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Forgotten Shadow


Series: Megalodon Team

Publisher: Sensual Romance Publishing

November 2017


Genre: Contemporary/interracial/suspense



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Megalodon Team Members Profiles


Once he coveted the shadowed life, now he’s livid they’ve forgotten him.

The Megalodon Team are gathering at a lodge to share Christmas. Adults only first with the children arriving Christmas Eve. It has been far to long since the eight ex-members and their wives had all been together.

Yet, even out in the wide-open space of Montana, they’re not alone…someone from their past is out there. He waits and stalks them from the shadows.


Content below is not suitable if under 18.

The whisky tumbler sat untouched on the side table as he sat staring at the television with the local weather woman as she tried to remain upbeat about the forecasted snow. Her tight fuchsia dress did nothing for him but he had no doubt the pushed-up D’s had helped her land this position.
“At least that one and another one on her knees.”
Tearing his gaze from the screen, he stared again at the article he’d torn from the newspaper. Anger swelled again, as he read the print. They’d done it again. Saved more lives, reunited more families. They never asked for recognition.
They got plenty however.
As the tide swiftly rose, so did his rage. Fame grew for them yet he struggled, never good enough. Not for them. Not for anyone it seemed.
He’d forgotten what it was like to be coveted. Needed. Idolized.
And for him, it’s what craved. He’d had it once. Being on the top, being more than just respected but also feared by many. Knowing that had given him a high nothing could since.
This situation he currently found himself in, this sorry state of being forgotten wasn’t his fault. It was theirs.
Their fault.
The Megalodon Team.
He crumbled the paper in his fist with a raging snarl.
Their time was coming. Their fall from grace, imminent.
For that reason only, he ignored the revolver on the cushion beside him. Things were in the works and he was the mastermind behind it all.

Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2017.

All Rights Reserved.


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