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Vittano's Willow


Series: Megalodon Team~ Book 5

Publisher: Lulu

June 2009

ISBN #: 978-0-557-07095-4

Genre: Contemporary



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Megalodon Team Members Profiles


Devoted high school teacher, Chantoya “CJ” Jackson, tries hard to ignore the man who arrives at her school to try and convince people to join the US Navy. His thick black hair, dark brown eyes, tanned skin, and muscular body makes her think of things she shouldn’t, especially on school grounds.

Osten “Baby Boy” Scoleri is pleasantly surprised to be reunited with a woman he’d met a few times before when he agrees to do a public relations stint at a high school. Her toffee skin, runner’s body, light brown eyes, and black hair still grabs his attention. Top that off with her quick wit and he wants to find out more of what makes her tick and won’t even let her large, overly protective brothers dissuade him.

Her family isn’t the only hurdle. For surrounding CJ is something much more sinister and deadly. The closer they become the more danger she is in. Osten will need more than luck to keep the woman he’s fallen for safe. From Virginia to Vietnam, CJ grows and learns about herself and her relationship with Osten. No matter what the odds, Osten is determined to show CJ he needs her in his life for she is…

Vittano’s Willow


Content below is not suitable if under 18.


When she pulled into the lot the next morning, she watched as the sailor climbed out of his own vehicle. He had a cup of coffee in his hand and he walked toward her as she got out. CJ swallowed to get her emotions under control.

“Morning,” his sexy voice said as he stopped before her.

“Morning, yourself. Aren’t you here a bit early?” she asked with a smile as she locked the SUV.

“I have some students coming in to talk to me and I wanted a chance to see you.” He fell into step beside her.

CJ fought to stop the trembling. “Really? And what did you need to see me about?”

“I wanted to ask you out.” He raked his gaze over her body. “If you aren’t seeing anyone right now.”

CJ stopped and faced him. One hand settled on her jean-clad hip as she tried to see what his game was. “You wanted to ask me out?”

Nervous, Osten nodded. “I did.”

Walking again, CJ waited for him to open the door to the school and they headed to her classroom. The halls were basically empty at this time; a few students were here but for the most part, their steps echoed in the big building. Stopping at her classroom, she unlocked it and swung the door open, hitting the lights.

Osten followed her in, closing the door almost totally behind him. He watched as she hung up her coat and put her purse in a drawer of her desk. “Well?” he asked, resting a lean hip against her desk.

Sitting up in her chair, CJ put her light eyes on his face. “I don’t normally go out with guys from school, but I guess that wouldn’t really apply to you. So, sure, I’ll go out with you.”

A sexy grin turned up one corner of his mouth, showing her that he definitely had a rakish side. “Wonderful. Tonight work for you?”

Mentally, CJ ran over her schedule. “Later on in the evening, I won’t be leaving the school right away today. Where did you want to meet?”

“I can pick you up,” he insisted.

Hesitating, CJ almost said no when something prompted her to agree. “Okay, let me give you my address.” Opening a drawer in her desk, she pulled out a pen and paper. She scrawled the information down and handed him the sheet.

“Beautiful,” he said with a wink. “What time?”

Thinking quickly, since her students were beginning to file in the room, CJ answered, “Seven?”

“Great.” He stood up straight and set his coffee on her desk, perfectly aware of the students watching him. Lifting his box in one arm, he spoke, “Thank you for allowing me to keep my stuff here, Ms. Jackson.”

“No problem,” she responded.

Making sure none of the students could see him; Osten boldly raked his gaze over her body again and sent her a candid wink along with a lick of his firm lips. Then he grabbed his coffee and walked out the door.

CJ tried not to squirm in her seat as her students began to ask her questions about the man who was in the room. She answered them the best she could, but all she could see was that tongue of Osten Scoleri’s sneaking out to lick her body. Up and down, over and over again. 

Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2009.

All Rights Reserved.


Reviews of  Vittano's Willow

Nikita Steele at Joyfully Reviewed gives a Joyfully Recommended and says in part: “Wow! I found Vittano’s Willow to be an incredible read. It was swarming with chilling twisters and turns. The courtship between Osten and CJ was spicy, deliciously sweet and very passionate. I so hated to see this story end. This is one Joyfully Recommended read that you will not want to miss!”


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