thanks for coming in to order me around. I don’t think so, buddy. “Bye.”
He barely blinked. “Now.”
“Last time I checked, you weren’t my father.” She had no intention of giving up her quest.
“I’m not.” He gave her a bland stare. “I won’t allow you to remain here.”
Her ire rose with that comment. “Won’t allow? I’m not—”
“Valera, now.”
There was something in his tone that told her it wasn’t in her best interest to disobey him.



Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.  



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