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Series: Tungsten Protective Services, Book 1

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing 
February 2019

Romantic Suspense, multicultural

Format: E-book


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Sometimes you just have to go all in…

Tate Irvin, former SEAL and current member of GAPS, is tasked with going over to Cameroon to help foil a potential threat to the US before it begins. His cover depends on a woman he’s never met, a doctor. Unsure of the brilliance of using a civilian in such a task, he’s surprised when he meets her, sexy, smart, fearless, and at times, more than a bit reckless. A perfect combination in his mind.

Albany Schovanec has traded in her life of luxury in the States to work her own clinic in Cameroon, and truly do some good. A friend asks to utilize her clinic as a cover for an operation, she agrees. Not new to the undercover world given her work with Tungsten Protective Services, she agrees. She didn’t count on her instant attraction to him. As things heat up both between them and with the situation, will their passion be ignored or will she agree with him and jump all in?


Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“I’d really appreciate you not assaulting my staff, Mykelti. It’s hard enough to do my work without you injuring them or running them off.”

The voice wove and punched through the air Tate gasped for then wound around his soul. Shit, he was in trouble if her voice affected him in such a way.

“You didn’t ask for permission to bring in someone else. This is a white American.”

Tate stood and looked beyond the green swathed shoulders of his assailant, Mykelti, only to find himself staring at a woman who had all the blood in his body rushing south.

Holy Christ. Pigtails have never looked so hot. He ran his gaze over her then did it, again, just because he had to make sure he wasn’t imagining this woman. He wasn’t entirely sure how an Albany Schovanec was supposed to look, but this wasn’t anything his mind had created. Her heart-shaped face was covered by smooth brown skin, as was the rest of her. No polish on her nails and this nearly hidden sultry look on her face. Her full lips taunted him. Did pin-up models work in small clinics in the middle of Africa?

Her black cargo pants clung to her curves and gave him this insane urge to draw them down and explore the limbs beneath. He smiled as he read her off-white shirt. Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try. A woman who quoted Yoda couldn’t be all bad.

She crossed her arms and glared at the man who looked like he wouldn’t have an issue killing his own mother. “I don’t answer to you. None of us here do. We’re here because we want to help people in the region. Take you and your damn guns and get out. You’re scaring my patients.


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2019.

All Rights Reserved.


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