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Wednesday Whisper–Leading Ladies

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Want a woman who isn’t cowed by the fact her mate is a shifter? One who doesn’t just listen to him because he’s alpha. She has her own rules and her own life and she’s not about to give it up merely because a man says he is her mate. Aida Roberts is that woman. Sometimes she may be to stubborn for her own good, but, how she is is what makes her his purrfect mate.

hispurrfectmate1Dane Sidorov needs a break and time to heal. What he doesn’t need is a cute little and most definitely sexy distraction named, Aida Roberts. Or the emotions meeting her stirred up within him. But this dark-skinned vixen didn’t seem to realize what she had done to him, or what she means to his soul.

Aida Roberts loves her life in South Africa. She has met all kinds of people, some who need help and some who don’t, but all interesting. When she runs into the larger-than-life Dane Sidorov, she wondered if he didn’t actually need help despite his portrayal calm and confidence.

There was something wild and untamed about him as he stared at her with his amazing eyes. A feeling of “safety” and “danger” emanated from him. Would this unusual man be able to let her in, or would his secret drive them further apart? When the darkness threatens, will Dane sacrifice himself or allow her to help save him? Can he accept the fact she is nothing less than…

His Purrfect Mate

Wednesday Whisper – Leading Lady

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016


Lives decided. Futures predestined. From out of the millions in the mass they were chosen. Six. Each given a sign, powers and a task—find and protect your artefact to raise the hope of the world when the times arrives. There will be pain and sorrow. There will be suffering and loss. There will also be love. The battle is coming for the world and that which stands between humanity and darkness are the six. The Astral Guardians.


This woman is one of the Six.





Roz Hill is fearless in the courtroom and in pursuing what she desires. She gives all of herself when she does and if you’re not ready to hang on, don’t get on the ride. Connected to the earth, she has to fight to stay alive and survive so she can get bac to her own solider that means more to her than anything.


Fields of Thunder

Paranormal, interracial

Ebook or Print

Astral Guardians, Book 3

Wednesday Whisper – Leading Lady

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016


Airplane mechanic for the Hellcats.

Passionate lover.

Who is this? Not the hero but the heroine, Erin “Mongoose” Watford.

She lives her life and makes no apologies for it. Her one regret was letting the man she loved go. Or is that running from what they had? Either way, an out of control blaze in the PacNorwest will reunite them. Will she have another chance or will she lose him to the flames before she can fix her past mistake?

Through the Fire


Contemporary, AA

A heroine for Monday

Monday, December 7th, 2015
Exub Photo Stock

Exub Photo Stock

Well, today it’s raining here. I have meatballs cooking up in the crockpot and may make some coffee cake later while I finish up editing and working on the two new books I’ve agreed to do for 2016. I’m listening to Broadway musicals (some of my fave music) and there are candles adding the scent of sandalwood to the air. But, I thought I would give y’all a snippet from one of my books. Focusing on the leading lady of the story.

I decided this one would be about Caro from Preconception.


A cop, a criminal’s twin and a cabin where anything can happen.

Carolyn Trufant has only recently discovered she has a twin. When Jasmine calls for help, she goes immediately, not willing to lose this new-found bond. Once in Atlanta, she finds herself in a succession of whirlwind events that result in a handsome cop taking her to a secure location in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. But she’s not her targeted sister. And so the secret begins.

Declan McBride is the Atlanta PD cop assigned to protect Jasmine Hoyer, a woman who drives him crazy with all her escaping and disregard for the law. After he decides to put her somewhere safe that she can’t escape from him, he finds that he’s strangely starting to like this new Jasmine.

They grow closer and endure a lot together. But what if Declan discovers she’s not quite who she says she is? And how will Carolyn cope when she finds herself having to take her new identity to a dangerous, life-threatening level?

Here is an excerpt of Cora and Declan’s time in a hospital room and how little they got along at the start:

Caro hurt. Flashes bombarded her and she jerked up at the memory of being shot. Pain smacked her and she cried out. “Want me to call the doc?” The voice—deep and, dare she think it despite the pain, arousing—had her looking to see who’d spoken. Him? He’s still here with me? Her cop. Declan McBride. He sat there, long legs stretched out before him, wearing the hell out of his uniform. Cops didn’t normally do anything for her but this one… Something different entirely. “What are you doing here?” He quirked an eyebrow. “Protecting you.” “Isn’t that how I got shot?” Okay, so perhaps that was a low blow but she wasn’t about to roll over for him. Then again, that could prove to be fun. Her mind had figured it out. Jasmine had wanted this cop to latch onto her more than originally stated. She gazed at the table and saw Jasmine’s ID. She had no intention of swinging back by soon and us doing lunch. I’m a fool. I let her dupe me.  Guilt nagged her, though. Jasmine had been alone for so long. She had to help her. Jasmine had said she had a place to hide. This may be stupid of me to continue but I promised I would help her and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. “You want the doc?” His tone was angry. “No.” “Great. Let’s go.” Her eyebrows shot up. “Go?” She looked down at her body. “Where am I going in a hospital gown?” “Doc said you could leave when you woke. You’re awake. We can go.” Not one for bedside manner, I see. She gazed beyond the window. Night had fallen. “Again. Go where?” She turned her attention to him as she waited for his answer. “Somewhere you’ll be safe.”

