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Teaser Tuesday ~ Breaking All the Rules

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to 2019! Let’s make it a great one!


“Get out of my face, Adam.” Wild hadn’t wanted to punch his brother this bad in a long time. But he was being an ass. A condescending ass.

“Get over yourself, bastard. How is it you couldn’t make it to your only nephew’s first birthday party?”

Wild ground his jaw. “It’s been a really long night, Adam.” He shoved Rhodi’s hand away from his chest. “Back off Air Force.”

“Alyse made it.” Adam’s comment drew his attention from his brother who’d served in the Air Force and put it back on the Army soldier.

Wild stepped toe to toe his brother, Adam. He stood about two inches taller but Wild knew he outweighed Adam by a bit. “Watch your tone, Adam, before you push me too far.”

“Can you two just get along for the time? It’s my son’s birthday party. I’m not as pissed about his tardiness, Adam. Let it go. He’s here now.” Rhodi sounded put out. “This is getting old between the two of you.”


Tuesday Teaser ~ Temporary Home

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

First and foremost. MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who celebrate!!

“Easy there, son.”

Sam stared up in shock to find a tall black man standing there looking down at him. He took in the white hat with the black brim, the blue pants with a blood-red stripe on them—visible from beneath the dark coat—and the shiny shoes. He knew what he’d found. Or rather who had found him. A Marine.

The man extended his hand and it seemed that even the leather of his gloves was spotless.

“I’m fine,” he snapped, embarrassed and a bit frustrated.

“No harm in accepting some help.” The man’s tone never changed. His deep bass rumbled, reminding him of thunder.

Sam reached out slowly, half expecting the hand to jerk away or hit him in the face. Neither happened, and the man lifted him clear of the freezing water with ease. Sam’s teeth began to chatter as more of Minnesota’s winter wind slammed into him.

“You have anywhere to stay tonight, son?”

Mute, he shook his head as the large man began shrugging out of his coat. Sam was in awe of the uniform and never even moved when the heavy coat was placed on his too-thin shoulders. Immediately he warmed as the wind was blocked. The sleeves were too long and they fell to drag on the snowy ground. All he could think about was how nice it was to no longer be freezing.


Tuesday Teaser ~ Belongs to You

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

“Eric,” Angela said backing up a step, eyes wide. “Good to see you as always.” With a final glare to Leandra, she hurried on her way. “Thank you,” Leandra said softly. “Don’t thank me for that, she’s damn lucky I don’t hit women.” His touch remained. “You look a bit shaken. Buy you a drink and a meal?” “I could do to sit for a bit, I just have to finish up here.” He gave her a wide grin. “Let’s do it.” They finished together, talking and laughing. She truly enjoyed all the Duncan boys and had gotten to know them much better since their sister was with Zane. After she’d paid, and the food was in the car, she followed him to Bethany’s where they walked in together and got a booth. She ordered a peppermint shake with whipped cream and little mint candies sprinkled on the top. That was the first thing out of her mouth and Eric shook his head, cornrows moving easily as his eyes twinkled at her. “Make it two. And we’ll each take a burger with the works please.” “Sure thing handsome,” Roni said with a grin for both of them but a wink for Eric. “Be right up.” As soon as her shake arrived, she removed the paper on the straw and dug in, eyes closing, and she purred with pleasure as it went down. “Oh, this is good.” Eric watched her, eyes unblinking. “You make that look good and sound even better.” He indulged and held up a hand as he nodded. “Holy crap you were right, this is the shit right here.” She sucked some whipped cream off her thumb. “Told you.” His straight white teeth flashed against his darker skin. “You did. All these years and I’ve never had one of these until now.” “I discovered them last month and I think if I wasn’t out at Rocking K, I would be indulging in one every single day.” She took another long pull from the straw, her tension slipping away as the shake moved through her over her taste buds and down. “You should have one everyday then. You deserve it for putting up with those three. And now my sister as well as her bestie. You’re a goddamn saint.” She ducked her head on the off chance he’d be able to see the blush skating up her darker skin. She didn’t believe so but wasn’t sure. “Not really. They’re not bad. I’ll miss them.”

Tuesday Teaser ~ Need You Now

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

She covered her eyes. “This is the problem—well, one of the problems—with having a professor and an ADA as siblings, you two are used to having to yell. There is something called an inside voice. You know, where you talk quieter, so the entire bar doesn’t learn about me not having sex lately?”

“Because that was stated so eloquently and with your inside voice.” Shai’s tone dripped with humor.

Lord, could the floor just swallow me up? She met the amber gaze of the man across the way.

From the way his bow-shaped lips had kicked up, he’d overheard the embarrassing exchange. He raised his beer in her direction.

“Focus, please.”

Professor tone. That’s what Eva called it. She’d heard Shai use it numerous times in her classes and it never failed to silence the noise even in an auditorium. However, her sibling had a way with people and could easily get them to listen to her. It was a gift.

“I need a refill for this,” Eva groused, waving for another pink-grapefruit margarita. “Especially since the last bit wasn’t enjoyed as it exited my nose.”

Teaser Tuesday ~ A Love for Lera

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Before he realized it, he’d picked the lock and slipped into her dark room. His rapid reflexes were the only reason he wasn’t bleeding. He jumped back as the material of his shirt parted courtesy of the blade she’d swiped at him. Two more quick and precise attacks came before he opened his mouth.

“Stop attacking me, Lera.”

“Kori?” Her voice was sleepy but hard.

