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Connelly’s Flame


Series: Megalodon Team~ Book 3

Publisher: Lulu

April 2009

ISBN #: 978-0-557-05876-1

Genre: Contemporary



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Dezarae Kerry had no time for men in her life. She was busy enough with her work, restoring old cars to their former glory. All that changed the wintry night she found a handsome Caucasian stranger along side the road and took him to her home.

                Ross Connelly didn’t know who he was. The beautiful curvaceous ebony woman who had undressed him and put him in her bed didn’t know who he was either.

                Struggling to regain his memory, Ross has a fight to hold onto the woman who had saved his life once that is accomplished.

The fact he is a SEAL, his appalling ex-wife, a friendless and despondent child are a few of the obstacles they must overcome to be together.

                Dezarae tries to maintain her distance Ross is determined to make her understand that she is his heart, she is his soul. She is…



Content below is not suitable if under 18.


This time she knocked on the doorframe before she walked in, holding the cup as if it would keep her safe from him and his stare. With determined steps, she moved to the bedside and held it out to him even as his eyes held hers.

“Here, drink this.” She flicked her gaze from his to the drink and back again. My God, he is suspicious. “What, you think it’s poisoned?”

Well, those eyes narrowed as they moved from her face down her chest and back again. They stared into her soul and assessed her. Unnerved her.

“Look.” She put the cup up to her lips and took a drink of the warm liquid. “It is fine, now come on you need to get some nourishment in you.” Dezarae offered him the cup again.

One strong tanned hand reached up and took the cup from hers. A quivering began in her belly as she felt his fingers graze against hers. Bringing the cup to his mouth at the very last second, he turned it and drank from the exact spot that she had put her lips. Those gray eyes never left hers as he drained the cup.

What would it be like to have his lips on mine? Guess he doesn’t have anything against me yet.  Knees trembling from the erotic picture his lips touching the same place as hers had she took the cup back and swallowed. Now was as good a time as any. “Who are you?”

He blinked as he looked almost hesitant since she had seen him awake. Dark masculine brows furrowed in thought. Only to scrunch together tighter before he looked up at her and said in a confused voice. “I don’t know.”


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2009.

All Rights Reserved.


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