Safe. A word she liked. She’d never been shot before and it wasn’t an experience she cared to repeat. “I don’t have a choice, do I?” Anger darkened his blue-green eyes. “I would have no problem walking out that door and never laying eyes on you again. I have my orders.” He and Jasmine must hate one another. She left the bed and stomped over to him. He stared up at her from where he sat, his expression daring her. To do what, she wasn’t sure but she read the challenge in his gaze. “Then do it.” She dared him. Declan unfurled from the seat to stand over her. Lord, he’s big. Before, she’d been a bit too freaked to truly admire the man before her. Now, she took it all in. Took all of him in. Sixfive, broad shoulders, narrow waist. Powerful. Short black hair highlighted the chiseled, nearly harsh features. His nose had a bump indicating a previous break. Firm lips, which she—for a second only—wondered what they would be like upon hers. “I have my orders.” He raked his gaze over her. “It’s just going to be you and me. No more games. No more stealing cars, no more lies. And that includes this, ‘I’m not Jasmine’ thing you spouted.” Stolen cars? What the hell kind of person was her twin? “I need to make a call.” “To who? Your dealer?” Derision drenched his questions. She just reacted, her hand rushed toward his face. Declan snagged her wrist and jerked her close to him. Heat swirled in his eyes and she lost herself momentarily in their depths. “I do not do drugs.” Fury rocked through her. A scoff. “You won’t be where we’re going, that’s for sure. Put some clothes on or did you want to go that way?”

I had a blast writing this story and hope y’all enjoy it. AliyahBurke_Preconception_author banner_fina

Leading Ladies

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Here’s today Leading Lady.

She’s an airplane mechanic for a forest service. She also boxes. Her name is Erin “Mongoose” Watford and she’s the heroine of Through the Fire.

ThroughtheFire Contemporary

AA Romance


Strong masculine hands moved over her naked, soapy body. The warm solid flesh of pure man pushed against her back. Soaped chest hair, a chiselled torso, and a rock-hard erection only heightened her pleasure as the smooth shower tiles supplied her overly sensitive breasts with another sensation.

He lifted her, murmuring words of pure seduction in her ear, and impaled her upon his rigid cock with one powerful stroke. Her body convulsed as he speared her. Her legs twisting back to hook around his legs. His body was her sole support of her weight and that allowed maximum depth for him.

Powerful arms moved her up and down his cock, using gravity to his advantage for the intense thrusts. She moaned in pleasure, her cheek plastered against the wall of the shower. Her skin tingled where his fingers touched her sides, each of his calluses bringing more eroticism.

Breathing was more and more difficult as she soared closer to the euphoria the mere touch of this man brought her to. The intensity of his strokes increased as he drove into her over and over again.

Eyes closed, she felt her body tingle with the feelings he created within her. Pants grew to moans which turned into screams of unadulterated pleasure. His fingers dug into her sides as her internal muscles tightened around him—

“Welcome back to the beautiful Pac Norwest.”

Erin Watford jumped as her friend Tinker’s deep voice shattered the images her mind had woven. The loud engine of the cargo plane they rode in reminded her they should be landing soon. Then there would be no time for dreams, for harsh reality faced them on the ground of the Pacific Northwest where there was a battle against a raging wildfire.

“Damn you, Tinker,” she snarled in an aroused voice as she desperately tried to hold onto her dream man and his magical, sinful touch. While Tinker was extremely handsome with his inch over six feet high body filled with lean muscles, dark blond hair cut in a crew cut, and blue eyes that were made for the bedroom, she had no romantic feelings for him. He was a friend, a very good friend, but still only a friend.

The blond man beside her leaned in close. “Sorry, Mongoose,” he whispered, using her nickname. “I had to wake you. Your moans, despite being very lovely, were getting much louder.”

She felt the flush of embarrassment creep over her dark cheeks. Thank God for my darker skin. “Shut up,” she ground out. The harsh words were belied by the smile that crept across her face.

Positioning his mouth by her ear, he muttered, “When are you gonna moan like that for me?” Without missing a beat, Erin turned her head so their mouths were scant millimetres apart and breathed huskily, “As soon as,” her eyes fluttered, “you abstain for a month.”

Tinker’s eyes grew wide before he erupted with laughter. “That’s not fair,” he protested as the plane slowed to a stop.

“Guess I’m just not worth losing the hordes of women you sleep with.” Erin had no animosity in her voice. Tinker was a confirmed bachelor, he loved women and never seemed to be lacking for feminine companionship. He flirted nonstop, heavily and outrageously with her, but he also respected that they were members of the same fire fighting team and would never share the same bed.

“Damn,” he complained. “You know, you’re the only woman who turns me down. Not to mention the only one I keep chasing.”