A glow filled the room as she turned on the light. And he lost what little breath he had left. Her hair was tousled; a light gray sleeveless tatty t-shirt hung from her shoulders and black lounge pants rode low on curvy hips. And around her neck sat a silver necklace, one he knew well for he’d given it to her when she was thirteen. A silver oval with the Ogham letter “C” marking on it in jet. Need, raw, hungry and angry roared through him. He could feel the wolf pushing through.

“Are you insane?” she snapped. “Why would you sneak in here? I told you I wouldn’t go back to the bar without you.” Lera raked a hand through her hair, and the light in the room glinted off the silver rings on her hands. “Sweet goddess, do you know what my daddy would do if I had to tell him I killed you?”

Kori fought the urge to smile. He couldn’t begin to explain how grateful he was by her not even thinking he was there to hurt her. “Yeah, I can imagine how bad my death would be for you,” he drolled, cocking a brow at her.

Teaser Tuesday ~ Landing in Love

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Facing the group again, she glanced at them all. “Okay, I need a partner for the…” Bliss trailed off as she watched Erich stride through the group, a natural sexy swagger with each step. He stopped before her, his lips turned up in a slight smile. “What are you doing?” she asked trying to refrain from touching his chest.

“Figured you’d need a partner, what with everyone else already paired up.”

Her mouth went dry and she could feel her belly clenching as his intoxicating scent wove around her. I can do this. There was a vibe, a thread of something in his tone, one that encouraged her to throw all cares away and agree to do whatever he wanted. Okay, if I didn’t know any better I’d bet he is commenting about something other than dancing.

“Okay, fine.” Stepping to the side of the large man, Bliss looked out at the people watching. “Major Stark has agreed to be my partner for this.” A few of the guys had knowing grins on their faces. Turning them so the other couples could see the both of them, she gulped when he settled his hand upon her below her left shoulder, the heat from his touch seared her bare skin. “We’ll do it once then I’ll break it down and we can all do it.”

“Don’t worry,” Erich murmured in a silvery timbre as he pulled her in closer, and captured her right hand. “I do know how to waltz.”

Teaser Tuesday ~ Seducing Damian

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

What the hell? Damian shook his head and tried to focus on what he was doing. Instead his gaze was drawn to the far corner of the room. He could barely make out the image of a woman bathed in the sunlight from the large windows. At her side were two lionesses, at least he thought they were, for they were also hard to discern.

Dropping his papers, Damian rubbed his eyes because he knew there was no way what he was seeing was real. For one, he didn’t know anyone who carried themselves with such presence. And two, he positively didn’t know anyone who had big cats as pets.

“Professor?” A voice shattered through his haze. Inhaling deeply, Damian opened his eyes to see Kathryn Harrison standing before him. She was one of his best students. The only downfall…she wanted much more than a professor-student relationship.

“Yes, Ms. Harrison? Something I can do for you?” Damian shoved the rest of his papers away.

“I was just checking to make sure you were okay,” she admitted. “You looked a bit dizzy earlier and just now you were staring off into the corner at something only you could see.”

Risking another glance to the corner, all he saw was the sunlight filtering in the window. No woman, no cats, nothing. He frowned briefly before he turned his attention back to the woman before him. “I’m okay. Thanks for the concern. I guess I am coming down with something.”

Damian picked up his briefcase and tossed his leather jacket over his arm. “I will see you tomorrow, Ms. Harrison. Again, thanks for the concern.” Long strides took him up the steps in the lecture hall and through the door.


Teaser Tuesday ~ Casanova in Training

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

The bar was crowded and noisy. Just what he wanted—a place to become invisible. He claimed a corner booth and sat there, bottle of Jack on the table beside him. He poured a drink for his fallen friend and drank it.

“Here’s to you, Sidewinder.”

Then he did his best to forget the pain inside him. He knew what Mike would have said. “Find a woman and enjoy life. Don’t cry for me.”

Easier to think than to do. With dispassionate eyes, he watched the activity around him. Many women sauntered up to him, only to leave again when he ignored them.

He poured another drink, craving the blur it made of his memory. He paused with his glass halfway to his lips. An unfamiliar tingle skated along the back of his neck. Glancing around the establishment, he found himself focusing on a woman he didn’t recognise or recall entering. She sat with another but he couldn’t look away from her.


Teaser Tuesday ~ Keeper of the Stars, Pt. 1

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

Lian smiled at the woman who took his money, waited for his change then made his way back out to his truck with his purchases. Whilst sliding onto his seat, he glanced up at the night sky. Lightning jagged and clouds swirled.

Storm brewing. He would have known without seeing it—the feeling seeped into his bones. After starting the engine, he reached for and took advantage of the crisp, cool water he’d bought. The quench that plagued him was barely appeased.

“Still better than nothing,” he commented to his reflection.

The thirst had always been there. Unrelenting. Over the centuries he’d learned to deal with the need so it wasn’t so intense, more of an annoying nagging. He tugged on the sleeves of his suit, then put his vehicle in gear and left the parking lot.

Teaser Tuesday ~ With This Ring

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

She took a moment, paying attention to the equine before her. Digging into her pocket, she withdrew the sought for sugar. Velvet soft lips plucked it from her palm with a feather light touch. Then she glanced over her shoulder and promptly lost her breath.

She’d not seen him since the night she’d fallen on her posterior before him. Then—aside from being a klutz—she looked a bit more put together. Today, she was sweaty, dirty, and smelled of horse. If she had to face the man she’d dreamt about constantly she would have preferred to have on something more than sweat from herself and horses. Then again, she was more comfortable like this and to be honest, no matter what she wore Dustin would make her a nervous wreck.

“You didn’t tell me, Samantha Finley, who you were.”