“Flyboys do love the chase.” Erin unbuckled herself, stood and tapped a finger on the end of his nose. She stepped past him and grabbed her bag as she headed for the rear hatch of the plane which had been lowered. Two steps were taken before she looked back. “Besides, you don’t want me. The first time you pissed me off, I’d knock you on your ass.”

Leaving him, she walked off the plane with her good friend, Harriet, another mechanic. Her eyes took in the area where her team’s planes and choppers were located. It was a makeshift hanger, but considering they had been asked to assist, it was expected. She inhaled deeply and smiled as the familiar scent of jet fuel drifted to her then frowned as she picked up the smell of smoke from the fires.


Leading Ladies

Monday, April 20th, 2015

This week we’re dropping into the first story in the Haikon series. This does have ties into the Savoy Valley series because the heroine’s father is Dane Sidorov.

So, here is Lera Sidorov. aloveforleraShe had a rough start to life until Dane Sidorov saved her from that hell and raised her as his own daughter. Growing up in a family of shifters she’d always felt as if she were lacking in something. She couldn’t shift. The woman who’d raised her as her own couldn’t either but that was different, Lera felt something was different with her. However, nothing ever came of the feeling and it stayed with her, haunting her.

She wanted to help her friend and in doing so, was reunited with a man she’d known growing up. Kori. A man trained by her father and one who was a warrior in his own right. Her journey with him at her side allows her to understand, she is allowed to have a love of her own. And it showed her what she was meant to be, and soothed the ache in her soul.

Leading Ladies

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Happy Monday! I’m starting a new thing where for a week I pick a story to talk about. Monday (today) we’ll talk about the leading lady. The Wednesday Whisper will have a snippet of the story, and on Friday we’ll learn something about the Heartthrob Hero. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

So, for today, we’re discussing Jayde Porter from Kincade’s Rose.  Kincade’s RoseJayde is a woman who has always put everyone else before her so when the opportunity comes for her to take a trip down to Belize she jumps on it. It’s there she meets the man she marries and is tossed into a wild adventure through the mountains. A quiet yet strong woman, she’s just the person for Tyson Kincade even if she doesn’t quite realize it yet. Here’s a snippet from her during their first meeting:

“What will you give me if I give you my name?”  Jayde asked. When did my voice become so throaty?

He touched her arm gently, and she stopped to turn those extraordinary dark brown eyes on him.  “What do you want?”  His tone had become even more seductive, and with those four words, had opened up a gate that Jayde wasn’t sure she would know how to get back through once she entered.  Or if she would want to.  Something about him made her want to act wantonly for once in her life.

Unable to turn away from his mesmerizing stare, she countered, “What’s up for grabs?”  Hello, double meaning! Despite the numerous people who streamed past them, it was like they were in their own world and were the only two people.

“Name it,” the words he murmured were silky with challenge.

“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me,” Jayde said softly, suddenly embarrassed for her forward action.

“I won’t.  Tell me, what do you want?”  His voice was smooth and yet still insistent.

You to make love to me all night long. You to make me feel like a real woman.  Your woman.   “Dinner.” Had she really been about to say what she wanted?

He arched an eyebrow at that one.  “Is it going to be a date?”

“Sure.  Even with the whole walking me to my door afterward,” Jayde responded with a brilliant smile.

“Okay, then, since you aren’t going to tell me what you really want, how about I tell you what I suggest?”  His voice was downright primal and sex-infused.

Embarrassment was all gone, leaving lust in its wake.

“Go ahead,” she said proud her words weren’t hesitant.

“A kiss,” Tyson said in his deep voice.  His gaze remained steady and never wavered from hers.

“A kiss?”  Jayde’s voice broke as she imagined his firm lips on hers.

“One name, one kiss,” he paused for a moment.  “Deal?”

“Deal,” she agreed.

He broke into a leisurely smile that contained more than a bit of eroticism.  Tyson stepped right up to her lush body; she was engulfed by the smell of sandalwood and masculinity, which sent a jolt straight to her groin.

Jayde narrowed her eyes in confusion.  “What?”

“I gave you two names.”  His wolfish smile grew.  “You owe me two kisses.”

Her insides melted. The rational part of her brain knew she should protest, but the promiscuous side of her wanted the kiss. Before she could form a word one way or another, he took the decision away from her.

Tyson cupped the back of her head and held her still as his firm lips slowly lowered to hers.  The touch was light but it sent a shockwave through both of their bodies.  As his mouth pressed harder to hers, her knees weakened.  Jayde was lost in a passionate haze. His tongue swept over her teeth before plunging into her warm mouth to stroke her own tongue. In and out, in and out it went, mimicking an action that both of them wanted to experience with one another. The heat that grew between them was the kind that made lava seem cool.


This is the first story in the Megalodon Team series. If you haven’t read them and would like to start, this story, Kincade’s Rose, is part of the Spring Fling box set. You’ll get 10 full length stories for $.99 as it’s out for pre-order now. SpringFling_2500